Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Info About Comfort Dolls

I have been wanting to share this with you all and Please pass the info on to others..
I had been hearing about a project called "Comfort Dolls"http://comfortdolls.blogspot.com/

But I thought it was a one time thingie and as always I was coming up to late:
BUT the more I read about it the more I really wanted to do this,,
After all reaching out to others with our creations in love is the BEST
of all we could ever hope for!!!

Any ways I emailed Pat Winters who is the Founder of Comfort Dolls..http://comfortdolls.blogspot.com/
Here is the email I received from Pat.. (Who is one of the nicest people you ever want to meet by the way)

Hi Sherrie,
Thank you for the nice comment on the comfort doll project. It is open to all. You can create any kind of doll you wish. There are some sites with free patterns like Rhonda Kivett's. I will be adding free pattern sites to the blog. I just created it yesterday,so I will be working on it a lot,hopefully filling with lots of info and pictures of past donors dolls.
There is no time limit,or type of doll. I only ask that it be 6" or smaller for the recipient to keep it in her purse or with her if she wanted. Some dolls were made from wine corks,some from felted yarn,some cats,rabbits,goddess,etc. You are the creator.
We are on our seventh dozen already. Amazing!

Thanks for your interest in the comfort doll project.

Moon Face's Tags

Here are my newest Tag's Moon Face's

Hard to take a good picture with the Glass Crystals

ON HALLOWEEN The witches flyAcross the sky,

The owls go, "Who? Who? Who?"

The black cats yowl And green witches howl,

Green cats eyes in midnight gloom fly with the witch on her ragged broom

over dark hills where bonfires loom

I wear a hat,And a dress that's torn

The late October air is cool, night sky pitch black

My cloak covers me and keeps me warm 'Trick or Treat' rings through the air

of the Night All are watching in wonder,

When Hally witch appears on the scene,

Wishing You an unforgettable, magical Halloween
I will be selling my Moon Face Tag's on my Esty

Monday, September 24, 2007

WellPppp here i go again! and Also in the works I'm finishing

I know,I know…what must I be thinking?!! Yeppers I joined the
"Vintage christmas stocking swap"
I make the mistake everyyear of jumping into HOLIDAY MODE right after Labor Day!
I do mean ALL Holidays even "Columbus Day"
I have some wonderful yummy and so beautiful Deep Burgundy Velvet! Talk about Victorian ooH Boy!!! and also Deep Christmas Green Velvet!
All the info on this new swap is all here. sign up starts now until october 7.
Also in the works I'm finishing
I'm finishing >>>>my doll for the *The Cats Pyjamas* Doll challenge"
Which is due bye September 30th..nothing like getting down to the last wire..yikes!
Have started my Pin Doll Alley Halloween Pin Doll.For my swap partner.
I'm finishing >>>>Two dolls for eBay
I'm finishing >>>> the last set of my Victorian Tags Yippie!
So what are you all working on???
Hugs Sherrie

Friday, September 21, 2007

*The Cats Pyjamas* Doll challenge

Hey all just a reminder of *The Cats Pyjamas* Doll challenge ..I hope you will join in the fun!!!
Hugs Sherrie
I'm excited to tell you about my DOLL CHALLENGE! Now through September 30, you can send a photo of your favorite doll you have made from one of my patterns. I will post the photos for people to vote and the winner will get $20 credit to buy patterns from my website! Click the banner above or go to http://www.thecatspyjamas.com/pages/dollchallenge2007.php to read more about how to enter.
I have several new patterns on my website at www.thecatspyjamaspatterns.com. Some of the new ones are featured on the right. Maybe you can try a new one for the doll challenge! Good luck....and I hope to see you at Christmas Village!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stitching Cow

Thought I'd share this email I just got from Lenna of "Stitching Cow" http://www.stitchingcow.com/
It is full of wonderful helpful links..I hope you enjoy!
Hi Sherrie, I've got some exciting news for you today, especially if you wouldlike to learn how to do something. Is there a skill you would liketo learn or perhaps a sewing techniques that you have not yet mastered? Then keep reading.
I've been extra busy lately trying to bring myself up to date with all the latest technology that has been happening on the Internet.And I have to say it's very exciting. If you love to sew thenyou'll be pleased to hear that I have found some fabulous "how to"sites that have everything from "how to bind a quilt" to "how to transfer a pattern" to "how to make a great cappuccino".
These sights are such a wonderful resource for craft people likeourselves.Now we no longer have to search through all ourmagazines and books trying to find out how to do a sewing technique.All we have to do is jump on line, go to one of these sights, putin our search term and hey presto up comes the technique.
My exciting news is that you can check out a video I just submitted about how to embroider.
If you like it I'd really appreciate your comments and rating.
By checking out the video you'll also get a hint about what's been keeping me so busy lately.I'm working on a secret project that Ican't wait to share with you.
But more about that later.
For now check out the site and the video.Hope you have a few spare hours to discover lots of great stuff.
Have fun! Warmly Lenna
PS There's also a link to a free Christmas embroidery pattern. Thought I'd mention it just incase you missed it on the Stitching Cow website.67 Arthur Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, AUSTRALIA

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Tis The Middle!

