Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ever need a creative jolt? A new excitment? I'm one of those people,
At times I just need a break from what I usally do, I belonged to Apronista on flickr
where every just posted the pictures of their aprons and left comments.Well
Apronista open a full group on the ning network and it is just so invigorating ! really stimulates creative juices
For me it's like Sprin has sprun, Why you say?Aren't these just aprons??? These are not you usual aprons!
Gosh such talent!!
I have found my self doing the neatest things. I HURRY to get house work done, Even planning ahead supper.
I where a apron every day now ... Then I go and sew aprons !!! Using new to me embellishing tecjniques,Bright colors , Gorgeous lace, Vintage trims, buttons, ribbons, or Drawing, Painting,on and on the list goes...
Making Aprons chic n today or aprons from my Grandma's day, Or just off the wall,
Even aprons from my favorite era 1800's.
You will be suprised how cherished a Apron as a gift really is.
Go by Apronista and check it out and in the owners own words:
I can't believe how much everyone has embraced the Apronista Network - over 200 members so far! It is so much fun to interact with all the lovely ladies I had until now only met thru their comments. We just began our first group project, and I am working with a couple of people to make some Apronista shirts for everyone who wants them. I am still working on the Giveaway Schedule, and will be posting April's Giveaway next week. I have some great stuff lined up, and make sure you stop by next week for the giveaway! :

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TheRagtreeCompany said...

That's really cool! You've made me think of aprons in a whole new way :)