Monday, November 23, 2015

 Just want to share with you all , a awesome Doll Maker  Jan Conwell of  "JDConwell Art Dolls"
Jan really takes the time to dress her dolls to perfection, She has just amazing talent, and a Wonderful gal to know. It is my dream to one day to be able to create dolls like these, But for some like me, Really find it hard to learn to sculpture with clay, I am looking forward to one day "Maybe' finding that type of talent.If not I will be very happy to Love and enjoy others talent in these dolls!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Had to take a break from re-doing the sewing room.Meet Sleepy-Eyes. Think she looks like how my muscles feel right now, But I think she turned out really cute. She has a hand drawn face, and I embroidered her nose and mouth, Hand sewn hair, and her dress and pantaloons are made from some really cool flannel. Her legs are hand striped and painted shoes, Sleep-Eyes is 18 inches tall, and very((( Hug able  )))  *Smooch* :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Start Of a New Sewing Room

All I can say "Whew" WOW such work, Thank God for my husband's help. First we stripped naked the enter, room here you will see the over flow through 3 rooms, The guest bath room, First Hall way, and The poor Dinning Room, Then we Scrubbed down the walls, Carpet (yuck) Windows,Curtains,  All fixtures,

Now SLOWLY Slightly starting to put back together.  Have GOBS to sort through, DOWN SIZE!!
(Last time for down sizing this is it )
This will take the  next few days, Just can not do it properly all in one day Whew! But when finished I will post a "Finished Pictures" My Dream Sewing Room. I am so excited !!

Still looks so disfunctional as it is, But through it all I see my Dream Room coming !!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Making My Own Babyland Rag Doll

 Ever fall in love with a doll that you your self created ? 
 I have totally, fallen in love with my Babyland Rag Doll. 
I have used the Babyland Rag Doll Body Pattern by:One of my hero's in the cloth doll world  Dixie Redmond
Actually I have had my 30 inch , Babyland Rag Doll and her 14 inch Baby finished and just standing next to me in my sewing room , For a couple months, Just enjoying her, Even though she is not dressed , I did make her some pantaloons and petticoat, Which I need to age right away.... That will be next to do.

One day Hubby and me were in Goodwill I saw this doll Aqua Blue Doll Stand, Sheeze, Tall heavy , sturdy, well for a $1.99 I grabbed that baby right up, It wasn't for several weeks later I realized "hey That isn't a tall doll stand, But it is a toilet paper holder *duh me* works beautifully as a stand!
As you can see I did pencil a face on her baby, Not happy with her nose, so will re-do her nose again, I could not for the longest time decide to place a face on either.
So went to my book shelf pulled out one of my very favorite books  "Cloth Dolls From Ancient To Modern By Linda Edwards, I think I have had this book about 12 years, LOVE it ,I do refer to it often, I do allot research,  I do mean way to much kind of allot research ,Those that do have this book look on page 61, -67, She shows how the  True  Antique Babyland Rag Dolls were dressed and facial features, if any.

What kind of styles for the period, How did they wear their hair, Their Clothing, down to their shoes, socks, What was going on in the world at that time period and much more.

Why you ask, Well I love History! 

Going to really pace myself for these special dolls, using vintage real thing as much as possible, It has always been my dream to do exactly that, Just wasn't sure enough of my self, Now well just jumping in, but going slow.YES I am very excited! 

NOTE: That I still  will be creating my Folk Art, Whimsy, Prim..No way Hosea  will I ever stop creating these, Love them way to much. Oh let's not for get my Quilting too :).

 Back to my Baby land Rag Doll, I have given her hand stitched finger and as you can see I always age my Body fabric before I cut out and sew.

 Her feet will have stockings and shoes .I decided to make her shoes from felt, instead of leather, I was worried about my sewing machine and leather.
YES! Finally decided ,yep I am going to dress her, My friend  and boss, gave me her Mothers Linen table cloth, The patina is just perfect, and the detail on this piece is just gorgeous

 I found this small shrug at Goodwill, Perfect to cut and add with cloth dolls.
 Last but not least, I decided to add a light color pencil face to my Babyland Rag Doll, Hopefully a YesterYear look and touch. As far as a name, that is far from thought at this point, But she will be my first FINISHED YesterYear Doll for 2015!!
Have to place her on hold a bit, Christmas sewing must be first right now!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

