Saturday, April 19, 2008

what primitive means

The above dolls were created by
Chest Nut Junction creates some of the most wonderful primitive dolls. When I first started out making dolls I started out creating Primitives (always will be my first love) My very first pattern I ever bought on line was from Chest Nut Junction

This is a article I'm writing "What Primitive Means"

Since it is a week end I will be writing as I can, so if your intrested just keep checking

back as I am able to continue to write.

wow this question has beem around for ages, I think well I know even way back in the beginning of time.

writing from my heart and all is only my own humble opinion

Start at the beginning, Primitive as in 2008 to me equals = Primitively Artistic

Primitive is such a cozy warm fuzzie and even comforting style of art. It does bring out the child- like creativity in us. Primitive has evolved in to many styles names and so on.

Names such as

Primitive FolkArt, Primitive Whimsy, Grungey Primitive, Prim ,

But to me a basic Primitive is no matching colors or prints, this coming from Mothers of yesteryear using what ever they had on hand

Some say stitching can be crooked , again roots coming from the Mothers of yesteryear , I imagine bumping around in covered wagons a stitch would'nt be as smooth,

But I also know these Mothers of yesteryear were bought up

practically before they could walk and talk they were being taught the ways of stitching, Times were hard and many did not have sewing machines, every thing they did was by hand.

I believe they were excellent hand sewers

Primitive as in 2008 = Primitively Artistic lets us be kids again- Creativity flowing almost with a childs giggle, carefree with our creations coloring and cutting outside the lines-,

No the bodies don't have to have any correct proportions,

Aging our Primitives with all our own Tea's,Coffees,Vanilla's, The smells of so many wonderful memories never a problem and in the end you have created this one of a kind doll person I and many other have found it totally relaxing to the point of bein so laid back and letting the art form Primitively Artistic just do her thing!

Use : found materials are wonderful to use for primitives

primitives are not limited to pancake style

Embellish your primitives , using embroidery

to be continued

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