Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rusty Technique

Rusting Any thing you want.. I'm rusting bells and safety pins
I do not like real rusty any thing just a bit of what I call tarnish rust..
Nice vinatge age to it..
First: VERY-important- remember about rusting any thing
buy *Cheap* not expensive
Expensive have a shellac coating on them that you would have to sand off before rusting
also NO brass either -brass will not rust
Second: VERY-important-
Do this outside away from children, nature, and pets.....
I wear a cloth mask (can get mask at walmart) because I feel the fumes are harmful

1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup bleach
1 teaspoon salt
Directions :
Combine the ingredients in an Quart Jar..
Add items you want to rust and cover loosely - not tight
Now place in a safe spot and let set for 2-3 days.
I never go over 2 days because I just want a light rust
Caution: do not throw the mixture down the sink- dispose of properly
Step 2: I dig a hole yep where I know NO one or animal can dig into to .
(usually along our fence line..kills weeds)
I place a old strainer over the hole and pour my Quart Jar of rusting mixture along with the pins, bells etc.. pour it right into the strainer...
Then I wash clean with gloves and the hose of water..
I then use dish soap what ever you have on hand and pour over
every thing and rinse really good..
Then spread them out on a old cookie sheet let dry in the sun turning to be sure they dry nice.
When dry I place them in their own plastic ziplock bags
I also like to use a old piece of towel or some thing soft and kinda buff the bell or pin to remove any loose rusting kinda gives a smooth buff feel..and then use them tada!

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