Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm working on:)

this is the pattern picture of the aprons I'm working

here is the aprons that Im working on. I am makin two,of the same pattern but each is being embellished in diffrent ways,One is a gift for a friend of mine who just had a knee replacement, The second will be for a swap I'm doing ..It is such fun!!

here I have made my own appliqué , Then hand quilted it, I'm going to put this on the bib of the apron,
here on the pockets I plan to use different bright fish on each pocket and accent with the pearl beads as bubbles
The hem I'm using navy blue bias tape, This will give it a solid color accent too:) More pictures will be coming, I do allot of hand work and am so slow too:(
Ok here is what I had posted about earlier trying for the first clay over cloth, I did paper clay over cloth on her neck and breast plate area, I felt her head was way to big for me to try clay over cloth for the first time on,
I felt totally lost, I gessoed and flesh painted and sanded and buffed 3 seperate times. Now am applying snow texture which will become her hair, Her eyes I can't wait to start!! I am really stepping out on this doll,wait till you see the colors I have chosen to dress her in.IF SHE doesn't change her mind,Ya know these gal's have a way of doing that!
Alrighty!! FINALLY .....have what I call "Family Man" finally dressed .He has 4 others in his family waiting to be dressed tada~He is so much cuter than his picture .Look at his feet!! I just hurriedly took pictures so I can share that I'm gettin er done!!! But ya know after seein Family Man in what I call anothers eye view, I really do not like his shirt sleeves just hanging there hmMmmMm

Maybe a cuf f ?? I did hemmed the sleeves ..... but Some thing needs to be done there....

Working away I'm on these projects!! Loving every minute of it!

Last thing I'm working on is the giraffe which is a gift for a friend of mine who just had a knee replacement, I'm making a basket of hand made get well wishes for her ...She LOVES giraffes this is the Mother to a baby giraffe I have already made for her..I made Mother from warm n gentle...I'm using pastle chalk to give her coloring... So sorry the pictures aren't the best but like I said I did just take some fast snaps to share...

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