Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Newest PinKeep

TaDa~here's my newest PinKeep.. Whimsy
Cushion measures 6 in by6 1/2 in..nice size to use..Slipper is 3 1/2 in..I created the slipper by using wool for the slipper,I then hand sewed it to the cushion...I hand sewed the vintage lace all around the cushion, Had to have a touch of vintage:)

the tiny rose bud is also hand sewnon..You know since this pinkeep is for a pinkeep swap I thought and thought and thought some more, what to create for my extremely talented partner.. once I started it was like I was on roll and just didn't want to stop! What fun!
have you ever freaked and asked your self why do I sign up for swaps???

Gosh is like right away you step back and look at your creations and then think about who ever your partner is,Right away you think "Oh gosh nothing I create is good enough"!!

But I stopped and sat back and really thought about what a swap is..It is to be FUN!

Swaping is different than creating some thing to sell though you always do your very bestest! But when creating for a is more personal ..You think of the person NOT just their talent but the actual person,Example:When I started creating this pinkeep I did think about my partner, who she was..her beauty inside and out, her likes, as I kept sewing I realized what a amazing lady she totally is not just her talent,What thrill ..I was making her some thing from my heart, though we are miles miles apart i still know her and she knows me,and a bit of me is going to her actually! All the sudden the swap made me feel like a kid and excited!whoohoo

I am ,sending to her and she is sending to me both of us has a bit of us in it.. see its our hearts we sew with!

New Pin Keep!

Pin Keep swap!! here is my latest new pin keep for my partner. it is on the whimsy side
Funny I have thought and thought what type of pin keep to make for this swap

Once I started it was like I was on a roll and just didn't want to stop!What Fun!

The cushion is 6" by 61/2.I wanted the slipper to be the focal point,I made the slipper from wool hand sewed vintage lace all around the cushion,You know me I just had to have a touch of vintage!I hand sewed the slipper on to the cushion .Also the rose bud on the I right this and see it in actuall pictures,I am going to add vintage lace to the cushion ,I think that will give it a nice

As with all swaps..My partner is extremely talented,and Whimsy is her gift. So I'm a bit nervous ..Always asking myself why do I do swaps..Well there such fun and when your creating just for fun it really comes from your heart!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls Tutorial

This has got to be the best eye tutorial I have ever seen!
Thank You Rivkah!! for sharing this awesome knowledge with us all!
Please be sure to go to Rivkah's blog to read this wonderful tutorial about how to create the best dimensional eyes for our cloth dolls!
Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Mizrahi
Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls by:Rivkah Mizrahi
Looking Good- Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls Rivkah has had multiple requests for this article, which appeared in Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine some time ago. This is her "signature technique"- I learned how to do it by trial and error and it's my favorite cloth doll face - making method. Here it is- unabridged, unedited and un-resistable!
Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Mizrahi

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Blog to visit - Japan Craft Journal

Check out the new Japan Craft Journal blog that features all things related to Japanese crafts

[Japan Craft Journal] was created out of a desire to have a central source for all things relating to Japanese craft. It will also have details on where to find crafts and craft resources in Japan - for those of us lucky enough to travel there. We will also be featuring links to blogs and sites that offer great information too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mircles for Mallory

I went to visit Tonya of BackPorchPickins today and look what I found....I am going to copy and paste what Tonya wrote on her blog.

Today I launched Mallory's blog site. I got it all finished up this morning! We are holding a silent auction in her memory to promote Trisomy 18 awareness. We had such a wonderful response thus far from crafters asking what they could do to help, so we came up with this auction to show off wonderful talent and promote this disease. Please let me know what you think! Miracles For Mallory BlogIf you are a crafter and wish to donate, please contact us at

We will get you added on and send out some information on the auction as well. The auction will take place September 7th-14th.We are still currently working on the website, and it is almost done! We have a few more personal stories to add on from our family. My family thanks you so much for all of your continued prayers and love. The outpour of love you have so graciously shown has really been so wonderful during this time. They are just astounded that people, some of whom we don't know, will come together and do such a loving and caring gesture for a blessed little girl.

