Monday, April 07, 2008

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

Summer Sassy Apron Swap
Here is the list of Requirements for your apron.
Summer themed.
Made from pre-washed and dried fabric (so there is no shrinking or bleeding of prints later)
The apron has to have some sort of embellishment this time like Ric-rack, fancy trims, decorative stitching, BUT must be washable so NO GLUE.)
The apron has to be Adult Sized (you will get your partner's size)
Included with your apron must be a dish or tea towel. It doesn't have to be hand-made but that would be nice. Something that goes with your apron.
Also you are to include the recipe for your favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC summer beverage.
(sorry we are a family site)
When is the apron due? Aprons must be mailed out by June 1st at the latest.Deadline to commit to the swap - April 15th.
That gives you 2 weeks to decide and we need something better to look forward to on the 15th than Taxes!
To sign up for the swap you must send me an e-mail at
I will collect all the names, swap them out, and then post you an e-mail listing your partner's information.
Include the following in the e-mail:1) Your name (and your screen name if it is different so I know who is emailing me!)
2) mailing address
3) blog URL (this is not required but highly recommended, it may become a requirement in future)
4) email address
5) Please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally or not
6) You must include your dress size. I am sorry but this is important. It is very hard making an apron for someone when you have no clue what size they are.You may also include some likes and dislikes to help your partner make their fabric choices.
7) This bit is new. You may list people you would rather not swap with. That sounds bad BUT many of you have now swapped with each other here and other places. There are also siblings, in-laws, parents and children in this swap and I can understand you wanting to meet new people so please fill in names here so I can more easily double check.There is no limit to how many people can enter this swap (yet). I don't like to be left out and don't want to leave others out.This swap will be run just like the last one where your partner is a surprise.

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