Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stitching Cow

Thought I'd share this email I just got from Lenna of "Stitching Cow"
It is full of wonderful helpful links..I hope you enjoy!
Hi Sherrie, I've got some exciting news for you today, especially if you wouldlike to learn how to do something. Is there a skill you would liketo learn or perhaps a sewing techniques that you have not yet mastered? Then keep reading.
I've been extra busy lately trying to bring myself up to date with all the latest technology that has been happening on the Internet.And I have to say it's very exciting. If you love to sew thenyou'll be pleased to hear that I have found some fabulous "how to"sites that have everything from "how to bind a quilt" to "how to transfer a pattern" to "how to make a great cappuccino".
These sights are such a wonderful resource for craft people likeourselves.Now we no longer have to search through all ourmagazines and books trying to find out how to do a sewing technique.All we have to do is jump on line, go to one of these sights, putin our search term and hey presto up comes the technique.
My exciting news is that you can check out a video I just submitted about how to embroider.
If you like it I'd really appreciate your comments and rating.
By checking out the video you'll also get a hint about what's been keeping me so busy lately.I'm working on a secret project that Ican't wait to share with you.
But more about that later.
For now check out the site and the video.Hope you have a few spare hours to discover lots of great stuff.
Have fun! Warmly Lenna
PS There's also a link to a free Christmas embroidery pattern. Thought I'd mention it just incase you missed it on the Stitching Cow website.67 Arthur Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, AUSTRALIA