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56 apron patterns Free

I was surfing and enjoyign the The Apronista http://apronista.ning.com/ website and came across the link..

I wanted to share it with you all . Wow 56 apron patterns in the same place for free?!?!


Today is Finish it up day

SO close to finish!! Today is Finish it up day yippie!!
giving the apron " a my way" second waist band...Adding my hand made appliqué , along with sewing the pearl beads for bubbles tada then it is finished ,I will post FINISH pictures here later today!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Flights of Fancy Boutique Embellishments

I keep for getting to tell you all....One of my favorite places to on line shop is " Flights of Fancy Boutique"
I have shopped with them for about 3 - 4 yrs now. They have the most AWSOME embellishments... But man even the eye candy is worth drooling at!!!

What Primitive Means Part Two

What kind of fabrics for primitives
**my own humble opinion**

Primitive Style Doll:

Primitive is aways in the eye of the beholder. I really don't feel there are any real in cement set rules or standards as to what is and isn't primitive,,it is a blend of the artists style and techniques. As you can see in my prim doll above,I used a blue gingham then aged it to look Old, *Vintage* *YesterYear**Prim* I did not grundge it. I also believe that there are many diverse aspects in primitive from almost any thing... Victorian - Antique to Whimsical, Folk Art
Just look through some great magazines like Country Sampler magazine for instance and see how each ad is described...You will be be surprised at what is called primitive .

Victorian (Prim)Style Doll: =I save and cherish real vintage distressed cloth, Especially linens. I use cotton dishcloths, towels, table cloths , handkerchiefs, From 1930's-1950's even some 1960's , Why you ask??

Because all have real life every day stains, scorches, and maybe a few little holes, make great "old" dolls. The hand stitching of so many years ago, Natural linen yellows over time. The laces is vintage and the wear and tear, spots is all wonderful.tossing them out when they get too old looking, I just throw them into the washer and dyer and then I select the stitching size it up to make doll clothes, Petticoats, Pantalooms, Aprons... One side is enough to make a nice blouse or skirt for a small doll

FolkArt (Prim) Style Doll= Raw edges + not all is exact in proportions. I like to use muslin , I adore calicos mostly and cotton prints. Still it is what ever you think , and it's what ever you like to work with and what you think looks good on your dolls. Remember Primitive is all in the eye of the beholder...

Hope you all are enjoying my articles on What Primitive Means

Hugs Sherrie

To be continued Look for What Primitive Means part Three


Before I close,I would like to give a Gold Nugget/Technique

I did NOT come up with this gold nugget . I have saved nuggets for years ...I do try to always get the author of them to give proper credit ...on this gold nugget I did not get the author. So sorry . If some one knows who the artists is please let me know so I can give proper credit. This is SO neat and SO interesting:

Technique of burnt brown paper bag

1. glue 2 pieces of brown bag (grocery bag is fine) together with Aleenes glue in the gold bottle. let dry for 1/2 hour or so...
2. cut the shape you want from this, spread one side with the glue, covering entire side, hold this side into a candle flame and let it burn...it will turn black and bubbly. this part is kind of tricky and could be dangerous if you aren't careful, if it flames a little that is okay, makes more depth to shape. I usually hold this piece with needle nose pliers. Repeat for other side of shape.

3. when finished with the burning, lightly rub off the soot with paper towel. I then usually take gold paint on my finger tip and lightly dab it to achieve a burnished look. I have seen them use different colors of paint to get different looks such as a patina finish, etc.

That's it !!! It really is foolproof - if you miss a spot in burning, you can go over it with more glue and re-burn. It might take some practice getting used to the burning of the glue but so far I haven't had any disasters. I like the look for stars or small wings, looks like tarnished gold or brass. Can look like rusted metal depending on the colors of paint you use. Acrylic paints are used, by the way.

These will make beautiful leaves, butterflies, suns, moons, flowers too, because it can be gently shaped to give it dimension. All you need is a grocery bag!

Friday, April 25, 2008

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Quilts and Pieces


Time for Friday Flea Market!!

