Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Challenge!!

It Is OPEN WhOHooOoO!!

VOTING IS NOW OPEN! @ Cloth Doll Artistry!
I am telling you I am just in awe and blown away by soooo much Talent and inspiration!
You must be a member in order to vote
So why not come join the fun it is "Free"
What I love most about CDA is there is every medium for every artisan all under one roof!!
Select Your Favorite Halloween Photo in Each Studio. Voting Begins Oct 28 - Oct 31. Winners will be announced November 1.

Click On The Studio Link To Vote:

Voting is taking place in all SIX of our CDA Studio Groups!

CDA members will be asked to vote for their favorite dolls, pins, stuffed animals or crafts in each studio. Voting in each studio will begin October 28 -31, 2009. One winner will be selected from each studio. Winners from each studio will receive a variety of doll patterns, an exclusive class with Kat Lees, a free 3-month advertising spot, and be a featured artist on the showcase studio. One winner will be selected from each studio
Clay Doll Studio Specializing in all Mediums of Clay
Cloth Doll Studio Specializing in the Art of Cloth Dollmaking Studio Coordinator: Connie McBride Johnson
Crafts Studio Specializing in a Variety of CraftsStudio Coordinator: Kat Lees
Pin Doll Studio Specializing in Pin DollsStudio Coordinator: Karen Mallory
Prim Doll Studio Specializing in Prim,Folk Art , Whimsical , and Vintage DollmakingStudio Coordinator: Sherrie Nordgren
Santa's Studio Specializing in Christmas DollsStudio Coordinator: Kat Lees
Soft Animals Studio Specializing in all Types of Soft Animal DollmakingStudio Coordinator: Connie McBride Johnson and Kat Lees

Sunday, October 25, 2009


What a wonderful Prim Blog!
Angi is from United Kingdom up in the hills , Living in a small rural village called Harbottle
Stop by and see her art work..I really enjoyed mt self and you will too!
Hugs Sherrie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet JillAnn!!

Meet JillAnn, This is my Betsy meeting JillAnn for the first time,
I am so happy to say they are bestest friends!
JillAnn how ever is not happy with her dress at all! So I am going to re-dress her!
Also replace her bow with matching dress fabric.Cloth bows are always so much prettier.
Just not the right style for this girl@ Way to plain for JillAnn.

Side view of JillAnn's hair..I had sewed each strand and gave her a long pony tail!

How to Create an Art-Business

I am thinking of getting it.The price is only $5.99 and it is a E-Book so there is no extra for postage..Plus you know how I am any ways..I don't like waiting for things..Though I do when it's some thing I just must have!! Check it out and see if it's some thing of interest for you

Hugs Sherrie

Holy Crap! What Now!?: How to Create an Art-Business Emergency Plan"
Geared Toward The Sole Proprietor of A Small Online Art-Business.
There is no way to be prepared for every possible occurrence. We are human; we get ill, we have accidents…things just “happen”. But, with some forethought and planning, you can be better prepared for emergency situations that could have a detrimental effect on your business.
Having a strong foundation in place for a major ‘what if’ situation can save you time, your reputation and help secure your income.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My First On-Line Class!! "Annie Sweet's"

I am so very excited to introduce my very first on-line class
" Annie Sweet's" This class is for Beginners to advance. There is also a bonus Technique !
You will learn new techniques that you can use on any choosen media. These techniques I also use in my personal art journy in mixed media, artys style dolls, even on my aprons I create..
I created the clas I saw and asked question when I first began ,,Creating a strong foundation to then grow on..This is what I am doing for you in this class..
This class will teach how to create 3 styles of my 10"inch dolls
"Primitive , Folk Art , Whimsical "
ANNIE SWEET'S: online class for $25. This class will teach how to create 3 styles of my 10"inch dolls "Primitive , Folk Art , Whimsical from one pattern
Where can you find my class : Cloth Doll Artistry
You must be a member of Cloth Doll Artistry to take an online class. Members will be sent an invitation to the private online class upon receipt of payment.
CLASS DESCRIPTION:This class will demonstrate how you can create three different style dolls from one 10-inch doll pattern. Make a Primitive Doll, a Folk Art Doll or a Whimsical Doll.
STARTING DATE: October 12, 2009
ONLINE CLASS INCLUDES:* Step-by-step instructions with photos* PDF Pattern Templates* Creating templates from Freezer Paper* Aging Fabric Tutorial* Creating Different Faces
SUPPLIES NEEDED:* Muslin* Cotton Print Fabric* Fiberfil* Acrylic Paints, Watercolor Pencils, Chalks* And more....COST: $25.00 US (Signs Ups Are Allowed After Starting Date)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Comfort Doll Project"

