Saturday, September 08, 2007

create a doll for the " Doll Challenge"

Common for some fun Take a break from making your orders.. summer heat.. give your self a break and have some fun all for your self!!! TaDa~~ I just joined in on this Doll Challenge Denise is having.. Ever feel ya just need to just flat our cut loose and let the ole creative juices go and be wild n fun Well this Doll Challenge is right up me ole alley so common join me I promise we will have FUN!!!!!and Hey just a note I'm just letting you all know not because I have ANYTHING to do with this Doll Challenge.. I'm just excited about it and you all know what happens to me when I get excited!!!I RUN to me ole blog and blabber away!!* Bugs Bunny Voice
*An Thats all folks* Sherrie

Here are the rules of the contest:
Use any of my patterns to create a doll for the challenge. It can be a pattern you have bought from me or one of my patterns you have from a magazine. If you aren't sure of the name of the pattern, go to to search.

When your doll is completed, send the following information:
1. One photo of your finished doll
2. Name of the pattern you used
3. Your name & business name
4. Link to your website, or Blog if you have one

You may send photos through Sept. 30.

I will post photos of the entries on this page as I receive them.

Voting will begin on Oct.1
and will continue through October 14.

The person with the most votes will receive a credit for $20 towards any patterns on my website.
Only one entry per person.
Send all entries & inquiries to


HElen said...

Oh Sherrie,
Thank you for sharing the information about the challenge! SOunds like a fun and what an adorable patterns!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Your so welcome Helen This challenge is going to be such fun Hope you will join!!!

sex said...