Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hidden In The Attic by: Paula Bureman

Today I want to share with you this totally awesome artist ,I do not know her, I just was looking at all the pattern designers on PatternMart and came across Hidden In The Attic.

Hidden In The Attic by: Paula Bureman, There are many definitions of what Primitive Folk Art is or means and so on.In my humble opinion Paula creates the true Primitive Folk Art. I just flipped over her Animal patterns,They are so Life like , Their unique and one of a kind, Below is her newest offering on ebay, I was amazed at the detail she puts into her work, To me her Santa's are true Primitive Folk Art , and Have such a awe and feel of yesteryear about them,

I'm just in Love with her Primitive Folk Art Talents!!!

If you would like to check out Paula's past work, you can go to her Picture Trail. Paula also has a list of her patterns in her pattern album

Or you can see her awesome life like patterns at

Her patterns are not E-patterns ..Man I wish they were, But they are worth the wait in the mail!
to get to know a bit aboutPaula Bureman go to her ebay Me page

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ohio Girls, Twins

I LOVE history of all kinds,I just had to blog
About mrwaterslide / John Van Noate on flickr
I was born in Ohio and rasied there until I was 13 when my family moved to Florida, My roots still run deep in Ohio as well as my Love for the Buckeye State, When I came across mrwaterslide / John Van Noate "OHIO GIRLS" Set I fell in love with these yesteryear girls of Ohio! Thinking MAYBE I was even looking at a ancestor of mine!! Hope you enjoy mrwaterslide / John Van Noate pictures! Be sure to go to mrwaterslide / John Van Noate flickr to see his wonderful vintage photos.... Sherrie

About mrwaterslide / John Van Noate Profile:
Back in mrwaterslide's teaching days(before the notion, much less the reality, of mrwaterslide had even been thought of), he used
to read a little essay to his students called something like "A Love Transcending Sadness." The essay was written by Willie
Morris, the Mississippi writer, and appeared in a most unlikely venue: Parade Magazine, yes, that Parade, the newspaper's Sunday
In the essay, Mr. Morris talked about his feelings about graveyards, described cemeteries he'd visited, inscriptions he'd enjoyed
(Here lies Johnny Kongapod/Have mercy on him, gracious God/as he would on you if he was God/And You were Johnny
Kongapod). At the end of the essay, Mr. Morris provides this quote:
"All that we can know about those we have loved and lost," Thornton Wilder wrote, "is that they would wish us to remember them
with a more intensified realization of their reality. What is essential does not die but clarifies. The highest tribute to the dead is not
grief but gratitude."
At some point, this proto-mrwaterslide fellow began collecting photographs, and here, in this photostream, you can see the fruits of
his labors. The 1000 (and counting) photos posted here are but a fraction of the 30.000 (give-or-take) photos in the larger
collection, which grows almost daily.
In posting these photos, I, John, (mrwaterslide's alter ego) do not seek to mock, denigrate, or defame any of these individuals.
Some of the photos may arrive with a bit of attendant tarnish or satirical content, but as many of you have pointed out, there is
majesty in most any life, if one looks for it.
As to himself, mrwaterslide has a bunch of cds (played often) and a bunch of records (mouldering), several thousand plastic
armymen, stored away in boxes, a cat, Ike, who whines a lot and sheds a lot, and a Dream, which does not even qualify, at this
point, as a Preview of Coming Attractions.

Reminder of a earlier post "Mircles for Mallory "

Here is another way "Our Art" can make a difference!
Check it out by clicking here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sewing Room and New Class


I have my sewing room all finished and so organized ! What a wonderful feeling , It really makes the creative juices flow..Every wonder why when we work so hard cleaning our sewing rooms making sure every thing is back in place and swept and polished that all we want to do is turn right around and start creating !! Crazy stuff!

With the sewing room finished and days and days of Tropical storm Fay, lots of rain and over cast skies, Adding to that talking to my girl friend Kat who designs her own patterns and classes Designs By Kat~Kathy Lees Kat has really been encouraging me to create a Tag class.kat loves my tags and is so kind to keep encouraging me to keep creating them!