Crafters and artist from all over have graciously donated their time and items in memory of Mallory for a silent auction. We will be coming together September 7th through September 14th to raise awareness for Trisomy 18 which Mallory was born with.

If you are a crafter or artist and would like to donate in memory of Mallory, please contact us at: We are so grateful for all the support received thus far, our family thanks you all for your unconditional gratitude

Miracles For Mallory Silent Auction
Here is a badge/button for you to use..

I also will be donating a handmade for this Silent Auction. I pray there are many others out there, who will be so kind and generous as to give a handmade as well.Truly we all must be Thankful for what we have and and in Love reach out to others in the best way can, I feel doing some thing from my heart and expecting nothing in return for my self, But only to be a blessing to some one else in the best way I feelthat is silently. God's Blessing to you all, ~Sherrie

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I had some email me saying their unable to read my posts saying the font size was way to small..
We all can change our font size on our computers by
top tool on on ..text size..
in the html of my blog the setting is on size 12..PLEASE let me know if there is any one else who also is having problems reading my text in my posts ..Thanks bunches Sherrie

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kat's Holiday

On a personal note:I'd like to share with you all my friend Kathy Lees..She is a wonderful most up beat and inspiring person I have ever known, She is a gal who loves her husband and her family, and loves she loves her friends and treats them as they were just part of her family.
I truly have been blessed to have Kat in my life , and in my familys life too.,She has so patiently took me under her wing and guided me when I would have just thrown in the towel.
We have shared many things of our lives in our life's journeys , Tears and many giggles right into roaring laughter! Kat and I also have shared many things in the wonderful world of Art.. Our Hopes and Our Dreams.. Our disappointments and Also Our wonderful WhOHoOo's moments too!
Though Kat and I create in different passions we truly compliment each other because it is the passion and cloth,and the thread and the love for each and for what we create that binds us together.
Now I'd like to share with you the talent and the passion of this artist with you all.

Kat is so very talented in many media's. Many years Kat has been designing Dolls, Patterns, Painting Techniques, Clay over Cloth, E-Patterns, Classes, DVD's, Kat also teaches classes and is a very popular Teacher.
Kat has been designing a awesome and very whimsical Holiday design for a year now..
It is her Series of Elves ... Let me introduce this awesome and magical wonder land magic to you.
(Be sure to go to her blog, You will really be able to see the detail in these whimsy and so magical dolls.. also
**Be Sure To Click On Pictures To Enlarge**
Best to start with.. #1:~ Candy the Candy Cane Elf
Candy is a charming little helper for Santa.
She keeps very busy filling all the childrens
stockings with CANDY CANES of course.
The candy is made of sculpy, baked and
painted. The stockings are made of different chrismtmas
fabric. Her face is hand painted using acrylics,
chalks, pens and then sealed.
She sits on a cushy ottoman box with the sides
filled to the brim with stockings and candy canes

#2: ~ SHERRIE THE POINSETTIA ELF...Sherrie is a stump doll, which means she has no legs. This doll is made of cloth and felt. She is carrying a lovely basket of poinsettias for Mrs. Claus.The poinsettias you make out of FELT and wire.Her face is done in softer tones in chalks, a bit of paint and pens. She has that twinkle in her eyes.Sherrie stands about 18" tall on a wooden base.

