Monday, November 20, 2017

What REALLY does "Thanksgiving Mean To You" Gosh Thanksgiving is just a couple days away. First Living in Beautiful Florida, where we really don't see the change of the weather or leaves, So Thanksgiving is truly from our hearts.

So many this time of year so called "The Holidays" Have the wrong attitudes, Many are sad, I meet a Lady the other day, I felt so bad for her, Because she lost her Husband 2 years ago,She has a Son and Daughter in-law and 2 teenage Grand Children, They had invited her over for Thanksgiving, Yet she could not see past her pain,

I told her to smile and Go have a wonderful time share Thanksgiving with her son and daughter in-law and grandchildren, Smile and give Joy from herself. It will come back to her.

We also have faced so many losses , but we will not let that dominate our lives, But we want to give as much as we can to others.

Why You ask, Well because for many of us "Baby Boomers" it is time where our kids have moved away to a different States or many of us have the loss of Family members or just plain wish things could be as we remember Thanksgiving to be.

We should be Thankful and Cherish those memories.
One must really look inside their own heart. To remember the past Thanksgivings from child hood up to the what I call the "NOW"

Remembering Mom and Dad and so many  people of our childhood, it’s a Good Thing. It brings smiles and warmth to our hearts. But we also must be in the Now of things as they are.

Yep our kids all live in a different State from us, Even our one and only Grandbaby.

But I look upon Thanksgiving as truly being Thankful for all our kids and Grand Baby !

Thankful; is the Key word. and The Love of our Heart. Thankful for All our Children and Grand Babies, Their Health. Their Joy, Their prosperity in life.

Isn't that what and how we raised them to be to begin with !

I am so Thankful for them all, But most of I am soooo very Thankful for my Husband,

My High School Sweet Heart and the Best of the Bestest Forever Friend. We have actually grown up in life together,

Now Sharing our retirement years together, What a Blessing !
So here we are just Hubby and Me sharing and enjoying our cooking of Thanksgiving together. PsSssT  as long as he stays out my way *Big Smile*

Today starts with the baking of our Pumpkin Pies. Also His favorite "Key Lime Pie"
We went together and have bought all our ingredients for Our Special Thanksgiving Dinner.

That is a first, I have always gone just did my own Thanksgiving buying by myself,
No biggie I did this  for many years. Loving it.

What a joy it was having Hubby with me as we bought our planned Thanksgiving meal together. We talked about my Thanksgiving favorite "The Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade” Loud enough to hear over all the action and fun in the kitchen !!

Yeppers it will be just us two ,but our hearts are with all our kids and just plain being Thankful not just on Thanksgiving ,

But Thankful each and every day !
From Our Hearts to all Your Families Heart, We are thinking of you all and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wondering What's Happened To The Cloth Doll World

I have been enjoying just taking quiet time and reading the wonderful Doll site "Maida Today"
Which was created by Dixie Redmond. of
I am so truly Thankful Dixie has left  "Maida Today" up on line. It is so very rich in history of all types of Vintage Dolls,

I have been wondering personally what has happened to all the most awesome  Cloth Doll makers, Where have they gone, All the different groups ,Where we really shared and were so excited to see what some else  found on eBay,Then we all would talk about the find, and it was such a wonderful time of truly sharing ,caring, and learning.
Where are those that re-created
Izannah Walker's
Alabama doll
Edith Flack Ackley Dolls

I Love Love to visit also
Sherri Farley

Jan Conwell
 These gal's really just blow me away with their talent  bringing to life the Dolls of YesterYear.

 I really miss the chatter, and excitement we all shared.
Remembering all the awesome blogs,
Thinking of all the wonderful doll patterns, and the artists that had classes, Where did every one go ?
Is it me ? Did I lose being in touch with the world of Cloth Doll makers ? Did they all go to Face Book ? Face Book just in my own opinion is OK,But it is not like actual Doll groups or Blogs,

To me Face Book is a way of keeping in touch with Family and Friends.
I to have a SympleTymes Face Book Page, But for me it is hard to figure out how to use,Though I do keep trying, Yes there are Doll groups on Face Book, but you wonder when you post on them if your
post was even seen let alone answered.It just doesn't6 seem as personal as groups like on yahoo were, or even on Blogs.

I for one will always keep creating cloth dolls , and always keep researching learning the history about them, hopefully   in a small way keep doll making alive with great appreciation and Love for the Doll Makers from YesterYear so long ago, and pass this knowledge  for the next generation.

I wanted to share with you all a book about  Columbian Dolls it is on Amazon and I have it on my wish list!
The Story of the Columbian Dolls: How the Adams Sisters saved the family farm
by Diane Doyle Parrish

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I am doing it !

Finally after years of drawing faces, trying all kinds of techniques I am creating what I personally call "My Yesteryear Dolls"
I have always and for ever loved antiques of all kinds, I grew up with them ,surrounded with them, My parents on the side  did Antiques had a small store and did all the shows,

What fun as a kid, My sister and I were truly educated from the beds we slept in to the glasses of milk we were drinking from, Not just the history of the year where they came from , our Mom and Dad made sure we under stood what it was meant by saying heirloom for generations to love respect and enjoy.