Many of you know Deena Warner aka *Sweet Annee*


The Primitive Gathering

I just visited her blog for the very first time though I LOVE her The Primitive Gathering

I Look forward to it each month!

But her blog is truly wonderful soooo warm and cozy..It really relaxes you.

Her music is so gentle.Very nice to listen to.

Oh my the talent is awesome..Take time to unwind some time today and grab your self your favorite cuppa and vistit http://tatteredwhimsy.blogspot.com/

I have been busy trying to make a bonnet for a small doll and really have been having a hard time of it grrrrRRr

Isn't this pitiful!! Can any one help me out here?? Do you know of a pattern to make dolls bonnets?? I'd so appreciate any help! I'm beyond *frustration*grrr

Alrighty gonna go clean this house and give the dog a bath..Who has been told and now is hiding..Little does she know tomorrow she is gonna get all groomed up and that takes me all day, she is a cocker with oodles of hair!

Have aGreat Day Every One God Bless You Sherrie

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Monday Day!

Free Stitcherie Patterns:@

Good Morning All
I have been up since 6AM and as hoovering over my coffee I found a couple totally awesome places for you to visit , If you haven't already..
They are just out standing talented women!! Both live in Australia!

Calley of Never Ending Thread
even has E-PATTERNS !!! Tada~~~ she also offers From Cloth dolls - Santa's, Raggedy's, Black dolls, Angels and the occasional animal, Cloth Sculpture, Stitcheries, Penny rugs, vintage style toys, seasonal, holiday and other items made from fabric, felt and various other mediums ,

Neverending Thread. Home to Vintage, Primitive and Folk Style Craft patterns for Dolls, Stitcheries, Penny Rugs and more!

I so enjoyed looking and being so inspired..I just loved the colors and fabrics Natalie of Cinder Berry Stitches..Oh my !!! her blog is wonderful as is her web site http://cinderberrystitches.typepad.com/
Such colors and yet so prim folk art and yesteryear..SO whimsy and totally irresistible

Natalie offers the cutest Free Pattern E-Pattern

Springberries Needlecase as pictured you will find the free e-pattern here:

Download SpringberriesNeedlecase.pdf

Have a super duper Monday Ya'll!!!
Hugs Sherrie

Saturday, September 15, 2007



Just look at all these Awsome Artsians who have offerings!! and soo much more!

Alphabet Studio

Angel And The Crow


BB Junction

Bird In The Hand Primitives

Bone Head Studios

Carol Haberly

Carole's Country Store

Catiean & Co

Cathy Nash

Chickadee Primitives

Christine LeFever

CLC Dolls


Country Stitches

Countryfolk Keepsakes

CrabbyGabby Dolls

Crickets In The Corn

Deerfield Farmhouse

Deja Dolls

Diane Allison-Stroud

Dogpatch Primitives

Faerie Dust Dreams


Freedom Valley Farms

Frostings and Sparkles


Bee Primitives


Gritty Art Studios

Honeysuckle Lane

Humble Origins

Iva's Creations

JoJoCrow Primitives

Jus B'cuz Primitives

Kim's Beaded Creations

KM Primitives

Krimson Bee

Li'l Creek Fixins

Little Ol' Me

Lion & Lamb Studio


Momma's Goodies

Monahan Papers

Mustard Seed Originals

Nannys Cottage

New England Primitives

North Dixie Designs

Old Glory Woolen Co

On A Wing and Prayer

Pea Picker's Primitives

Peartree Primitives

PieCake Primitives

Prim And Proper Folks

Prim Creek


Raven's Haven

Rolling River Prims

Rosey Posey Confections

Salt Fork Ridge

Scaredy Kat Folkheart

Sepia Art Studio

Soft in the Head


Symple Tymes

Tender Arts Studio

TFC Folk Art

The Blackberry Briar

The Magpie Nest

The Vintage RoosterVermont

Harvest Bears and Primitives

Vintage PrimitivesVintage Whimsy and Folk Art Originals

Whispers of Inspiration
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Featured Artist Pywackit Primitives ~ Primitive Folk Art Halloween Pumpkin doll

Hey guys from time to time (* or often *) I will be posting a featured artist..Most of the artists I do not know.. Just really admire their talent . I love to share other Artisans with you even when I do not know them and I do it from my heart and nothing else

I do not want my blog to be about me..Yeppers I like to share what I have created,, Love to share about Challenges and Auctions and Causes too,

But I never ever want my blog to be just about me..

