Monday, April 28, 2008

What Primitive Means Part Two

What kind of fabrics for primitives
**my own humble opinion**

Primitive Style Doll:

Primitive is aways in the eye of the beholder. I really don't feel there are any real in cement set rules or standards as to what is and isn't primitive,,it is a blend of the artists style and techniques. As you can see in my prim doll above,I used a blue gingham then aged it to look Old, *Vintage* *YesterYear**Prim* I did not grundge it. I also believe that there are many diverse aspects in primitive from almost any thing... Victorian - Antique to Whimsical, Folk Art
Just look through some great magazines like Country Sampler magazine for instance and see how each ad is described...You will be be surprised at what is called primitive .

Victorian (Prim)Style Doll: =I save and cherish real vintage distressed cloth, Especially linens. I use cotton dishcloths, towels, table cloths , handkerchiefs, From 1930's-1950's even some 1960's , Why you ask??

Because all have real life every day stains, scorches, and maybe a few little holes, make great "old" dolls. The hand stitching of so many years ago, Natural linen yellows over time. The laces is vintage and the wear and tear, spots is all wonderful.tossing them out when they get too old looking, I just throw them into the washer and dyer and then I select the stitching size it up to make doll clothes, Petticoats, Pantalooms, Aprons... One side is enough to make a nice blouse or skirt for a small doll

FolkArt (Prim) Style Doll= Raw edges + not all is exact in proportions. I like to use muslin , I adore calicos mostly and cotton prints. Still it is what ever you think , and it's what ever you like to work with and what you think looks good on your dolls. Remember Primitive is all in the eye of the beholder...

Hope you all are enjoying my articles on What Primitive Means

Hugs Sherrie

To be continued Look for What Primitive Means part Three


Before I close,I would like to give a Gold Nugget/Technique

I did NOT come up with this gold nugget . I have saved nuggets for years ...I do try to always get the author of them to give proper credit ...on this gold nugget I did not get the author. So sorry . If some one knows who the artists is please let me know so I can give proper credit. This is SO neat and SO interesting:

Technique of burnt brown paper bag

1. glue 2 pieces of brown bag (grocery bag is fine) together with Aleenes glue in the gold bottle. let dry for 1/2 hour or so...
2. cut the shape you want from this, spread one side with the glue, covering entire side, hold this side into a candle flame and let it will turn black and bubbly. this part is kind of tricky and could be dangerous if you aren't careful, if it flames a little that is okay, makes more depth to shape. I usually hold this piece with needle nose pliers. Repeat for other side of shape.

3. when finished with the burning, lightly rub off the soot with paper towel. I then usually take gold paint on my finger tip and lightly dab it to achieve a burnished look. I have seen them use different colors of paint to get different looks such as a patina finish, etc.

That's it !!! It really is foolproof - if you miss a spot in burning, you can go over it with more glue and re-burn. It might take some practice getting used to the burning of the glue but so far I haven't had any disasters. I like the look for stars or small wings, looks like tarnished gold or brass. Can look like rusted metal depending on the colors of paint you use. Acrylic paints are used, by the way.

These will make beautiful leaves, butterflies, suns, moons, flowers too, because it can be gently shaped to give it dimension. All you need is a grocery bag!

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