# 3~ CONNIE THE DOLL MAKER ELF Connie the Doll Maker is class!! and is filled with alot of wonderful techniques to learn
Conniethe Doll Maker is FOUR DOLLS IN ALL , The DollMaker loved making her rag doll, baby doll,little bunny, and the baby doll for gifts.Behind and round here is a container filled with sewingnotions, fabric bolts, buttons, etc. Connie the Doll Maker CD CLASS COST: $50.00 +SH


JOSHUA is Santa's Portrait Artist, as you can see heis painting a portrait of the CANDY CANE ELF. Santa always likes to give Mrs. Santa a portrait ofeach elf in Toy Land.Joshua stands 10" tall on a wooden base. He is madeof cloth using different textures to keep the costume interesting.(This is a wonderful and such a Versatile pattern,I think this is my favorite one ~~Sherrie )
E-PATTERN: $15.00CD PATTERN: $20.00 + SH

Here is Kathy Lees ( Designs By Kat ) next ELF in Her Series of Elves, She has been creating since last year. Dooley is a loveable Toy Maker and just loves making marionettes for all the children to play with. To find out more about DOOLEY go to: She is currently writting this pattern. The E-PATTERN and the CD WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY. Stay Tuned!!
DOOLEY makes you laugh out loud everytime
You look at him. He stands 21" tall on a wooden
base. He is made of cloth and wire for stability. His
face is hand painted in acrylics, chalks and
pens, then sealed.His Marionette is made of cloth and completely painted with trims added. Don't you just love
those reindeer slippers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mary Janes Farm

Whether you're a bona-fide farm chick or a down-home city chick dreaming of the farm you never had, here are four ways to ... be a farmgirl:

Join our Farmgirl Chatroom: Chat with other farmgirls from around the world! Anyone can read our discussion topics, but to join in, you need to register. To the right, you'll see the four most recent posts from our 4,000 members.

Start or Join a Farmgirl Chapter:If you're yearnin' to meet up face-to-face with other farmgirls in your area, start or join a Farmgirl Chapter. MaryJane is proud to say that there are now 462 Farmgirl Chapters located in 46 states and 7 countries (US, UK, Brazil (our newest!), Canada, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand)!! These groups consist of diversified, talented, caring, creative, like-minded women just like YOU! This is truly the best sisterhood to be found anywhere!

Sign up for Farmgirl Projects: Calling all farmgirls! Take a peek at the variety of projects created by our fabulous farmgirls at heart. We're sharing traveling dolls, aprons, and books, creating Mail Art, making Charm Quilt squares ... who knows what we'll think of next? And ... you’re welcome to join in!

Folk Art Vulture and Friend

Click to enlarge picture
Good Morning every one..I was taking a pleasant walk looking at WSOAPP Halloween Parade on ebay...I was thinking already there are so many witches..I've been thinking of what I could create for the up coming Fall/Halloween Season that was different..then I came across Cre8orsTouch ebay offerings..Oh this Vulture doll just popped out at me big time, I know I could never create any thing with such awesome detail as this doll, It made me smile and just fall in-love with his sweet face..and ya know you could keep him out year round with his expression celebrate all season's and holidays..
Any ways once again I do not know this artist PatRickJamesGillat all, But do stop by his ebay offerings,He is extremely talents and has a great eye for detail too!!
Hugs Sherrie
PS: be sure to look at PatRickJamesGill aka thecre8orstouch Blog also

Sunday, July 20, 2008

WSOAPP Halloween

WSOAPP Halloween launch starting today.July 20,2008 , It's the Halloween Parade and I do hope you guys will be going through ebay to check us out, Here's where you'll find all the wonderful WSOAPP artist's

Friday, July 18, 2008

Olde Prairie Register

I wanted to share with you all about "Olde Prairie Register"online magazine
it is wonderful and just full of great news,tibits,gold nuggets.
The Chief Editor is Michele Klundt
Michele has put her whole heart into her magazine and lots of love,It really shows too
Very informative!!
So stop on by and settle in for a lots of great reading, it is so inspriring too
Have a great week end you all
Hugs Sherrie

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Purse a MUST to see

click to enlarge

I don't know this artist ..As I was doing a morning surf this morning I went to see

and saw this amazing purse!.It is a must to see..

