Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ideal's 14" Betsy McCall not knowing what I have!

History:I discovered a wonderful article on a doll from the 1950's called Betsy McCall. She was originally introduced by the McCall Corporation (known for their sewing patterns and women's magazine) in May of 1951 as a paperdoll - It was a monthly feature in their publications, with her visiting different countries and doing different activities (baking cookies, writing letters, & etc.). The paperdoll page became a very popular part of their product, and ended up being a feature that endured for over 44 years
I have been down sizing my dolls getting every thing ready for when we sell our house..I bought my Besty McCall off eBay about 5 yrs ago..I have had her packed away for about 2 yrs..

I bought Besty the minute I saw her, Instant love at first sight..She is a doll of my child hood in the 1950's..Though when I bought her the seller said she was from the late 1940's

I Unpacked my dolls and have been sorting them out to sell..
Before I listed my Besty I thought I'd do a little research on her..
I was shocked at what I found out..The history on this precious doll is amazing.. I was going to sell her on my etsy..are you ready?? for $25.00
After the research I found out she is worth any where from $100.00 to 500.00
This is a good lesson at least for me to always check out research before you sell any thing..I've always gone by my heart..
Doesn't matter because i have fallen in love her again now that she is out where i can see her.I have a vintage 1950 clothes pattern for her.I'd like to order some real 1950 vintage fabric and sew for her.She is my buddie just like when I was a kid..
This is my Betsy McCall
14” Ideal Toni P-90 ~ 1949 Hard Plastic Doll ~ All Original ...Collectibles:Dolls, Figures:Hard PlasticThis is a beautiful 14” all-original “Toni” doll, manufactured circa 1949 by Ideal Doll Company. She’s signed on the back of her neck, “P-90, Ideal Doll, Made in U.S.A.,” and on her back, “Ideal Doll, P-90.” Her arms and legs are also signed “P-90.”
Mine seems to be a walker ?..She is in perfect conditionand all original
clothes, socks, shoes, panties, dress and hair.. She has the sleepy and closeback view
More history:Shortly after the initial paperdoll version in 1952, the Ideal toy company, recognizing a good thing when they saw it, introduced a 14" Betsy McCall doll; She was unique in her time, as her hair was made of a new "wonder fiber" Saran, that unlike the hair of other dolls, could be combed and styled. In the mid 1950's a company called American Character started producing an 8" version of Betsy, and all of the sizes of the new Betsy dolls had everything a girl could ever want: large wardrobes, outfits with accessories, china silverware,doll houses and furniture just to name a little.
here is a link for free vintage betsy McCall paper dolls.. 1950-1960


vivian said...

love your dolly sherrie! she is sweet!

Jennie said...

ooh she's gorgeous Sherrie! (can't believe how far behind I am on your blog, what a rubbish blog friend I am :/
I won a Besty McCall doll pattern on ebay (I blogged about it and put up a picture) I have yet to make her.
Wow I can't believe you would have put her on your Etsy for $25!!
The only problem with Ideal Dolls is dolls disease but your Betsy looks perfect (I blogged about two ideal Toni dolls I have that got diseased :( ).

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Thank You Viv..I just love her!She is my new trade mark:)

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Jennie I never heard of disease on dolls before..what is it? what can be done about it? and is it dangerous? I will go see if I can it on your blog..thank you for letting me know