Monday, March 12, 2018

Still Cleaning

Yep I am still cleaning I DO mean Super Throw out ,Down Sizing Cleaning of my Sewing Room,
Just wanted to share I have my shelves almost finished, The very top shelf I have to clean off, 99% is being donated to the Veterans ,

They are just the best to give to,They are sooo Thankful and Happy to come with their truck and pick up any thing you would like to donate, From Clothes right down to Arts N Crafts items,

I use to have a huge collections of VCR Video's , all Disney movies, through to the classics and The  Veterans came and got them and distributed them to The Children's Hospital and Children's Home and the Veterans Hospital , even though they were VCR they still used them and were so Happy to get them , Made us feel so good on the inside knowing they were just so appreciated.

I went from 27 Big Binders full of patterns, of Dolls, Quilting, Embroidery and   Techniques,.Faces and more,Down sized to only 7 Binders, Ta Da!
Not to day but next is the other side of the sewing room ,Now will be sorting whoa Yarn, Fabric, and more fabric, and then 10 drawers of embellishments, sewing tools, and more ...
I am posting a picture on this awesome rainy day here in Florida what I am so blessed to look out and see year around, My  For ever blooming Hibiscus Bush .Which we also get to see nesting birds with their babies..Always watching from inside the window ,Nature at it's best !
Soon the Hibiscus Bush will be dense in leaves and beautiful blooms,This was taken last summer out side the sewing room window, to show how thick and pretty the Hibiscus Bush  will be,Just fun to look up from working on a doll or just hand sewing or what ever and see always such gorgeous color, I guess you can tell Hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers, We just planted next to this single Hibiscus Bush , a Triple Peach color Hibiscus Bush .

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What I am Up To

I am back ! What I have been up to, I am sharing my personal thoughts and feeling which I rarely do.
I have been doing a  lot of thinking and praying,

Since the change in their policy on etsy,
I have closed my SympleTymes Shop. I just felt it was wrong of them wanting my SS #
and checking account info. Why they couldn't have just stayed simple with PayPal is beyond me.
So now I do not know where I could sell my dolls.

Couple years ago I went through our home room by room and really did a deep cleaning along with down sizing, and it has been so easy to keep up on a nice but lived in home !

I started praying and asking God if I should continue making my dolls,
Here is what came to my mind,

I had a strong feeling to DOWN SIZE like we were going to Move , Especially in my Sewing Room,
Seeing my sewing room over flowing has bothered me for a while.  Seems I am always trying to organize and keep my sewing room from over flowing to the dining room table..That was a red flag right there..Way to much stuff.

Thinking all along to start sifting, down sizing,
20 plus years of  over flow, like dozens of printed out pattern, which are 99.99% E-patterns which means I not only have them on my computer in there proper organized folders. But printed out copies which starts a huge over flow problem,

I started working on Sunday and again Monday just going through all the printed copies which I had in plastic sleeves in Huge Binders, I down sized from about 20 full huge binders ,

down to 7 binders of which only two are of E-Patterns and the others are study , techniques, Quilting, I do have a plastic tote where I have awesome patterns that are no longer in print and were mail order because there wasn't E-Patterns at that time.
Plus they are by awesome awesome Doll Makers/Pattern designers many that no longer create.

I took a note book and made notes to my self stating pattern names and designers.
As I was sorting then the thought came to me ,"Do You Love Creating Cloth Dolls , I said Yes"

I am not one to journal   , many are and that is awesome for them, But it just isn't my thing, But God is leading me  and I could not shake the feeling of starting to write exactly what type of dolls I want to create  and the ones I always wished I could .

So I now have a Journal and can see so much clearer than ever .Yep "My Dreams" I can actual see these cloth dolls in my head coming to life !
I felt like God said to me "Now is The Time" I have to say Yes it is time now or for get it.

Now  I know it is going to take week may be even longer but with Joy and a urgency in my heart a hop in my step ,I no longer feel a sadness as I  Pitch, Box up to give away, Sift and even wade through 20 years plus ,Because God has given me a refreshing and a very creative mind and when all the hard work in finished, I then can start a New Fresh Beginning , Only way way more "Simplified "
I will post before and after pictures !

Saturday, December 23, 2017

From My Heart To Your Heart

I just can not believe Christmas for 2017 is here ! Ready or not here it comes !Seems we were just getting ready for all our colors and joy of fall..
I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you all sooo very much.Taking time to visit my little blog and leaving comments, It truly blesses me and  I am so  Thankful for each and every one of you my friends.
I pray your Christmas will be full of the Love of God for you and all your families,  Also may 2018 be a year of Joy ,Peace and Health for us all. 
All my Love to you all
Sherrie of "SympleTymes"

Sunday, December 17, 2017

2018 Quilters Quilt Alongs

Please add the link where the Quilt Along is originally posted even if it's not your Quilt Along.  Hostesses appreciate when you share their Quilt Along, so please share!  This linky will be open through October, at which time I'll start one for 2019.
Even if you don't quilt ,it is always nice to see what others are doing, And it is free,
I am just learning quilting, I do the applique QAYG method for right now.
Fun to do some thing different from my doll making.
Always have a doll or 2 going though :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Home Sweet Home Stitchery

I have been busy ! Since it is The Season HoHoHo !
I finished my "Home Sweet Home Stitchery " Pattern by Jenny of ELEFANTZ.
This is my first time at Appliqueing and Embroidering  

The Home Sweet Home is a series of 10 stitchery's and Yep have plans to Stitch all ten of them,
I am enjoying my time with the wonderful colorful pastels threads, In the evening my sweet hubby likes me to next to him as we watch TV, I sit and stitch !!

