Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Pin Keep!

Pin Keep swap!! here is my latest new pin keep for my partner. it is on the whimsy side
Funny I have thought and thought what type of pin keep to make for this swap

Once I started it was like I was on a roll and just didn't want to stop!What Fun!

The cushion is 6" by 61/2.I wanted the slipper to be the focal point,I made the slipper from wool hand sewed vintage lace all around the cushion,You know me I just had to have a touch of vintage!I hand sewed the slipper on to the cushion .Also the rose bud on the I right this and see it in actuall pictures,I am going to add vintage lace to the cushion ,I think that will give it a nice

As with all swaps..My partner is extremely talented,and Whimsy is her gift. So I'm a bit nervous ..Always asking myself why do I do swaps..Well there such fun and when your creating just for fun it really comes from your heart!

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