Thursday, August 11, 2016


No matter what the temperatures say. Just thinking about Fall, Colors, Crisp nippy clean air, Leaves every thing that makes you feel so good is coming, That means it is way time to do our creating of Fall items,

I want to show case on of my favorite designers Kat Less. For 20 yrs plus she has held 
my hand and heard my tears,Lead me through on the phone saying "You Can Do It" Yet she is also my critic. Which I love her for. She says the truth. Not candy to make me feel better...  She has been  and still is a great mentor of mine,

I want to share with you one of her awesome creations , That is a e-pattern, I have this pattern and have seen in person this totally awesome "Halloween Spider Coach" The pictures just do not to it justice . This e-pattern in a total class. You will learn so many exciting and new techniques, It just blows me away.

I only show case some one or creation(They usually don't know I am sharing them /their creations)  when it touches my heart deeply. Makes you just shake your head and suck in your breath and you find your self saying out loud, Whoa, I wish I could do that whoa..

Well you can if you just jump out of your box , take the ole plunge ! No matter who the designer is ,Stay in touch personally with them, Remember the designer wants you to. They want to help and see you succeed.   

 The Halloween Spider Coach Class includes SEVEN LESSONS in all with step by step detailed instructions and tons of photographs to go by. 
 Be sure to click on pictures to enlarge them.
Lesson One - Creating the Base of the Spider Coach.
Lesson Two - Creating the Pumpkin Coach.
Lesson Three - Creating the Cushion
Lesson Four - Creating "AVRIL" the Witch.
Lesson Five - Painting and dressing Avril.
Lesson Six - Creating "Alfonso" the Cat.
Lesson Seven - Finishing the "Spider Coach" and all its fun accessories.

You will be using paper clay, modeling paste, needle sculpting face, costuming, dry brushing, antiquing, carving the pumpkin,using metallic s, tufting, and more.

 Go and see more information at


New issue of P.F.A.T.T. is out!!!

New issue of P.F.A.T.T. is out!!!
Come and see all the totally awesome artist art work, 
Grab a cup or glass of your favorite
and just see and enjoy and even drool, The talent is just amazing!!! 
Be sure to check out their  celebration of 14-years of the PFATT Marketplace,
They are giving away 3 pieces of art each month through December.
There is no cost or obligation.
Just click on the P.F.A.T.T. Marketplace Give Away banner  for the details!

Enjoy !!! Sherrie


Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Little Face Tutorial

I in no way claim to create  good faces, But I am trying hard, I just keep practicing as much as I can. In September I will finally have more time to get back to  practicing, practicing, practicing,
 In this tutorial I am using chalk, I find chalk so for giving, allowing for softer faces, Blending is much easier for me.
I light pencil draw the face on. Taking a cotton swab I start with white, filling in the circle of the eye.
 Here I have added my chosen color which is Blue, But do not be afraid of other colors like green, even purple they turn out wonderfully.
Now I have added the pupil .

 Now I am starting my shading around the eye. With a clean cotton swab I used burnt brown chalk lightly started shading.Building is the key. I also start my shadowing at this time for her nose and mouth.

as you can see I have added the dot of white, This dot I did use acrylic white paint, This  gives life, light to the eye,I wanted it to stand out sharply, This is the reason for using  acrylic white paint

Now using real blush to apply to her cheeks
Don't be afraid, I put the blush on more heavily than I normally would, So it would show up on camera, Take a piece of soft cloth and rub/blend the blush in to the doll's face to the point that your happy with the look of the blush. The left side of her face I am showing how blending with the soft cloth is soften and blends the blush.The right side I haven't blended yet.
I used red chalk on her lips with a dot of 
acrylic white paint to give a spark of life.

