Monday, August 25, 2008

Sewing Room and New Class


I have my sewing room all finished and so organized ! What a wonderful feeling , It really makes the creative juices flow..Every wonder why when we work so hard cleaning our sewing rooms making sure every thing is back in place and swept and polished that all we want to do is turn right around and start creating !! Crazy stuff!

With the sewing room finished and days and days of Tropical storm Fay, lots of rain and over cast skies, Adding to that talking to my girl friend Kat who designs her own patterns and classes Designs By Kat~Kathy Lees Kat has really been encouraging me to create a Tag class.kat loves my tags and is so kind to keep encouraging me to keep creating them!

So I have started it into motion! Now I'm just so excited and so fired up! I find my self hurrying to get all my work done so I can sit down and start designing new and unique tags for my soon coming class!! I want to share with you the intro page of the class
Here is a preview..Hang Tags "&" So Much More Class
Description of Class: Class will be on CD and also PDF
" Making them unique" "One of a kind every time!"You will learn , How to create , Using many different types of techniques . With these type of techniques you will be able to use and re-use these techniques in any type of media you use or will use in the future. This is what is so fantastic about this class! This is a rough draft of the intro page,Not finished.
But I just had to share cause I'm so excited!


La Donna Welter said...

This sounds like a great class! Thanks!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi La Donna thank you I am working hard .this class will really be just so neat!

Bettsi said...

Well, congratulations, Sherrie! That is so cool that you will be having a class- I'm going to head over there and check out your intro. I've always loved your tags too- you are a very talented woman. Congrats also on getting your room cleaned up. You did inspire me to do the same and I also want to get in there and make stuff! When my kids were small and had a playroom, I always knew when it was time to do a big cleanup because they would start hanging around me at a loss to what to do with themselves. It was too messy to play in the playroom! I think I get the same way when my work area is in disarray!

Thanks for the heads up on those CD's - I will check my local Walmart- sounds like a good title. I'll tell you what- I'm not letting anything or anyONE steal my joy anymore!