Today is Friday!!! TIGF :)
Time for Friday Flea Market!!
I didn't have time to take pictures , so next Friday I will have double Flea Market goodies, But When you can stop by Friday Flea Market and see all the awesome goodie all the als have for you
A Blogger's Flea Market
Open every Friday
Every participating blogger has a link back to this list so you can shop more easily.
Just look for the polkadot box!
You do not have to be a blogger to make purchases

Sewing Machines!

Woodcut of the first patented lockstitch sewing machine, invented by Elias Howe in 1845 and patented in 1846. The machine was not successful commercially. Isaac Singer improved it and manufactured the first commercially successful machine in 1850. Howe sued Singer for patent infringement and won in 1854, and subsequently earned about 2 million dollars in royalties for his invention. Alterations: removed the caption, which read: "The first Howe sewing machine"
A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric or other material together with thread. Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution with the intention of decreasing the amount of manual sewing work performed in cloth companies. Since the invention of the first working sewing machine, generally considered to have been the work of Englishman Thomas Saint in 1790,[1] the sewing machine has vastly improved the efficiency and productivity of fabric and clothing industries.
There always seems to be interesting conversations about sewing machines.Especially when one is looking to buy a new one, Heather Bailey dauhter inlaw of Elinor Peace Bailey has a personal review about sewing machines on her blog,
While your visiting Heather be sure to see her wonderful tutorials .
Have a great Day and a Great week endLove and Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm working on:)

this is the pattern picture of the aprons I'm working

here is the aprons that Im working on. I am makin two,of the same pattern but each is being embellished in diffrent ways,One is a gift for a friend of mine who just had a knee replacement, The second will be for a swap I'm doing ..It is such fun!!

here I have made my own appliqué , Then hand quilted it, I'm going to put this on the bib of the apron,
here on the pockets I plan to use different bright fish on each pocket and accent with the pearl beads as bubbles
The hem I'm using navy blue bias tape, This will give it a solid color accent too:) More pictures will be coming, I do allot of hand work and am so slow too:(
Ok here is what I had posted about earlier trying for the first clay over cloth, I did paper clay over cloth on her neck and breast plate area, I felt her head was way to big for me to try clay over cloth for the first time on,
I felt totally lost, I gessoed and flesh painted and sanded and buffed 3 seperate times. Now am applying snow texture which will become her hair, Her eyes I can't wait to start!! I am really stepping out on this doll,wait till you see the colors I have chosen to dress her in.IF SHE doesn't change her mind,Ya know these gal's have a way of doing that!
Alrighty!! FINALLY .....have what I call "Family Man" finally dressed .He has 4 others in his family waiting to be dressed tada~He is so much cuter than his picture .Look at his feet!! I just hurriedly took pictures so I can share that I'm gettin er done!!! But ya know after seein Family Man in what I call anothers eye view, I really do not like his shirt sleeves just hanging there hmMmmMm

Maybe a cuf f ?? I did hemmed the sleeves ..... but Some thing needs to be done there....

Working away I'm on these projects!! Loving every minute of it!

Last thing I'm working on is the giraffe which is a gift for a friend of mine who just had a knee replacement, I'm making a basket of hand made get well wishes for her ...She LOVES giraffes this is the Mother to a baby giraffe I have already made for her..I made Mother from warm n gentle...I'm using pastle chalk to give her coloring... So sorry the pictures aren't the best but like I said I did just take some fast snaps to share...

Check out this clock

Check out this clock

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award !