Try to visualize her dressed and with hair ! Now go out side using Krylon mat spray, Spray her face, I usually use two coats, being sure drying time in between.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Brown Bag Cookie Molds

I was re-read a wonderful tutorial on Little Cabin Creations on How To Make Paper Castings-Brown Bag Molds
 I did a bit of research to find out where I could buy Brown Bag Molds.
Well for get Amazon sheeze they wanted a arm and a leg for one, 
I just happened to come across a really nice site that has a bit of every thing 
for us Prim, Folk Art Doll makers
Their prices for the  Brown Bag Molds seemed reasonable . I just looked around their shop and found all kinds of great goodies. Soon as I can I will be doing some shopping there that is for sure, Go take a peek see what you think !
Hugzs to all..Sherrrie

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fall Thyme Mouse Sisters

Fall Thyme Mouse Sisters

They are 13 inches tall.  Prim .Folk Art

They have their hand made Pumpkin Tags so they can get into the Pumpkin Patch.

Both Sisters are  hand created using cotton and flannel fabrics
 They both have pantaloons and matching bonnets,
They have the cutest ears and whiskers. Their bodies are lightly aged.

 They have weighted bottoms, they sit very lady like!
They each have their hand picked pumpkins’ to take home
Also have a hand made sunflower mug rug to sit your very hot beverage on those cool Fall Mornings!

Sisters have beads for their eyes,
Straw for their hair, Sisters keep their hair tucked neatly under their bonnets.

 Fall Thyme Sister #1

 Fall Thyme Mouse Sisters #2
 sunflower mug rug to sit your very hot beverage on those cool Fall Mornings
Hand made Fall Tag, Sun Flower Mug Rug along with One of their Pumpkins
These will be on Symple Tymes Esty

Monday, July 25, 2016

My EFA Dolls, I have created.

My very first EFA Doll I ever made.
It is always nice to look back at your creations pictures and hopefully see you have improved from the first one. I still have my First EFA Doll I made.(that is her above)
She has a hand embroidery face 
 The second one my daughter has. Took me by surprise  she liked her !

My second EFA Doll  I have made , She is made to look like she is from The Civil War period.
She has a hand embroidery face .
The silk green sleeve and green silk petticoat,  I made from my son's high school graduation gown,Yet still kept his gown,I am so sentimental.. 
 doesn't show in the picture but I hand sewed tiny beads along the hem of her dress.
 Her felt shoes, socks, pantaloons 
 Her double sleeves, I use a lot of hand sewing in creating my EFA Dolls.
Showing the back of her hair and dress.
This is my 3rd EFA Doll I have made.
 I thought I would give her a hand painted face, Some thing a bit different.
 Showing her hand made felt shoes, Her pretty petticoat
and pantaloons.

 Showing her shoes with hand made socks.

 In the above picture I couldn't decide to give her a bonnet or a bow .
 Her she is finished with a bow in her hair, I hand sewed all of her hair. I named her "May" and I sold her, I kinda wish I had kept her though.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Puppets and their heritage

Very interesting read, about Puppet's, They are indeed very special kinds of doll, Think of all the work that goes in to creating them. It is amazing! I am so happy the history and the  heritage of puppets lives on through dedicated and very talented people like these. You can tell it is their passion.
 Take a look at their page it is fun and amazing,  I for one really enjoyed it.
Puppets are mentioned in writing as early as 422 B.C.E. In ancient Greece, Aristotle and Plato both made reference to puppetry. 

learn more about the history of puppets and their heritage

Friday, July 22, 2016

I can't Believe I for got How To...

WOW I know I am getting older when I for got how to crackle my dolls.
 Or any thing. I LOVE Crackle.
So I have spent over two hours searching by different ways of crackling.
 I Came across this wonderful blog by:

 She shared how she crackles just using Emer's Glue.

You will need Elmer's white glue, a paint brush, and a

container to pour the glue into.Apply a base coat of paint to your project.

I used black acrylic paint. Allow to dry and apply a 2nd coat, and again allow to

dry.  Once dry spread a good coat of  white glue to the

entire project. Experiment on a scrap piece of wood, before applying

to your project.Allow to dry to a tacky state, and apply an acrylic

topcoat of your choice. I used Orange for a Halloween project I was doing.  

You will begin to see the cracks appear as it dries.

I have never tried using her method, But decided to give it try. I also searched Pinterest 

and found just simplicity.. Well I realize though every one is using their crackling technique on wood, When I will be using it on cloth.
I use to crackle every thing, I Love age , vintage look it gives. and trust me I am so frustrated for not writing how I did it..   If any one crackles differently PLEASE let me know!