Monday, September 03, 2007


I have created Artisans Chronicles to share my wonderings

Why did I name it Artisans Chronicles..WellPPppP
I love to relax with a special cuppa of my favorite ,,and have down time..relaxing time
I put on good music and let my fingers do the walking..
Next thing I know my body is so relaxed and I am in Artisans Chronicles ...

It is so neat to look at others creations, their talents, the colors they choose, (Just to name a few things)
I always leave comments to the artists on how much I enjoyed looking at their new web patterns on and on! After all they deserve to be told how truly wonderful their creations/talents really are..

I also LOVE to research every thing about the history of our dolls. Example Izanna Walker Dolls, Edith Flack Ackley Dolls early 1700s - 1940's

Its a whole new world..Its like window shopping..It just inspires and makes ya get a huge wish list going..I always say man thats the type of dolls I want to make..Well here goes the wish list..Or better yet set goals!! So now you have it
This New Blog is dedicated to every ones moments of" Artisans Chronicles "
Email me if you would like to be added Or Have a favorite you would like added
I will be adding more and updating....
I hope you all enjoy !!
Hugs Sherrie