I am so honored to have received this wonderful award!
Bettsi of http://www.tenderarts.blogspot.com has so lovingly blessed me with the Arte Y Pico Award
The "Arte y Pico" award was created and to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing, artwork in all media's. When you receive this award it is considered a "special honor". Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others.
Please read more info on this wonderful award , visit: http://www.arteypico.blogspot.com/.
There are so many talented loving,caring,sharing women I just adore , Women whose blogs inspire me, Make me smile, Up lift me in a way that's beyond expalinging ,But always walk away feeling better than before my visit, Where would we all be with out these women in our lives whether they know it or not!!
I have awarded some of these wonderful woman before, As I sat down to blog my thouhts, I really searched my heart... I tried to pick five other bloggers that change me in such wonderful creative ways, Wherther it's their creation or their written words. I hope you will visit each of them- they bring so much their heart and love into the blogging world!Some I have know a long time, Some are new friends but yet sure have touched me..
Helen Grossman: of http://helldg.blogspot.com/
Helen is a such a warm and sharing artist. Busy wife and Mother but always takes time to help some one,
Ask Helen a question she gives of herself 100% to help you, Helping you under stand and see the answer to your question. Helen's art is gorgeous and her love and passion shows through and touches you.
Helen is sooooo talented and her creations make you go * OHWOW* Her techniques are so inspiring !
My life has been diffently enriched by her art and by her herself !
Connie McBride Johnson: of http://clothmatters2.blogspot.com/
Connie is a very special friend, When I first started out in making dolls, I did not even know what they meant when people said "Template" Connie was so kind to take me under her wing and explain the lingo of doll making, She creates pin dolls like no one else,They truly are works of art.Her talent has no bounds, Wife, Mother of 3, yet she always has time to help other learn Connie is a giving and sharing doll artist , She always has praise and kind words for others. Connie is very special doll artist and a very special friend.
If some one was to ask me about Linda Walsh, I'd have to say she is the
*Window* of artistic artists of all media's
She has got to be the most un selfish person I have ever know, She has given countless hours of research
for others, Sharing and caring is her middle name, Linda alone has opened windows wide open for other giving of her self ..of her talent.. of her time .. all for the growing doll makers , and artists in any media.
Talk about inspiration this artist just knocks your socks off when you visit her blo, Dawn is always there for you to answer and give any info she can to help you, Dawn is blessed with so much talent it is just mind blowing,You do leave her blog shaking your head and smiling ear to ear.Inspired beyond words.
awww the beauty that her talents bring talk about eye candy inspiration her blog has it all.Cathy is a super sweet person one I'm privileged to call friend.Cathy's artistic talent is in every thing she creates, Her blog is as informative and inspirin as Cathy her self is, It all comes from her heart... Now venturing even futher out with her new baby Primitive Peddlers
Just goes to show you what a caring person Cathy is.

Monday, April 21, 2008

three printed dolls

originally uploaded by Hillary Lang.
Hillary posted these on her flickr . http://www.flickr.com/photos/hillarylang/ .. oOooh aren't these just the sweetest,, Just some thing so vintage and yesteryear about them.. Just so simple....I Love them!

Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Rosenfeld

Happy Good Monday Morning to you all!
I'm having a nice slow Monday morning, Think I ate some thing for supper last niht that just hasn't agreed with my tummy..Was up with a tummy ache most of the night and still is bothering me, Oh shucks darn guess I will have to take it a bit easy today and just be creative *BigSmile* Playing and stitching and drinking hot reen tea tada!!
Anyways I was visiting some blogs this morning and came across my friend Rivkah's wonderful
painting technique tutorial,Thought I would share this nugget of wisdom with you all,
I can't wait to ive this a try,I LOVED how she did with the doll les..What fun doin this on fabric!!
Have a wonderful Day!!
Hugs Sherrie

Saturday, April 19, 2008

what primitive means

The above dolls were created by http://www.chestnutjunction.com/PrimDolls.htm
Chest Nut Junction creates some of the most wonderful primitive dolls. When I first started out making dolls I started out creating Primitives (always will be my first love) My very first pattern I ever bought on line was from Chest Nut Junction

This is a article I'm writing "What Primitive Means"

Since it is a week end I will be writing as I can, so if your intrested just keep checking

back as I am able to continue to write.

wow this question has beem around for ages, I think well I know even way back in the beginning of time.

writing from my heart and all is only my own humble opinion

Start at the beginning, Primitive as in 2008 to me equals = Primitively Artistic

Primitive is such a cozy warm fuzzie and even comforting style of art. It does bring out the child- like creativity in us. Primitive has evolved in to many styles names and so on.

Names such as

Primitive FolkArt, Primitive Whimsy, Grungey Primitive, Prim ,

But to me a basic Primitive is no matching colors or prints, this coming from Mothers of yesteryear using what ever they had on hand

Some say stitching can be crooked , again roots coming from the Mothers of yesteryear , I imagine bumping around in covered wagons a stitch would'nt be as smooth,

But I also know these Mothers of yesteryear were bought up

practically before they could walk and talk they were being taught the ways of stitching, Times were hard and many did not have sewing machines, every thing they did was by hand.