The Love of what I call and always will "YesterYear" runs deep in my heart, I have always wanted so badly to create  like these wonderful so very talented doll makers that can  create like Izanna Walker, The Colombian Doll and more..

Izanna Walker I have a very special Izanna from a very special doll artist ! But for me I just can't do clay over cloth.
But I can create  dolls from Yesteyear! Baby Rag Dolls and Pioneer Type dolls so on,
Of course I will always and for ever create my Raggedy s Folk Art with a pinch of Prim and whimsical on the side !! They hold the child in me and lets me come out and play !
in progress hand painted face more yet to do :)
In progress also.Pencil face drawn.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

You are invited to sew along in 2017

You are invited to sew along in 2017

The best way to get started is to join the Facebook group and chat with us!

Free Pattern at Craftsy

Want to sew along with us? Here’s how it works:

This charity sew-along runs from August 16, 2017 to November 1, 2017. This gives you more than two months to sew up one or more NICU smocks and donate them to a great cause. No matter where you live, we’d like to invite you to join us in sewing for charity.
  1. Download the FREE NICU smock pattern on Craftsy! Print off the last six pages, and follow the directions for your chosen size.
  2. Please use quality quilting cottons for the outside and any coordinating flannel for the lining. You may pre-wash your fabrics or not — it’s up to you. Please secure with Velcro, not snaps.
  3. Join our Facebook group to share your creations! We are currently 700 members strong, and a supportive group of friends who are happy to answer your questions.
  4. We've assembled a team of people to collect the smocks, so you may mail them to any of the addresses listed in this Google document. In order to even out the donations, we've made suggestions on who to mail them to based on your last name. All smocks must be postmarked by November 1, 2017.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Having problems with Blogger...

I apologize for the post below, I have no idea why the font color has gone crazy, I can’t seem to fix it, I guess that is a  burp by blogger. I hope it doesn’t happen again.
Later on today I will up date to share my first block of my QAYG Bird Quilt !!

It is not the bird block above, That is just one of the pattern pictures,
The one I am doing is a bright pastel  green back ground and I have it quilted and have fused my cute bird on it and now am going to go to the sewing machine and do my out lining , HOPING the mail man comes quickly, I had to order a 10 1/2  X 10 1/2 square ruler to  trim and square up my block, whew this is all new to me, But I have to start some where right!! Loving it!!
Mail Man came with my  10 1/2  X 10 1/2 square ruler, SO I was able to finish my first block for my QAYG Bird Quilt, TaDa!!
You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Wanted to show you also the back side of the block, Only 29 more blocks to go, I am having a blast!

Here is a picture of the "Chirp Bird Pattern" that I am making

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Creating Full Force Loving It

Hi,For my very first doll, Since my injury, I am doing a challenge by Brenda Sanker

 Hi Ho Every one, I am finally back, From my vacation of my injury !
I must watch and be careful of my stuffing, I am so Thankful to my Lord Jesus to be back creating again my dolls !!, I still must go slow at stuffing, the Doctors says over doing may cause inflammation, and cause my hand to swell, I have not been dormant by any means, I am working on my first ever Quilt As You Go Quilt,. It is by Wendi Gratz of
I am creating  Bird Lap Quilt Quilt as you go,Wendi's Bird Quilt.
It is funny after having our very first Grand Baby how my taste has changed just a bit, I love creating thinking about our Grand Daughter and all the Mystical bright colors !

But always and for ever my Heart is still and after 20 Years plus in the Primitive Folk Art Creation!
After my hand injury and I got the go head from my Doctor to stuff slowly :), I have joined I am doing a challenge by Brenda Sanker Challenge :

Sanker Studio DOLL CHALLENGE! I coppied and post from my email :
I have put together a photo and color scheme to inspire you to recreate my Daffodil & Carrot spring doll pattern into Halloween!  The challenge is to try to use the colors shown in this collage.  You can add a witch hat, broom...whatever you like, just keep within the basics of the pattern and use this color scheme and have fun!  Sorry no prizes will be awarded except the joy you feel in your heart when you're finished with your creation!  :D
Send me pictures on your progress and finished doll!  I'll share them on my Facebook page and my Blog  :)

If you don't already have my Daffodil & Carrot doll pattern you can purchase the EPattern in my Etsy Shop.

I am not one for Rabbits, But DO LOVE FALL , So I bought the awesome pattern and joined the Fall Challenge, Ta Da~ Just my way of Loving both Worlds, Fall and a Bit of a Challenge to get butt my self into creating once agin , My First Love Primitive and Folk Art, By the way if any can help me understand Etsy new way of their pay as you buy program,Pretty Please email me,
  I do not under stand or where to go to find answeres about the Credit cards and more that Etsy accepts, So I closed my shop on Etsy and am soooo missing it,. Been a member since 1996,!
Sure hope some one can lead me me in the right direction,I always do and did Papal.
As far as Face Books goes ,I do go and love and enjoy
SO now I feel so Blessed and So Free to now be creating a Fall Challenge and Happy Smiling Very First  Lap Quilt Ever all at the same Time, I have so missed you all and Pray all is Awesome with you and all your Family, Always Love Sherrie