Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls Tutorial

This has got to be the best eye tutorial I have ever seen!
Thank You Rivkah!! for sharing this awesome knowledge with us all!
Please be sure to go to Rivkah's blog to read this wonderful tutorial about how to create the best dimensional eyes for our cloth dolls!
Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Mizrahi
Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls by:Rivkah Mizrahi
Looking Good- Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls Rivkah has had multiple requests for this article, which appeared in Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine some time ago. This is her "signature technique"- I learned how to do it by trial and error and it's my favorite cloth doll face - making method. Here it is- unabridged, unedited and un-resistable!
Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Mizrahi


Rivkah Mizrahi said...

Thank you for your flattering comments Sherrie!
I love this technique- it's definitely a challenge but worh the effort!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Rivkah,Our Thanks are to you my friend,Gosh I just can't wait to give this a try,Be warned though I might have to ask a a question 2 or 3 :)
I'm finishing up on 3 commitments
and then I am sitting down to give this awesome techinque a try,I know me might take a bit to learn,But I;m determined!
Hugs Sherrie

Linda said...


Don't you just love Rivkah and her fabulous dolls. She is so unbelievably talented and gifted and so generous with all the wonderful tutorials she has posted on her blog. A very, very talented doll maker.


jenclair said...

beautiful eyes!