Monday, July 21, 2008

Folk Art Vulture and Friend

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Good Morning every one..I was taking a pleasant walk looking at WSOAPP Halloween Parade on ebay...I was thinking already there are so many witches..I've been thinking of what I could create for the up coming Fall/Halloween Season that was different..then I came across Cre8orsTouch ebay offerings..Oh this Vulture doll just popped out at me big time, I know I could never create any thing with such awesome detail as this doll, It made me smile and just fall in-love with his sweet face..and ya know you could keep him out year round with his expression celebrate all season's and holidays..
Any ways once again I do not know this artist PatRickJamesGillat all, But do stop by his ebay offerings,He is extremely talents and has a great eye for detail too!!
Hugs Sherrie
PS: be sure to look at PatRickJamesGill aka thecre8orstouch Blog also

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