Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Cute Doll Chair

 Just had to share my new little doll chair! I just love it, Any doll will be happy to sit in and get her pictures taken!
You will never guess where I found this chair ??  Yep at Our Goodwill store $2.00
It is amazing how crowed the store was.People seeking out treasures , People with their carts full to over flowing. But we had fun looking .They had allot of yesteryear for retro lovers..(like me) but I held back! Great place also to buy books for $1.10!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Doll Shops United: A Selling Site

I wanted to pass along exciting news, I learned from Dixie Redmond of : " Maida Today "
Doll Shops United: A Selling Site
Brand new selling site  dedicated to selling dolls and doll related items, That includes all kinds of dolls.

I went and took a peek at Doll Shops United  New Site

 I was very impressed by their professionalism.
Doll Shops United I feel will go "Big" They are exactly what our Doll  need!

They offer whole month at a flat fee which allows you to showcase multiple items instead of paying Ebay commissions per item.

ahhh Breath of Fresh air !!! (sorry just tired of every one taking advantage of  us hard working Doll Makers ) 

You must admit Ebay  sure does make a good living off of our commissions.
Doll Shops United  will also have a Newsletter, Doll Shops United Facebook page , Their Own Library, 
 Remember their Grand Opening: NOVEMBER 15 th:
Once again run over and take a Peek
Doll Shops United
On my own humble personal note: It is my sincere hope that
Doll Shops United will  Welcome  Doll Makers from all walks of Threads and Cloth and Clay with their own Cherished Creations'

United  means: adjective: united
joined together for a common purpose, or by 
common feelings.
"women acting together in a united way"

We all have seen many , many wonderful Shops, Groups and so forth go by the way side,  Why ?

Because  there was  no love flowing. No Unity...(the state of being united or joined as a whole. )
Instead sooner or later feelings get hurt, or there are clicks and so on. Unless you truly Stand United you become divided,
Sherrie Nordgren  of SympleTymes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

OOoO trying hard to get into the "FALLOWEEN" Mood

 with it still in the 90's in FL breaking heat records..I am Looking at Fall through others wonderful creations!  OK! Boo Ghost are by: B-O-O Bellies Ghosts Bowl Fillers-Ornies ITC183 by "ISN'T THAT CUTE!"
 Big HALLOWEEN Pumpkin Stack E Pattern - primitive banner decor prim spider grubby decoration party 2012 by "Hudson's Holidays"

 ANGRY... the owl by "Il Mondo delle Nuvole"
 BEAULAH witch Halloween spook recycled light bulb instant download pdf prim chick acrylic painting pattern 733 p by "prim chick designs by lisa robinson
Bat Bowl Fillers, Ornies and Wands Fall & Halloween Dolls-SPPO Flying Batz by "Sew Prim Pattern Originals"

Monday, October 06, 2014

Edith Flack Ackley

 Up Date on one of mine and many other doll makers favorite "Doll Maker" :

Edith Flack Ackley

But before I  begin  I want to invite you  to come join

Edith Flack Ackley Cloth Dolls

Yahoo Doll Group

Our small group is a celebration of dollmaker Edith Flack Ackley. Some of us collect old EFA dolls and some of us make new EFA dolls and some of us ..

 I promise you you will be amazed at the warmth, love we all share for EFA Dolls and creating them, The talent will blow your socks off!!

Edith Flack Ackley  Wengenroth Born : June 6, 1887 t o November 28, 1970
residence: Greenport, Suffolk, NY
Edith Flack Ackley a legend now and in her own time.

Dedicating remembrance here on my blog to my favorite cloth doll maker Edith Flack Ackley a cloth doll designer and maker. 
Inspiration to cloth doll-makers now, past, and future generations yet to come.

Edith Ackley has inspired so many artists/dollmakers since the publication of her first books and patterns. Edith's dolls and patterns have their very own extremely distinctive style ,
Even yet today 70+ years later...this special woman and her dolls, and patterns still hold their extremely distinctive style
I first discovered her book  when purchasing her
My good friend Linda Johnson, also introduced me to her own EFA dolls that she created,
Miniature Edith Flack Ackley Twin Cloth Dolls -- Only 4 Inches!
Sara Cole's EFA dolls...
here is a nice web site that will give you all kinds of info about the designer and her wonderful dolls

EDITH FLACK ACKLEY, Wife , Mother , Designer , Teacher , Pattern Designer,
Author , of several books and magazines
"Paper Dolls, Their History and How to Make Them"
"Dolls to Make for Fun and Profit"
"A Doll Shop of Your Own"
"Holiday Cards For You to Make"
"How to Make Marionettes"
'For a Little Girl's Christmas', from the 1934 Woman's Home Companion magazine
Just think about it ... doll makers from young ones just learning to sew and creating their very first cloth dolls, 

to young ones at age of eighty using her designs for more than 70 + years!!
EFA dolls are still going strong , showing no sign of slowing down !
From Edith " quote"I have had in mind those women in homes all over the country, who like to sew and make things and
who would like to earn a little extra money".
from A Doll Shop Of Your Own, p. ix"

Her dolls on any given day or holiday are always sooo very special, 
EFA dolls are one of my personal favorite dolls to create,

Each new year I create a new special holiday EFA Doll... 
It has become a family tradition,
My EFA dolls are not always created for Christmas, but for all holidays and even special family events,
I create EFA dolls through out the year for pure enjoyment , relaxation , 

Great place to get your own EFA patterns
Vintage  Gatherings ( My personal favorite place to shop!)

email Fran @

Mouth watering  OoOoing and aweing @

Edith Flack Ackley created the cloth doll patterns that inspired me to learn sew! Cloth dolls are a first love for me and this style is one of  my favorites !.
Hope you have enjoyed  this article of a wonderful Doll Maker from years ago.. "Symple Tymes" that we still love and enjoy today!  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hand Made 19th C. Rag Doll

I so fell in love with this real antique cloth doll.They called her Primitive but in my opinion
she is not Primitive, She is Vintage.The info on her:

Antique Primitive Hand Made 19th C. Rag Doll
Approx.18" 19th C. rag doll. This unique old hand made doll once belonged to a very clean and careful family 
 She has a somewhat sparse wig of human hair. It's very clean and was stitched and woven to her head I think she may have had a bonnet at one time. 

Her body is cotton or linen (?) and in excellent condition with some stain spots and soiling to hands and face. Body is completely hand stitched by a wonderful seamstress as the stitches are very evenly spaced 
I believe the body is stuffed with rags. Wonderful old cotton dress  obviously made for her, which is largely hand stitched with some machine stitch at hem. 
Slip is also hand and machine stitched.

 Her face simple, But you know how Loved she must have been!!
Maybe her face was added at a later dated...
 I love how her body is created
 I LOVE studying REAL Antique Cloth Doll bodies
I do think her hair is real or horse hair