I believe they were excellent hand sewers

Primitive as in 2008 = Primitively Artistic lets us be kids again- Creativity flowing almost with a childs giggle, carefree with our creations coloring and cutting outside the lines-,

No the bodies don't have to have any correct proportions,

Aging our Primitives with all our own Tea's,Coffees,Vanilla's, The smells of so many wonderful memories never a problem and in the end you have created this one of a kind doll person I and many other have found it totally relaxing to the point of bein so laid back and letting the art form Primitively Artistic just do her thing!

Use : found materials are wonderful to use for primitives

primitives are not limited to pancake style

Embellish your primitives , using embroidery

to be continued

Blog problems

Sorry about the mess up blog here, I don't know what the problem is..Can't seem to get the posting font to show up grrr

Autographed book

Autographed book
Autographed book,
originally uploaded by Luvzdollz.
isn't this gal lucky to own a signed book by Edith her self,wow this is a rare thing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ever need a creative jolt? A new excitment? I'm one of those people,
At times I just need a break from what I usally do, I belonged to Apronista on flickr
where every just posted the pictures of their aprons and left comments.Well
Apronista open a full group on the ning network and it is just so invigorating ! really stimulates creative juices
For me it's like Sprin has sprun, Why you say?Aren't these just aprons??? These are not you usual aprons!
Gosh such talent!!
I have found my self doing the neatest things. I HURRY to get house work done, Even planning ahead supper.
I where a apron every day now ... Then I go and sew aprons !!! Using new to me embellishing tecjniques,Bright colors , Gorgeous lace, Vintage trims, buttons, ribbons, or Drawing, Painting,on and on the list goes...
Making Aprons chic n today or aprons from my Grandma's day, Or just off the wall,
Even aprons from my favorite era 1800's.
You will be suprised how cherished a Apron as a gift really is.
Go by Apronista and check it out and in the owners own words:
I can't believe how much everyone has embraced the Apronista Network - over 200 members so far! It is so much fun to interact with all the lovely ladies I had until now only met thru their comments. We just began our first group project, and I am working with a couple of people to make some Apronista shirts for everyone who wants them. I am still working on the Giveaway Schedule, and will be posting April's Giveaway next week. I have some great stuff lined up, and make sure you stop by next week for the giveaway! :

Monday, April 14, 2008

oh help!

I need help please.

This is my first attempt at clay ove cloth.I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm wondering already if I have messes up,The dolls head is cloth,rouns,stuffed firm,I then applie on coat of eaao,sanded and buffed,I was going to paith the head and at the last minute and with a clean sewing room felt so creative,So decided to try clay over cloth,But it is not just cloth now its a gesso clothed head.

Question#1" Will the clay adhere permanently to the gesso

after drying over niht

Question#2: will I be able to smooth the cracks out: Question#3: Since drying over noht will I be able to continue now to keep adding paper clay and Question#4: when having to , be able to stop and start again????? Question#5: Or should I work throuh til finished
Question#6: can this be smoothed,blended and have more clay added?
Question# 7 can this be smoothed,blended and have more clay added?
Question#8 can this be smoothed,blended and have more clay added?

Question# 9 I have no idea what tools if any I need to use,Right now all I'using

fingers dipped in water..

I have waited years to I've this a try and have taken the plunge ..Think maybe I should have grabbed a life preserver before takingthe plunge:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Make My Day Award

I just received this wonderful award "You Make My Day Award" from my sweet friend

Thanks so much Cathy, I'm honored!!!

Alrighty here comes da rules ready or not!!!

The rules for the “You Make My Day” award are to present it to those whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.

I pass the You Make My Day Award To.....

Because I truly Love their creations and Their awesome blogs and they always make me smile and really make my day:

Joyce Stahl of: Get Enchanted http://joycestahl.blogspot.com/

Sweet Anne of: Tattered Works Of Whimsy http://tatteredworksofwhimsy.blogspot.com/

JudeHill Of : Spirit Cloth http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/

Funky Folky of Rag Tree People http://ragtreepeople.blogspot.com/

Rivkah Rosenfeld of: Doll Makers Muse http://dollmakersmuse.blogspot.com/

Friday, April 11, 2008

Do , Re , and Mi and a Clean Sewing Room

Sewing room scrubbed from ceiling fan down tada!
all the books wiped down and put away
Why does a sparkling clean sewing room always makes you want to sit down and start creating?
SO I did sit down and enjoyed my clean sewing room and made a couple bowl fillers
I call them
Do , Re , and Mi !!