Sharing other artisans art is so much fun. Love to see all their different ways they create, Whether it be their style or their faces or the way their dressed

there is SO much to creating and the originality of bring one to life!

Plus we all should talk about and tell about other artisans because we are all of the same thread that does bind us together!!

Please do visit the artist and say how much you enjoy their talent " Just Look or bid !! That's what it is all about too ..

Ok our first Featured Artist is Cindy Conrad Of : pywackitprimitives

Simon and his Halloween Pinwheel

Seller: pywackitprimitives

Here is her "description"

This little guy is made from cotton muslin that I have stuffed and stitched to a base and then primed, painted and sanded for an old fashioned antique finish. He has needle sculpted features and hand painted detailing. He has a stove pipe hat that I made from muslin and painted black and grunged with cinnamon and trimmed with a yellow plaid band. He has some raggedy ruffled yo yo's with rusty bell embellishment stitched down his belly. Simon is holding a pin wheel that is also made of painted muslin and has a rusty bell center. I added a grubby vintage image hang tag to complete the look. Simon stands about 16 inches tall. He is a one of a kind Pywackit Primitive Original

From Sherrie Said: I love this little guys expression and his shadowing on his face is wonderful, Simon has personality that's for sure

Hey ya'll do me a favor leave me a comment and let me know if you like the idea of me having a Featured Artist

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Time For Primitive Halloween Witch Theme ebay!

If you place your mouse on the pictures they stop and you can read the Description

A Time For Primitives

We are a eBay group and started Sept 14 2007 ( tomorrow:) )

We will be having our Halloween Witch Theme on ebay


Please come on over and enjoy these talented artists offerings whoHOoOO

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ye Old Hags Haunt", an online, all-Halloween magazine

Ye Old Hags Haunt", an online, all-Halloween magazine for the year-round collector! We are a select society of artists who present to you these pages, which will be updated on the 10th of each and every month

Hey ya'll take a stroll through this NEAT and brand new magazine

You will see one of kinds through out the year too!! Pretty unique !!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001

I remember September 11, 2001

I know exactly what we were doing and the sudden shock and

horror of what we were seeing live on TV.

I remember all the people that lost their lives that day ,

And those that were able to survive

I know the war in Iraq becomes less popular with the news media every day,

I thank my Lord Jesus for the men and women that are fighting to put an end to terrorism

The world changed that day for ever, Our way of life changed that day also,

Very importantly our country changed that day

I and my family changed that day for ever to,

I'm so Thankful to God for the United States Of America

"One Nation Under God"

Yes I remember and will never for get

As we remember our soldiers in prayer who are fighting to put an end to terrorism

During your busy day take a moment and say a prayer for our soldiers men and women


Saturday, September 08, 2007

roses - available

roses - available
Originally uploaded by auslorri.
I was sent a invitation to join a wonderful group " Scrappindipity " on flickr please take a peek at these wonderful talented gals
They will just blow your socks off!
Hugs Sherrie

This ACT was created by Lorri and she has a beautiful selection for trade.. She has a great blog also..

Lorri says: These atc's are available to trade .


Sometimes I get a little behind with updating my sites, (flickr and my vox blog) so
please check availability first by emailing me if you see anything you would like.

create a doll for the " Doll Challenge"

Common for some fun Take a break from making your orders.. summer heat.. give your self a break and have some fun all for your self!!! TaDa~~ I just joined in on this Doll Challenge Denise is having.. Ever feel ya just need to just flat our cut loose and let the ole creative juices go and be wild n fun Well this Doll Challenge is right up me ole alley so common join me I promise we will have FUN!!!!!and Hey just a note I'm just letting you all know not because I have ANYTHING to do with this Doll Challenge.. I'm just excited about it and you all know what happens to me when I get excited!!!I RUN to me ole blog and blabber away!!* Bugs Bunny Voice
*An Thats all folks* Sherrie

Here are the rules of the contest:
Use any of my patterns to create a doll for the challenge. It can be a pattern you have bought from me or one of my patterns you have from a magazine. If you aren't sure of the name of the pattern, go to http://www.thecatspyjamaspatterns.com/ to search.

