Monday, July 21, 2008

Mary Janes Farm

Whether you're a bona-fide farm chick or a down-home city chick dreaming of the farm you never had, here are four ways to ... be a farmgirl:

Join our Farmgirl Chatroom: Chat with other farmgirls from around the world! Anyone can read our discussion topics, but to join in, you need to register. To the right, you'll see the four most recent posts from our 4,000 members.

Start or Join a Farmgirl Chapter:If you're yearnin' to meet up face-to-face with other farmgirls in your area, start or join a Farmgirl Chapter. MaryJane is proud to say that there are now 462 Farmgirl Chapters located in 46 states and 7 countries (US, UK, Brazil (our newest!), Canada, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand)!! These groups consist of diversified, talented, caring, creative, like-minded women just like YOU! This is truly the best sisterhood to be found anywhere!

Sign up for Farmgirl Projects: Calling all farmgirls! Take a peek at the variety of projects created by our fabulous farmgirls at heart. We're sharing traveling dolls, aprons, and books, creating Mail Art, making Charm Quilt squares ... who knows what we'll think of next? And ... you’re welcome to join in!

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