Cemetery Halloween Purse...Spooky Fun!!!!!
I have spooked up this vintage Lewis Antelle purse by using fabric ghost paint and adding my hand sculpted haunted ghosts, tombstones, skeleton bats and grim reaper. One side is the Cemetery with Crystal Orbs and ghosts and the other side is the reaper and skeleton bats. All the art is attached with a secure fabric glue. The purse is 10" long and tappered 8"-11" wide. My fun Cemetery Halloween purse is signed by me Pat Benedict . . . Woopitydooart. The Cemetery Halloween Purse is an OOAK (One of a kind) and will never be recreated
be sure to lokk at all her pictures..It is really fabulous!

I bit spooky for me,but it is the artistic value that caught my eye!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our July 15th Exhibit is ready for viewing

~YOU'RE INVITED~Please come see my *New* shop! Our July 15th Exhibit is ready for viewing
It's POPPY time again LOL! Time for another EXTREME EXHIBIT at, where you'll find an exclusive gathering of Extreme Prim and Folk Art Crafters and Artisans!
~FREE Monthly Drawing~
This Month's PRIZE is donated by Jane Clowers of Jane of Ark Designs ~ Please make sure you take a quick moment to have a look
Enjoy all the fine artists offings ,Hope you will find some thing you will cherish!!


Pat Rockway of Just Between Us Girls left a comment on my blog.I went and visited her "Awesome Blogs"

It is a must to go visit her
I am so glad I did...She has offerings I could only dream about! and
guess what Their price affordable

Pat was having a contest

It read:
I went to her other blog
identified this as a camping stove make toast with. GOOD FOR YOU SHERRIE...CONGRATULATIONS.
Yeppers I won!!!
here is what I won Yippie!!! (I choose)

But what is more exciting is the products Pat offers ..I am just blown away..I want every thing!!!
Her fabric blocks are a MUST! to have...
Go by and visit her blogs
Her Personal Blog
Her New Blog Shoppe, "It's a Wonderful Life!"
and her HUGE and wonderful ebay store
Pat's eBay Store!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Let Be "Fall" Halloween !

Isn't this gal just the cutest!! Susan Dean Of Threadbare Primitives has done it again yeppers..I just bought her new patterns
"Olde Witch and Pumpkin" Halloween and Fall Doll PATTERN #298
Iam running off to start on this cuteie..
And Finish up my Halloween Apron for a swap that I'm in also...
I'm in Oh let it be Fall mood!!!! Singing and whistling!:)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brilliant Weblog Award

I am honored to have been given the Brilliant Weblog Award from Connie McBride Johnson . Connie is a fabulous cloth doll artist and you can visit her wonderful blog at Cloth Matters Also visit Connies group Cloth Doll Artistry
The rules for receiving this award are:
1)Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.Here are the fantastic and wonderful ladies I nominate:
1) Karin of Country Folk Keepsakes
2) Jennie of FallingDownTheRabbit-Hole
3) Darlene of Rag Tree People
4) Niki of Niki's Ventures
5) Vivanne of Viv's Whimsy
6)Melissa "Mo" of Wings and Paws
7)Jillian of Sweet Moments By Jillian

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles

All Right and a jumping hi-5
Just what we need to for get for a while of this July and yet to come August HEAT:@)
Please go over to visit and support these amazing artists who have worked their tails off to get ready for this debut. Also, enter to win fantastic door prizes! Plus FREE shipping site wide for the update month of July!!! Come On take a peek for even more surprises!

Spooky Jingles Market Place

Spooky Jingles Blog

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Art Of NewBorning

My offering this week for Friday's Flea market

The Art Of New Borning DVD
by Pat Secrist and Susan Sullivan

An introduction to reborning and newborning techniques.
Are you wondering what reborning is all about or whether its something you want to try? The Art of Newborning DVD gives a wonderful overview of reborning and newborning as Pat Secrist and Stephanie Sullivan demonstrate and discuss what's involved in each step. This is a two hour, two DVD set. This is not a classroom DVD but does give an excellent introduction to the world of reborning and what is involved. Here are some of the things you will see demonstrated:

Reborning - Removing Paint and Hair
Painting Instructions & Tips
Detailing the Fingernails and Lips
Inserting Eyes
Hair Rooting
Body Weighting Techniques
Applying Eyelashes

Find this wonderful DVD here

SympleTymes Etsy

Ideal's 14" Betsy McCall not knowing what I have!

