Saturday, August 01, 2015

Join the 2nd Annual Craftsy Charity Sew-Along!

Join with me (Sherrie)  at  the 2nd Annual Craftsy Charity Sew-Along! We share pictures and posts of all our  NICU Smocks !!!

Because of the wires and tubes babies wear in the NICU, normal newborn clothing is not an option. That is why Craftsy member Kymy created the free NICU Smock sewing pattern. It’s encouraging for parents going through a difficult situation to be able to dress their baby in a handmade outfit for photos and for warmth.

Want to sew along with us?

This charity sew-along runs from August 1, 2015 to November 1, 2015. This gives you three months to sew up one or more NICU smocks (each takes an hour or less to sew) and donate them to a great cause. No matter where you live, we’d like to invite you to join us in sewing for charity.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:

  • Micro Preemie 1-3lbs & up to 15"
  • Tiny Preemie 3-5lbs & up to 17.5"
  • NB Preemie 5-8lbs & up to 20"
  • Newborn 8-11lbs & up to 22.5"

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Theriault's Dolls
I watch these videos over and over, I Love seeing and hearing the history of each and every doll, My kinda doll's :)   Enjoy her  wonderful collection..Hugs  Sherrie

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Rusty Thimble Give Away !

I have know Brenda of The Rusty Thimble for a long  time, Her work is sooo wonderful, I am a Fan for sure.. (((Sherrie)))

Current Giveaway

Just go to Breands Blog , and Leave her a comment  on the post ,  this will sign you up,
Now then for extra entries you can share this online
Facebook, your blog, google plus, pinterest etc.

BUT besure to let Brenda know when your leaving your comemnt  so she can count your entries

She will select a Winner on June 22nd
Be sure and add contact info if your email is not easy for her to find


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Yeppers it is that "Time Of Year"

Here at  SympleTymes, We call this our  "Falloween Makin Tyme"..June is when we start into our mode of Purple , Yellow, Orange, Bright Greens Fabric all in the beautiful Fall leaves
  colors!! Even my studio/sewing room takes on a Falloween Theme and atmosphere!

Yes I take my "Falloween Fabrics" and drap and hang every where to keep the lush fall colors bright and visible...
 Yeppers we put up our awesome  only 4ft

"Falloween" Black Tree arrayed with scrumptious vintage and new

 Falloween ornaments, and Bright Purple  and Orange lights strung through the tree.Really makes it shine brightly..   I hope to own a 6-7 ft falloween tree, But I do think I would  just go with my favorite white Christmas tree..I have a friend who I so admire, she has a 8 foot white tree  which she totally deorates for every Holiday through out the years is really just over the top, but I am thinking seriously doing that , but keep it here in my studio/sewing room...

"Falloween Tree Idea's are just endless and so much fun !

Our  "Falloween Makin Tyme" makes our  HOT Florida summers  feel  cooler as long as you don't leave the Falloween Studio *Huge Happy Smile*

I would love  to show you what I am working  on starting our
"Falloween Makin Tyme".  But I am soooo close to finishing My Baby land Rag Doll ,

 I am so in love her, I am keeping her for sure..

OoooO if you haven't be over at  
Susan Barmore of Frowning Francis really has been busy!
By the way if your into "SteamPunck.. as far as I am concerned  Susan wears the Steampunk Crown !! Her originality will blow your mind ! How she designs  these patterns with every one having a different technique of her's. I am telling you it is a must for you to just grab a nice cold glass of ice tea sit back and enjoy Susan Barmore talent ..Your going to love it as much as I do !!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A watched eBay auction WOWZER

Chunky  Happy Baby- composition doll made around 1930. I don't usally go for this kind of doll, but this little gal did grab my heart and she is from about 1930,

 And I have to say " Doll Heaven " really did a awesome job re-dressing her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Primitive PinKeep

Does any one else love Primitive PinKeeps as much as I do.
When I do my fall craft shows these are  big sellers.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Denise for many years.. 
She is very talented also a very kind and sweet person.

I think I own every pinkeep pattern she has created. 
Plus many of her  other  awesome  patterns.
This young lady above, name is Angela Pinbottom Pincushion by
Denise has a huge selection at

Denise Davis talented certainly does not stop there , or her neat techniques 
 Go by her Web Site :

Friday, May 01, 2015

My Babyland Rag Doll Coming Along!

 Ok why do we doll makers get so excited when we  are creating a doll !!
 I can not be the only one. I even think about her when I go to bed..What I want to do  with her.

  Once again I am using the  from Dixie Redmond:
 Here is My Own Pattern..I have  drawn out for this gal's Dress, Pantaloons, 
Petticoat,  also Her Apron.  Her shoes and stockings,

I really did allot of measuring of my doll .
Chest, waist, hips, Just like a real person. I haven't had time to get to my Quilt Shop
To buy reproduction  Civil War Fabric..
I am thinking some thing in Blue.. Not set in stone though
Now to show you her Pantaloons , and her Petticoat, before I age them:
 Her Pantaloons
Here I pulled up her Petticoat to show what her Pantaloons look like..
 I Love lace, I always put lace on their Petticoats, 
This will look so awesome after I age them.
She is waiting patiently to be aged and to get her  shoes, stockings and dress on !! 
and a name!