So I have started it into motion! Now I'm just so excited and so fired up! I find my self hurrying to get all my work done so I can sit down and start designing new and unique tags for my soon coming class!! I want to share with you the intro page of the class
Here is a preview..Hang Tags "&" So Much More Class
Description of Class: Class will be on CD and also PDF
" Making them unique" "One of a kind every time!"You will learn , How to create , Using many different types of techniques . With these type of techniques you will be able to use and re-use these techniques in any type of media you use or will use in the future. This is what is so fantastic about this class! This is a rough draft of the intro page,Not finished.
But I just had to share cause I'm so excited!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Oh My What One finds when cleaning

As I'm cleaning the sewing room I found some projects that I have been wanting to finish SO I sat down and that right there felt pretty darn good! This Old cuddle blanket I made about 5 yrs ago,It is reversible and it is made from some good ole' soft flannel,Twin size.Faded but still cuddly for just sacking out in a chair or the couch.
Silly as it seems this throw has a lot of history in 5 yrs already
Loads of laughs and even tears,but it keeps on giving the good ole' warm and fuzzies when wrapped around you, The kids keep telling me when it's time to pitch it to pitch it their way. Silly we are!
Then I found this wall hanging panel! Took warm and gentle and soft flannel for the backing just stuff I found and went together, and today will add the sashing and then add some hand quilting and we will have a throw size quilt to snuggle in..Seems all my family and friends love to grab one of quilt throws when they come over
and we watch a movie or jus talk together, It's always fun to make them and give them as presents also.
Since Tropical storm Fay keeps Florida rainy and very windy I'm enjoying sewing seems to put a sunshine back in life!!But trust me the sewing room is nearly finished and soooo inviting,

Finished My Lap Quilt

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This has to be done

Our home is up for sale, This means PEOPLE come walking through our home *yuck* You know how I have cleaned this house and now we are living with Mr Clean wipes in hand at every thing we do..well I on purpose have put off cleaning out and sorting in my sewing room so here is the before pictures and will post the after pictures..IF you never hear from me ever again you will know I got lost some where among the dolls ,animals,aprons,pinkeeps, and threads :)
My problem is.. when I'm on a creative roll I don't stop and clean up I just keep going man that's a big what NOT to do.. I spend way more time re-organizing trying to keep to many things close at hand to see and to use..I have finally come to the point I just do not want to do this any more..I just want to be able to create till ONE project is FINISHED..NO more bouncing around and not getting more finished.DEFINITELY no more messes like this, The homes we are looking at in TN have basements,My husband said he would build me a nice sewing room,That will be so nice not having to use a bedroom, If we get enough land my husband will build me my own shop for my sewing !!Until then it is basic's for me only!
You are going to be shocked! I have been thinking and thinking and think..and now have totally decided to get rid of all my art supplies except for a couple books and my fabric! That means out with clay,molds,paints,BOOKS,( doll books, painting books, quilting books, whew!) lots of embelishments,yarn,wood items,lace,counted cross stitch,10yrs of collecting.. just going to keep the bare necessities
Yep am bagging for trash and Good will..Not looking back either..I have most of patterns saved on my computer as PDF's so any time I want to create all I do is print..instead of having 100's of patterns that I have printed out and am storing. when all is said and done I will have a empty bed room ! My goal is less is best attitude, keep it simple fabric and pattern only period..NO more storage problems,NO more I'm going to make this one day...just one creation at a time NO more dolls in progress, Actually I will be starting absolutely with a clean plate , fresh and clean and NO mess or over flow..
This has been a great learning experince for me, I should have done this years ago, Just didn't have the nerve,Now with a move coming now is the time,I do not want all the clutter and mess in our new home, Just a nice creative spot for me..
I have friend who makes incredible dolls, Teresa Baker of Dolls of Yore
I remember reading a post she wrote on her group that she has a peg board above her sewing machine and she just hangs her doll pattern templates on the peg board ..Just think how
organized and MESS free her creating environment is!
IF you never hear from me ever again, just know I got lost in one of the trash bags or boxes!!:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

SIGN UP NOW for the Artsy Autumn Swap!