History:I discovered a wonderful article on a doll from the 1950's called Betsy McCall. She was originally introduced by the McCall Corporation (known for their sewing patterns and women's magazine) in May of 1951 as a paperdoll - It was a monthly feature in their publications, with her visiting different countries and doing different activities (baking cookies, writing letters, & etc.). The paperdoll page became a very popular part of their product, and ended up being a feature that endured for over 44 years
I have been down sizing my dolls getting every thing ready for when we sell our house..I bought my Besty McCall off eBay about 5 yrs ago..I have had her packed away for about 2 yrs..

I bought Besty the minute I saw her, Instant love at first sight..She is a doll of my child hood in the 1950's..Though when I bought her the seller said she was from the late 1940's

I Unpacked my dolls and have been sorting them out to sell..
Before I listed my Besty I thought I'd do a little research on her..
I was shocked at what I found out..The history on this precious doll is amazing.. I was going to sell her on my etsy..are you ready?? for $25.00
After the research I found out she is worth any where from $100.00 to 500.00
This is a good lesson at least for me to always check out research before you sell any thing..I've always gone by my heart..
Doesn't matter because i have fallen in love her again now that she is out where i can see her.I have a vintage 1950 clothes pattern for her.I'd like to order some real 1950 vintage fabric and sew for her.She is my buddie just like when I was a kid..
This is my Betsy McCall
14” Ideal Toni P-90 ~ 1949 Hard Plastic Doll ~ All Original ...Collectibles:Dolls, Figures:Hard PlasticThis is a beautiful 14” all-original “Toni” doll, manufactured circa 1949 by Ideal Doll Company. She’s signed on the back of her neck, “P-90, Ideal Doll, Made in U.S.A.,” and on her back, “Ideal Doll, P-90.” Her arms and legs are also signed “P-90.”
Mine seems to be a walker ?..She is in perfect conditionand all original
clothes, socks, shoes, panties, dress and hair.. She has the sleepy and closeback view
More history:Shortly after the initial paperdoll version in 1952, the Ideal toy company, recognizing a good thing when they saw it, introduced a 14" Betsy McCall doll; She was unique in her time, as her hair was made of a new "wonder fiber" Saran, that unlike the hair of other dolls, could be combed and styled. In the mid 1950's a company called American Character started producing an 8" version of Betsy, and all of the sizes of the new Betsy dolls had everything a girl could ever want: large wardrobes, outfits with accessories, china silverware,doll houses and furniture just to name a little.
here is a link for free vintage betsy McCall paper dolls.. 1950-1960

Monday, July 07, 2008

Prim FolkArt Bag Doll

Prim FolkArt Bag Doll
hand drawn painted features..Apron hand drawn color pencils

Sunday, July 06, 2008

New pin keeps finished

Felt so good to be in my sewing room.I got a couple new pin keeps finshed !! I'm in two pin keep swaps..So i'm tring out some ideas I have in my head..Have a couple more ideas I want to try first , before I make the real pin keeps for the two swaps..So far..I'm happy with my slipper on a heart keep. Just the right size to have by when your watching tv and hand sewing.Abit of whimsy!!

The little mouse is defiantly not my style,So it's back to the drawing board for him.Though he would really be cute sewn in batiks ,bright color wash also!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Safety Harbor, Florida July 4 Celebration

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe 4th of July!
here is where we will be tonight to hang, relax, drink, and eat, watch fireworks over Tampabay!!
Safety Harbor, Florida July 4 Celebration
Live entertainment will take place before the big fireworks display at 9 p.m. Visit the Budweiser True Music Stage at the Marina for rock originals and cover songs by various musicians. A family zone area will be set up on the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa property with arts and crafts, miniature golf, and a moon walk

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thinking Fall Thinking Haloween

