Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

If these aprons don't change your mind about Aprons!!
Booming Apron's just finished their virst Apron Swap called Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

Please stop by out groups filckr and see all the totally amazinf aprons these girls created!
Now you see why we do wear Aprons every day!
Be sure to go by our flickr Booming Apron's~ Apron Club ,see all the amazing aprons whoOoOHoOo! Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap

Booming Apron's is have their second Apron Swap Come join us!!

Back By Popular Demand! A BOOoOo ~ScArY~SpOoky~
Apron Swap! Sign Ups Aug7th-Aug14th


Carla said...

The aprons are so pretty!! Hey! Congratulations on winning on this blog:
The prizes look neat.

Jennie said...

Those aprons are fabulous!! getting me right in the mood for Halloween!!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

OOOOo Jennie I just got my apron today from this swap,,I will post pictures a bit later today,,It's gonna really put ya in the halloween mood..My apron Nadine made for me is AWESOME!!!