Let’s get the beautiful Autumn season off to an artsy start!
When sign ups have ended, each person will be assigned a swap partner.

Then just start gathering a treasure basket (or box or whatever your artsy self can imagine) filled to the brim with autumn delights! It should include at least one handmade item and one vintage find, and lots of fun little ‘artsy autumn’ surprises. Keeping shipping costs in mind, try not to spend more than about $20.

Get to know your partner a bit by checking out their blog or web page and/or copying/pasting into an email the “Getting to Know You” list in the right column of this blog,

personalizing it with the things that make you happy,

and in turn finding out what things she would enjoy receiving.

Everyone will ship their box on the same day… September 22 of course…the First Day of Autumn!

We have our own flickr group for pictures of the fun along the way, and of our treasures sent and received. I will also be posting lots of artsy autumn inspiration on this blog and on the flickr site along the way.

When you sign up for the swap, I will send you an invitation to join the flickr group if you have not already.

Sign ups will end on August 21 or sooner if it fills up quickly , so don’t miss out…

sign up today… here’s how…SIGN UP BY EMAILING ME AT: aswapforallseasons@live.comAnd don’t forget to include everything listed in the “How to Sign Up” info (right hand column of this blog) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>this way>>>>>>>Questions? Leave a comment on this post or email me at:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Viv's-Whimsy-PinKeep Swap

My sweet friend Vivian hosted a pinkeep swap on her blog,and we were partners!!
Here is the incredible pin keep she created for me! I LOVE IT!
To see more pictures go to my "Just PinKeeps blog
Treat your self and go by Vivian's blog and see all her talnet!
She also created a pin keep she calls "beachy pinkeep"It is amazing just like she is!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Katannie and Ghost Charlie

Look who is getting ready for Trick or Treat!
Katannie and and her friend Ghost Charlie

Katannie is 14 1/2 inches, Ghost Charlie is 3 1/2 in pin doll for you to wear.

Katannie is my design, She is chubby and so cuddley,I hand painted her facial features and her hands are painted and slightly crackle Katannies legs are so nice and chubby andI hand painted them, then antqued them and sealed.

Her pantaloons are aged and are full and so cute!

Katannie has a full head of hair , I hand sewed on to her head

Katannies apron is sparkly spider web:) Look for Katannie and Ghost Charlie on my LemonPoppySeeds Shoppe August 15th!

She has a new home!


FIRST "SOFT IN THE HEAD" BLOG GIVEAWAY!Meet Miss Prism! I wonder who the lucky person will be that will get to sample some of her special treats?
COMON~GET in on the Giveaway!!
She is giving away some wonderful items in a drawing!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

August Issue of Primitive Times Magazine is Available

August Issue of Primitive Times Magazine is Available
In this great issue they have 4 NEW E-Patterns, TONS Of Recipes some with YUMMY photos, we have photos of Eckerts Country Farm,

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

If these aprons don't change your mind about Aprons!!
Booming Apron's just finished their virst Apron Swap called Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

Please stop by out groups filckr and see all the totally amazinf aprons these girls created!
Now you see why we do wear Aprons every day!
Be sure to go by our flickr Booming Apron's~ Apron Club ,see all the amazing aprons whoOoOHoOo! Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

Booming Apron's is have their second Apron Swap Come join us!!