I used a beautiful fabric that has sparkle in the blue back ground of the fabric, Could not get it to show on the pictures, 
I use a flour sack Tea Towel and sewed a pretty edge on to it, 

Beginning #1:On this Home Sweet Home Stitchery is the First Block,
I used a transfer pencil traced the reversed side of the pattern,
I am not to sure I like that method.  The markings have disappeared  as they were suppose to.
Please click on pictures to enlarge
If you enlarge this picture you can see some of the sparkle in the fabric.
Here I am centering the Stitchery on the flour sack Tea Towel.
Holding the Tea Towel as Hubby takes a picture
None of the pictures came out as good as they should have, But just wanted to share and 
I am proud it is finished ! Now on to the next one, 

I just Love and Adore Jenni, She is so up lifting and is so giving of her talent,
She has many free tutorials and patterns also. and she is on Face Book a Totally awesome  group 
You can find Jenni at
Jenny of ELEFANTZ.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Walking Down Doll Making Lane ~!

I have my favorite cup of Tea, and Just enjoying walking down what I call Doll Makers Dreams, Seeing SO many of my favorite Pattern Designers , and Realizing I do have several of those patterns I I dearly love,
But as always also seeing those that still tug at my heart , Wonder yet still can I ?? Or Just keep on wondering if I could actually create those I hide in my heart.

I see so many awesome talented doll Maker Pattern designers that have pass on and it brings tears to my eyes,Yet makes me want to to create using their pattern ,Because I knew them on line and Now they are gone from us, Sad Yes,

But yet I realized that through their hearts through their fingers on to us ,Their Patterns are still here for us !! With that being said,It brought a warmth and again a tear to my heart ,Just knowing they are still in a pattern way yet among us !

I so enjoy and am so Thankful for Doll Makers Journey ,I was with them from the start with my Doll Making, Now they have PDF Pattern from many of our favorite Pattern designers on Esty
Just sitting here loving and enjoying each and every pattern, I as of now now have a couple
of creations going on.Trying to get a couple finished for the Christmas Holidays and let's not for get our little Baby Grand Daughter!!
 I am looking for that special one that just knocks my socks of ,takes my breath away and I hear my self say as many times in the past "Oh YES ! I have got to make this Pattern ~!!

But still I have a several creations I want to create as soon as Christmas is over, Plus I am still making my Second Quilt, A different way it is a Quilt as you go Quilt all Birds,Just SO cute and then I am going to turn right around and make a lap quilt with Baby Dinosaurs,Yeppers for Hubby and me, It is the kid in me coming out!

Creating either for Fun or Profit is what it is all about,
I hope you join me in going down Again What I call Doll Makers Dream !!

Monday, November 20, 2017

What REALLY does "Thanksgiving Mean To You" Gosh Thanksgiving is just a couple days away. First Living in Beautiful Florida, where we really don't see the change of the weather or leaves, So Thanksgiving is truly from our hearts.

So many this time of year so called "The Holidays" Have the wrong attitudes, Many are sad, I meet a Lady the other day, I felt so bad for her, Because she lost her Husband 2 years ago,She has a Son and Daughter in-law and 2 teenage Grand Children, They had invited her over for Thanksgiving, Yet she could not see past her pain,

I told her to smile and Go have a wonderful time share Thanksgiving with her son and daughter in-law and grandchildren, Smile and give Joy from herself. It will come back to her.

We also have faced so many losses , but we will not let that dominate our lives, But we want to give as much as we can to others.

Why You ask, Well because for many of us "Baby Boomers" it is time where our kids have moved away to a different States or many of us have the loss of Family members or just plain wish things could be as we remember Thanksgiving to be.

We should be Thankful and Cherish those memories.
One must really look inside their own heart. To remember the past Thanksgivings from child hood up to the what I call the "NOW"

Remembering Mom and Dad and so many  people of our childhood, it’s a Good Thing. It brings smiles and warmth to our hearts. But we also must be in the Now of things as they are.

Yep our kids all live in a different State from us, Even our one and only Grandbaby.

But I look upon Thanksgiving as truly being Thankful for all our kids and Grand Baby !

Thankful; is the Key word. and The Love of our Heart. Thankful for All our Children and Grand Babies, Their Health. Their Joy, Their prosperity in life.

Isn't that what and how we raised them to be to begin with !

I am so Thankful for them all, But most of I am soooo very Thankful for my Husband,

My High School Sweet Heart and the Best of the Bestest Forever Friend. We have actually grown up in life together,

Now Sharing our retirement years together, What a Blessing !
So here we are just Hubby and Me sharing and enjoying our cooking of Thanksgiving together. PsSssT  as long as he stays out my way *Big Smile*

Today starts with the baking of our Pumpkin Pies. Also His favorite "Key Lime Pie"
We went together and have bought all our ingredients for Our Special Thanksgiving Dinner.

That is a first, I have always gone just did my own Thanksgiving buying by myself,
No biggie I did this  for many years. Loving it.

What a joy it was having Hubby with me as we bought our planned Thanksgiving meal together. We talked about my Thanksgiving favorite "The Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade” Loud enough to hear over all the action and fun in the kitchen !!

Yeppers it will be just us two ,but our hearts are with all our kids and just plain being Thankful not just on Thanksgiving ,

But Thankful each and every day !
From Our Hearts to all Your Families Heart, We are thinking of you all and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.