Thinking Fall Thinking Halloween Thinking cool mornings,
Thinking open windows with crisp air flowing through out..
Yeppers I'm a Thinking and keeping cool LOL
What better time to start creative creations like these Fall Folk Art Tags.. I'm totally into my fall line..awww tis a good thing to be thinking!!! Orange, Red ,Yellows, Golden Browns, Rusts, Purples, Greens, Black, Jack-O-Lanterns, Cats, Mice, Trick-or-Treaters , Whimsy Witches all a glow , Dolls dressed for the fall , Dolls Dressed for the Halloween season , Tags awatiting for cards and packages, Pumpkins of all sizes and all faces , ScareCrows Man and Woman, Thinking Feather Trees adorned with Fall Ornies, for Halloween , For Thanksgiving with oodles of lights to shine upon them.. Thinking Cool!! Vintage Halloween Tags , Arrangements of Mums, SunFlowers , All kinds of Fall Flowers, Hay Bales, Acorns , Dried leaves, and thinking cool:) !!


vivs-whimsy. is having a Pin Keep swap
still time to sign up go on over.....Sherrie
In her own words:)....
oK.. so now.. I'm annoucing my new swap.. Its a PINKEEP swap. Imagine all the possibly pin cushion type things you might be able to make. I have a couple ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for weeks and weeks! I hope there are a few people interested! I figured a pinkeep is something most of us could whip up in an afternoon. I will make a badge later.. and will post it here for you to take. please spread the word. I'll take sign ups here through July 1st and will announce partners by the 3rd or 4th and we'll have a mail out date of august 1st. how does that sound? You can sign up here or at my email..
Once again I'm looking forward to seeing all the creativety that comes from blogland friends!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Primitive Pin Keep

My Primitive pin Keep!..This is a keeper..I'm so happy how she turned out!!
click on picture to enlarge if ya wanna:) As you see I really do use my pin keeps!

Making Fabulous Pincushions by Jo Packham

Here is another totally awesome book to *Must Have*
I'm 100% Vintage kinda gal.This book really has it!
Many color photos and pincushion designs in this book is great to even just snuggle up with your favorite cup of and enjoy the 93 Designs !..

Book: "Making Fabulous Pincushions" by Jo Packham

also on our left hand column we have some wonderful links to free pincushion patterns

and Free tutorials..It's july and I am already thinking Christmas gifts..I have so many people on

our Christmas list that sew , craft,etc...A hand made pincushion would be a great stocking stuffer for them:)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rusty Technique

Rusting Any thing you want.. I'm rusting bells and safety pins
I do not like real rusty any thing just a bit of what I call tarnish rust..
Nice vinatge age to it..
First: VERY-important- remember about rusting any thing
buy *Cheap* not expensive
Expensive have a shellac coating on them that you would have to sand off before rusting
also NO brass either -brass will not rust
Second: VERY-important-
Do this outside away from children, nature, and pets.....
I wear a cloth mask (can get mask at walmart) because I feel the fumes are harmful

1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup bleach
1 teaspoon salt
Directions :
Combine the ingredients in an Quart Jar..
Add items you want to rust and cover loosely - not tight
Now place in a safe spot and let set for 2-3 days.
I never go over 2 days because I just want a light rust
Caution: do not throw the mixture down the sink- dispose of properly
Step 2: I dig a hole yep where I know NO one or animal can dig into to .
(usually along our fence line..kills weeds)
I place a old strainer over the hole and pour my Quart Jar of rusting mixture along with the pins, bells etc.. pour it right into the strainer...
Then I wash clean with gloves and the hose of water..
I then use dish soap what ever you have on hand and pour over
every thing and rinse really good..
Then spread them out on a old cookie sheet let dry in the sun turning to be sure they dry nice.
When dry I place them in their own plastic ziplock bags
I also like to use a old piece of towel or some thing soft and kinda buff the bell or pin to remove any loose rusting kinda gives a smooth buff feel..and then use them tada!