A Young Girl and her Nursemaid/ Best Friend

To me this is the MOST precious picture ever. I am a history nut, To have found this picture on line, Just knocked my socks off. I am a doll maker, a Lover of the what I have named and called for over 20 years "YesterYear"This IS a  most magnificent picture. Just sitting and looking at both gorgeous little girls, I do think of what was their history ? I bet they were the best of friends their entire life. I don't just see a the doll the little girl is holding. 
Be sure to click to enlarge
Look into both there faces. See the happiness , that only childhood can bring as precious and pure love. I adore how they are dressed, Look at the hand made detail whoa!, Their shoes are just so awesome, The time period I am sure at the time  of this picture, There were probably no factory made shoes or clothing.Yet these two are dressed to the hilt !

I hope to take my cloth and create in honor of these two adorable precious friends, Just two sweet loving baby doll themselves. Ok going to my Dream Drawing Board, Yep I really do have one!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Making Art Tied to Fewer Cognitive Problems in Old Age

 I have seen this said, and have proven even to my self, That having a hobby , Being creative in your chosen way , whether it being: Quilting, Making Dolls, Drawing, Gardening, Cooking any thing as long as it stimulates you , Your brain, physical body,

Some thing you enjoy from your heart and look forward to, and at times you may think " nay maybe not today", But make your self jump in and do it, and see how much better you do feel

Having a hobby has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, anxiety, It has been proven to take a negative to a positive, 
I personally have a couple hobbies, which for me go hand in hand as far as $$ goes, 
Meaning I can use what  I pretty much have on hand, being able to use (interchange )also in another area.
 #1: Doll Making,  #2: Quilting, (I am just learning it but love it ) #3:Drawing faces, which means , Like my friend Kat taught me years ago, practice, practice, 

But I found out Creative Doodling I really love and enjoy, and can do any where, using same supplies I use on my dolls. Water Color Pencils, Color Pencils, even just a plain pencil..

First:  Thank You Deanna Hogan for sharing this post:

A Mayo Clinic study finds decades spent on creative work pay off.

 1. Hobbies encourage taking a break. Hobbies offer an opportunity to take a break—but a break with a purpose. If you're like me, you might like to feel productive while you're engaging in an activity and a hobby gives you that. You are doing something while still having fun. Hobbies are great ways to take a break from your busy life while still having a sense of purpose. 

2. Hobbies promote eustress. Eustress is that positive kind of stress, the kind that makes you feel excited about what you're doing and about life. Hobbies, I've found, are one of the greatest ways to access that kind of stress. When you're doing something you love—something you don't have to do for any other reason other than the fact that you love it—you feel a rush of excitement and joy. 

3. Hobbies offer a new challenge. Hobbies break up routine sand challenge you in new ways, ways that are different from work, ways that are positive. The great thing about picking up a new hobby is that it provides an excellent outlet for challenging yourself without the negative stress that comes from a work-related challenge. The new challenge can also open your mind to new ways of seeing the world. 


4. Hobbies unite you with others. Even if you engage in a solo activity, like illustrating, you're exposing yourself to a new world of people, people who find the same thing enjoyable that you do. Though I don't talk much about illustrating in the "real world," online I find myself connecting with all kinds of people who are passionate about what I too feel excited about.  

5. Hobbies provide an outlet for stress. Adding another activity to your to-do list might seem like a way to create more stress, but I've found that engaging in a new hobby actually provides a great outlet for releasing stress. By focusing on a non-work-related task, you're giving your mind something else to focus on. And when you really get in the flow, all of your worries and stresses seem to fade away. 

6. Hobbies promote staying present. If you really love what you're doing, you tend to get in the flow or zone and really, truly focus on the moment. When I'm working on an illustration, hours can magically fly by because I'm so intensely focused on what I'm doing. Instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, I'm completely and undeniably in the present. 


Finding a new hobby isn't always easy. You can't just force yourself to like something; it has to come naturally. If you don't already have something you're interested in (or might be interested in), try new things. Sign up for a class that sounds interesting or ask your friends what kinds of hobbies they enjoy doing. The key to finding a new hobby—and falling in love with it—is keeping an open mind and being willing to give new things a try. You never know what might become your next favorite past-time!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

This is a Must

It is a MUST to go over to "Little Cabin Dolls by Sherri Farley and read her totally awesome post . AND  Fall in love with her dolls. I really enjoyed her post, Wanted to be sure you all get to enjoy it also !