Do , Re , and Mi are 8 inches

I used muslin that I aged for their bodies and dresses.

I hand painted their faces. Aren't they sweet,They would be a nice touch of FolArt any where you wanted it to be, Or keep them together in your favorite bowl or basket.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday Flea Market

For my first Friday Flea Market offerings I have some wonderful uncut patterns

Please visit my etsy shop for these and other wonderful patterns!!

SympleTymes Etsy


See you there and Thank You !! Sherrie

whew I have been busy

On the Humble Arts group every one has been talking and showing their wonderful creations they are working on..So thought i'd share what I have been working on too..
I don't why but for some reason I slow down when it comes to the dressing part as you can see.
I also have a large Giraffe almost finished stuffing.So I am really busy plus stopping to clean this messy sewing room
We have some one coming Saturday to look at our home so its a on going thing to try to keep every thing neat and spotless *ugh* But when we sell it will so worth it!

Get Enchanted by Joyce Stahl

Get Enchanted by Joyce Stahl

wow I just happened to come by her blog.Oh Gosh you all have got to stop by and see her art work..It is INCREDIBLE!

The depth and detail she uses is awsome, The colors are gorgeous

You all probably her, I do not, But I am in love with her talent and creations!

Have a Good day


Primitive Times Magazine April Issue

Primitive Times Magazine April Issue is out.
I got my issue stop by and get yours!!
Hugs Sherrie

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free Apron Pattern By Susan Branch

the pattern picture above is similar to the pattern by Susan Branch pattern,BUT IT IS NOT THE PICTURE OF IT. Have fun Sherrie
I'd like to share with you all , and I hope this link works ok

Apron pattern by SUSAN BRANCH

here is the pattern


Monday, April 07, 2008

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

Summer Sassy Apron Swap
Here is the list of Requirements for your apron.
Summer themed.
Made from pre-washed and dried fabric (so there is no shrinking or bleeding of prints later)
The apron has to have some sort of embellishment this time like Ric-rack, fancy trims, decorative stitching, BUT must be washable so NO GLUE.)
The apron has to be Adult Sized (you will get your partner's size)
Included with your apron must be a dish or tea towel. It doesn't have to be hand-made but that would be nice. Something that goes with your apron.
Also you are to include the recipe for your favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC summer beverage.
(sorry we are a family site)
When is the apron due? Aprons must be mailed out by June 1st at the latest.Deadline to commit to the swap - April 15th.
That gives you 2 weeks to decide and we need something better to look forward to on the 15th than Taxes!
To sign up for the swap you must send me an e-mail at byrdhouse1@windstream.net
I will collect all the names, swap them out, and then post you an e-mail listing your partner's information.
Include the following in the e-mail:1) Your name (and your screen name if it is different so I know who is emailing me!)
2) mailing address
3) blog URL (this is not required but highly recommended, it may become a requirement in future)
4) email address
5) Please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally or not
6) You must include your dress size. I am sorry but this is important. It is very hard making an apron for someone when you have no clue what size they are.You may also include some likes and dislikes to help your partner make their fabric choices.
7) This bit is new. You may list people you would rather not swap with. That sounds bad BUT many of you have now swapped with each other here and other places. There are also siblings, in-laws, parents and children in this swap and I can understand you wanting to meet new people so please fill in names here so I can more easily double check.There is no limit to how many people can enter this swap (yet). I don't like to be left out and don't want to leave others out.This swap will be run just like the last one where your partner is a surprise.

A Sewing Question For You Sewing Experts

I have a sewing question,What my question is.. I want to make the above figurines into pincushions.. I'm a sewer wanna be , Not by any means a learned sewer(expert) (I will get there one day though stitch by stitch )...How do I make a round bottom to come up and around the base and fit snuggly ? Hope some one can help me.. Do I make a circle for the bottom and then gather fabric to attach to it?? Should I place card board at the bottom??, Do you think these figurines are wron to use as pincushions?Meaning their shape? I was thinking of those antique half doll pincushions?
Thanks so much Sherrie