Monday, September 03, 2007

Have to brag!!

This is a picture of my daughter very first quiltshe has ever made... Its for a king size bed!For Christmas last year her Dad and I bought a cheap Brothers sewing machine..She had be saying she wished she knew how to quilt..

So we bought the cheapest sewing machine we could find.. Because this girl has always hated sewing and any thing to do with it..

I just could not imagine HER quilting let alone sit down to a sewing machine.

I felt putting out big bucks for a good sewing machine would have been useless

I must say for Christmas last year I had a blast buying for her..

I bought Quilting








I do not know how to quilt so the first book I bought her I just followed the first page

it gave what you needed to quilt with..

I REALLY didn't expect her to actually sew let alone quilt..

Like I said before the cheap machine really gave her a real fit too.I knew when I heard it and saw the stitches ect..That it should have been taken back to the store....

But Valerie kept saying "No Mom..Its probably just me" But when she saw how nice my sewing machine sewed ..She knew it wasn't her..Thats why she bought a new machine..And her sewing is perfect...

Valerie has just blown me away!!! WELL the sewing machine really was a piece junk ,In August Valerie bought her self a singer..Really nice machine not really fancy but it is SO much easier to use and it does perfect stitching.. Valerie just took off with it so encouraged by a sewing machine that didn't screw up and mess up her fabric..She MADE this huge quilt all by herself!!!She has to add the borders she plans diffidently to hand quilt it too..The fabric is goregous.. The tan color triangles have a real sparkle to them.

Here is the back side of the Quilt..she chose a fabric from the quilt..

Its black with tiny burgandy flowers...

Don't mean to go on..But I'm just sooo proud!!!



Anonymous said...

You have a right to be proud and so does your daughter!! How beautiful and so much detail and work involved!! Bravo!!!!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Thank You Kerry...Yes Valerie should be very proud..I asked her if she was proud and she said "a Little Bit""LOL
Thanks once again my friend

Clothmatters said...

Sherrie- Tell your daughter she did an excellent on her quilt. Very well done!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Thank You Connie..I have told Valerie how much you like her quilt.She sure has surprised me! and inspired me too!!!

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