Back By Popular Demand! A BOOoOo ~ScArY~SpOoky~
Apron Swap! Sign Ups Aug7th-Aug14th

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Alrighty Calling EveryOne!!PsSsTttT
Vivian over at
Here is what Viv says:
I would like to have a lot of players! you need lots of people at a ball! I'm thinking.. sign ups from now through the next two weeks.. then, they need to be sent to partners by OCT. 2nd! (thats my birthday! sounds like a good date to me!) that way all are recieved to be enjoyed before halloween! Can you imagine the dolls? witches, pumpkins, bats, monsters, skeletons.. Halloween is open for soo many things! black cats! I'm dying here ... bursting with ideas!! I may have to take a couple partners just so I can use a couple of my ideas!!
Alrighty all me friends..I have signed up..Cause I adore3 Viv and Just Love Love anything Fall and Halloween..So come on over sign up with me tell all your friends also about Viv's Halloween Ball!!

A New "OLD-Primitive Raggedy Annie" Doll

click picture to enlarge

By Matha of Jellies Jams Dolls
Have to as you all have you ever seen a doll that makes you sit back in your chair and just go "OhmyGosh I LOVE THIS DOLL!"?
when I saw Martha's vintage style raggedys i just flipped out..I have the warm fuzzies and saying I have GOT to have this doll..or pattern.But Martha is a extremely talented doll maker.
She has such detail and her techiques are totally awesome..Stop by her blog and read
about "where I had a doll body made up, she was just waiting to come to life. "
scroll down to her first post where she brought tese awesome dolls to life!

Booming Apron's

Click on picture to enlarge..
Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

here is the apron I created for my wonderful partner Nadine.The fabric is a purple blue with lots of sparklesI created a Whimsy pin doll that is detachable and can be worn any where.This was a fun fun swap! see all our aprons

I'm feeling extra good this morning, I have all my commitments and orders all ready for the mail man. and guess what! I'm caught up!!!!! yeppers ..a clean slate and that makes me feel very creative!!! YIPPEE!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Olde Prairie Register

The August issue is now available.

Why I created "JustPinKeeps'

I created Just PinKeeps Blog because I have a passion for pinkeeps in every media and time period, I have many links and tutorials , That I personally look at and use.Instead of over populating my main Blog "SympleTymes" an over kill of many links,I decided to create a specific for blogs for my passions..
#1: SympleTymes~ , Folk Art , Vintage , Mixed media,
#2: Pinkeeps~ of mine and many others pinkeeps~Also is about Sewing techniques,Learning,History,
#3: Aprons~ Aprons~Swaps~Fun~
#4:Sherrie's Herb's~ blog for me and my sister where we exchange knowledge,questions, about spices, herbs etc..and new and old and family recipes..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oh HaPpY DaNcE TiMe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh golly I just have to toot my own horn this time.
I sold TWO items on my "Lemon Poppy Seeds Shoppe"
The Primitive Rag Doll above
and a set of 4 Pillow Shams!!! Oh Oh Oh~ HaPpY DaNcE TiMe:)

AND Yes Mam' I DID say AND!!!!

On my etsy I sold 2 items all this in that last 2 days..I'm in shock and

I am Saying my

Thank Yous!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Reusable Produce Bags

I thought this tutorial was a good thing! For many things to create also...Sherrie
I'm really digging these reusable fabric produce bags by SoManyIdeas, which are handpainted with botanical motifs, sugar skulls, and more. I've been looking for a way to avoid using plastic produce bags from the grocery store, and these may be just the ticket.
here is another great tutorial for
HOW TO - Neck Pillow from Old Pants
We have a vacation coming up to go to TN in October..This would be great for in the car..
actually just to keep in the car for any trip when all the sudden ya wanna nod off:)
while your on Betz White's blog be sure to check out ALL her WONFERFUL tutorials!!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Howdy Folks!
It's POPPY time again LOL! Time for another EXTREME EXHIBIT at, where you'll find an exclusive gathering of Extreme Prim and Folk Art Crafters and Artisans!
Our August 1st Exhibit is ready for viewing and you know how quickly those OOAK items go, so hurry and visit TODAY!!!

We're pleased to announce the grand opening of EPattern Shoppes where you can find all kinds of patterns ~ from dolls, stitcheries, clothing, even wood! All EPatterns and all downloadable!! Check it out now, memberships are now being accepted!!