Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This has to be done

Our home is up for sale, This means PEOPLE come walking through our home *yuck* You know how I have cleaned this house and now we are living with Mr Clean wipes in hand at every thing we do..well I on purpose have put off cleaning out and sorting in my sewing room so here is the before pictures and will post the after pictures..IF you never hear from me ever again you will know I got lost some where among the dolls ,animals,aprons,pinkeeps, and threads :)
My problem is.. when I'm on a creative roll I don't stop and clean up I just keep going man that's a big what NOT to do.. I spend way more time re-organizing trying to keep to many things close at hand to see and to use..I have finally come to the point I just do not want to do this any more..I just want to be able to create till ONE project is FINISHED..NO more bouncing around and not getting more finished.DEFINITELY no more messes like this, The homes we are looking at in TN have basements,My husband said he would build me a nice sewing room,That will be so nice not having to use a bedroom, If we get enough land my husband will build me my own shop for my sewing !!Until then it is basic's for me only!
You are going to be shocked! I have been thinking and thinking and think..and now have totally decided to get rid of all my art supplies except for a couple books and my fabric! That means out with clay,molds,paints,BOOKS,( doll books, painting books, quilting books, whew!) lots of embelishments,yarn,wood items,lace,counted cross stitch,10yrs of collecting.. just going to keep the bare necessities
Yep am bagging for trash and Good will..Not looking back either..I have most of patterns saved on my computer as PDF's so any time I want to create all I do is print..instead of having 100's of patterns that I have printed out and am storing. when all is said and done I will have a empty bed room ! My goal is less is best attitude, keep it simple fabric and pattern only period..NO more storage problems,NO more I'm going to make this one day...just one creation at a time NO more dolls in progress, Actually I will be starting absolutely with a clean plate , fresh and clean and NO mess or over flow..
This has been a great learning experince for me, I should have done this years ago, Just didn't have the nerve,Now with a move coming now is the time,I do not want all the clutter and mess in our new home, Just a nice creative spot for me..
I have friend who makes incredible dolls, Teresa Baker of Dolls of Yore
I remember reading a post she wrote on her group that she has a peg board above her sewing machine and she just hangs her doll pattern templates on the peg board ..Just think how
organized and MESS free her creating environment is!
IF you never hear from me ever again, just know I got lost in one of the trash bags or boxes!!:)


Bettsi said...

Sherrie, you are so brave!!! I need to do the same, but I am afraid of getting rid of something I will need later. I see some beautiful WIP dolls in your room! Are you sure you don't want to do a giveaway for those? I'd love to have them!

Raggedy Angel said...

I would sure love to be able to shop at the goodwill after you drop off! Creativity and organiaztion don't aways go together....not for me anyway!
Good luck with showing your home!

vivian said...

oh no!! dont disappear!! so hard to throw away craft supplies!! but you can do it!!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Howdy! Bettsi oh girl I wasn't as brave as I wanted to be,Hubby came up with a great organizing idea,I have a large chest like container
where I put all my WIP dolls ,I was surprised how much it decluttered my room!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Raggedy Angel wish you lived close by you would have a big package on your door step!:) I really enjoy reading your wonderful blog!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Howdy Hey vivian
well I didn't pitch as much as I wanted,But I did pitch some and Loving my clean once again sewing room:)