When your doll is completed, send the following information:
1. One photo of your finished doll
2. Name of the pattern you used
3. Your name & business name
4. Link to your website, or Blog if you have one

You may send photos through Sept. 30.

I will post photos of the entries on this page as I receive them.

Voting will begin on Oct.1
and will continue through October 14.

The person with the most votes will receive a credit for $20 towards any patterns on my website.
Only one entry per person.
Send all entries & inquiries to denise@thecatspyjamas.com

Friday, September 07, 2007

Second Tag in my Victorian Children series

Alrighty here is my second Tag in my Victorian Children series Showing you in some of the stages of bringing this Tag to life
Alrighty here is my second Tag in my Victorian Children series Showing you in some of the stages of bringing this Tag to life ...I Named this one * What Dreams Are Made Of *

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Introducing Anna Rose

Introducing Anna Rose ...
I have created Anna Rose is for the Silent Auction for Ava Grace in honor of this very special Baby Ava Grace.

Sept. 16 - 22nd

There will be many special items , One Of Kinds , that will be featured and auctioned through this silent auction..You may see all the talented artists at this special web site

ALL proceeds will go to this precious family , to help with all the

necessary surgeries and care for Ava Grace..


I'm so honored and so privileged to be part of this great reaching out to this family and baby..Looking at my own grown children

I could not imagine any of them having to go through what this

Family and Baby have and will go through


It has touched my heart as a Mother..as a human being, and it has changed me in a positive way

It is my prayer for this family and for Ava Grace for a Miracle in healing in all areas of health, fiancees,That she will grow and be in health and have a wonderful child hood...Wisdom for the doctors and for Our Lords Love to cover them.


I hope you all tell every one you know Family..Friends..about the silent auction and bid!!

Thank You so much Sherrie


Monday, September 03, 2007

Have to brag!!

This is a picture of my daughter very first quiltshe has ever made... Its for a king size bed!For Christmas last year her Dad and I bought a cheap Brothers sewing machine..She had be saying she wished she knew how to quilt..

So we bought the cheapest sewing machine we could find.. Because this girl has always hated sewing and any thing to do with it..

I just could not imagine HER quilting let alone sit down to a sewing machine.

I felt putting out big bucks for a good sewing machine would have been useless

I must say for Christmas last year I had a blast buying for her..

I bought Quilting








I do not know how to quilt so the first book I bought her I just followed the first page

it gave what you needed to quilt with..

I REALLY didn't expect her to actually sew let alone quilt..

Like I said before the cheap machine really gave her a real fit too.I knew when I heard it and saw the stitches ect..That it should have been taken back to the store....

But Valerie kept saying "No Mom..Its probably just me" But when she saw how nice my sewing machine sewed ..She knew it wasn't her..Thats why she bought a new machine..And her sewing is perfect...

Valerie has just blown me away!!! WELL the sewing machine really was a piece junk ,In August Valerie bought her self a singer..Really nice machine not really fancy but it is SO much easier to use and it does perfect stitching.. Valerie just took off with it so encouraged by a sewing machine that didn't screw up and mess up her fabric..She MADE this huge quilt all by herself!!!She has to add the borders she plans diffidently to hand quilt it too..The fabric is goregous.. The tan color triangles have a real sparkle to them.

Here is the back side of the Quilt..she chose a fabric from the quilt..

Its black with tiny burgandy flowers...

Don't mean to go on..But I'm just sooo proud!!!



I have created Artisans Chronicles to share my wonderings

Why did I name it Artisans Chronicles..WellPPppP
I love to relax with a special cuppa of my favorite ,,and have down time..relaxing time
I put on good music and let my fingers do the walking..
Next thing I know my body is so relaxed and I am in Artisans Chronicles ...

It is so neat to look at others creations, their talents, the colors they choose, (Just to name a few things)
I always leave comments to the artists on how much I enjoyed looking at their new wares..new blog..new web site..new patterns on and on! After all they deserve to be told how truly wonderful their creations/talents really are..

I also LOVE to research every thing about the history of our dolls. Example Izanna Walker Dolls, Edith Flack Ackley Dolls early 1700s - 1940's

Its a whole new world..Its like window shopping..It just inspires and makes ya get a huge wish list going..I always say man thats the type of dolls I want to make..Well here goes the wish list..Or better yet set goals!! So now you have it
This New Blog is dedicated to every ones moments of" Artisans Chronicles "
Email me if you would like to be added Or Have a favorite you would like added
I will be adding more and updating....
I hope you all enjoy !!
Hugs Sherrie