Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Purse a MUST to see

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I don't know this artist ..As I was doing a morning surf this morning I went to see

and saw this amazing purse!.It is a must to see..

Cemetery Halloween Purse...Spooky Fun!!!!!
I have spooked up this vintage Lewis Antelle purse by using fabric ghost paint and adding my hand sculpted haunted ghosts, tombstones, skeleton bats and grim reaper. One side is the Cemetery with Crystal Orbs and ghosts and the other side is the reaper and skeleton bats. All the art is attached with a secure fabric glue. The purse is 10" long and tappered 8"-11" wide. My fun Cemetery Halloween purse is signed by me Pat Benedict . . . Woopitydooart. The Cemetery Halloween Purse is an OOAK (One of a kind) and will never be recreated
be sure to lokk at all her pictures..It is really fabulous!

I bit spooky for me,but it is the artistic value that caught my eye!



jillian said...

oooh! That's so cool. Thanks for sharing.

Sylvia Anderson said...

That is an amazing piece of art....thank you for sharing it with us! Wow...really gets me in the spooky spirit!