I want to share with you all "Comfort Doll Project"
started by and created by: Pat Winter
I personally have been a honored member/follower of "Comfort Doll Project"
from day one, I think in our lives we all know or have known of dome one who has been through abuse.I personally have not ever been abused by my husband in any way,Infact I think he has soiled me rotten:) I do know how blessed I am.!
We have a family member in our own family though who has been so abused
mentally physically for over 30 years.In all our encouragement and prayers, she always went back to her husband.Is still married and with yet on to this..She does have very low self esteem and the feeling of failure about her life.
Enjoying the good days and making it through the bad days...Why??? We have asked that our selves many times We can not judge these abused females we have not walked in their shoes..But to those who has taken that huge step of going to get help and freedom at a Woman's Shelter, My heart just feels with hope, love and pray for each and every one of them.
In Pat Winters own words(I just could not say it any better)
"Imagine a woman being handed a beautiful handmade doll with a message of hope attached. This doll ,from a stranger whom she will never meet,yet makes this connection of love and caring from one heart to another. A stranger who can imagine, if not know firsthand where she has been and hoping she will have brighter days ahead. The woman carries this doll in her purse, pocket, or perhaps pinned to her lapel, knowing someone cared enough to think of her. When she needs strength, she strokes it or admires it and her lips turn up with a smile and her heart warms. Yes, I am a dreamer but I do think this will happen. Actually I KNOW this will happen.
Won't you join me?If anyone wants to create a "Comfort doll", please email me at I will collect dolls within the US,and hopefully find someone in each country to collect them because this is a worldwide cause. I won't dwell on details, but in the US, every 15 seconds a woman is abused. With our current poor economy, the statistics for abuse increases."
I ask you to Please browse the "Comfort Doll Project" blog and learn more about this much needed project and enjoy the beauties others have made..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Continuing Practice Practice Practice Faces

Alrighty last practice picture I promise..I have hair picked out and a idea about how they want to be dressed:)
I think the reason I am so excited is I have bitten the bullet..Gone way way out of my box, or say just taking the plunge on my journey for the face I see in my heads but can't quiet make it come through my fingers yet.
On this little dolls face.I did a complete acrylic wash, Then used again acrylic paints for her eyes.To me she came out Vintage looking..will look even more so after I dress and give her hair.
I noticed also in the picture her eyes seem to look more on the blue side..When actually I used greens for her eyes..Thank You alll sooo much for your encouragement
Hugs Sherrie


FALL FESTIVAL QUEENJoin Kat Lees Designs by Kat ~ as she introduces her newest doll creation, "Fall Festival Queen." She stands 22-inches tall and is joined by an owl and a little mouse. The Private Online Class Will Begin October 7, 2009 to November 7, 2009. The Registration Fee is $45.00You must be a member of Cloth Doll Artistry to take an online class. Members will be sent an invitation to the private online class upon receipt of payment.
In this Six Lesson Class you will design and create you very own "Fall Festival Queen" ~ she is 22" tallhas a stump body, doweled on a plaque.Her face is needle sculpted in a tee-shirt type fabric. You will learn to use Chalk and Paint to create her beautiful face. Illusion Costuming is what I do, love adding details and creating items from recycled things or dollar store items. You will really enjoy making the bird cage, owl and mouse. So let us begin, and most of HAVE FUN.
You are going to love creating the fall beauty. She is visiting right in time for the FALL SEASON. Six Lessons in all, learning how to sculpt in cloth, use of chalk,paint, costuming, create a bird cage out of unique items, an owl and a little mouse peeking out from under her dress. She is a stump doll.......and lots of fun to create. Welcome and have fun.
PLEASE READ THIS ~ ABOUT ONLINE CLASSES For those of you who have never taken an online class before. You DO NOT have to make the doll in the time frame listed. That is strictly up to you. You download the entire class/patterns/instructions to your computer or CD..........its that easy. The time frame is set for the teacher so that if you have questions she can help you in whatever you need help with. Most teachers are available to students whenever you make the doll, either now or in the future. We hope this helps, Connie and Kat October 2009 Online Classes

Sunday, October 11, 2009

continue working on my dolls face

Saturday I was able to sneek in some time to continue working on my dolls face.
I am useing all chalk. I think I will stop here because I see my mistakes but it is the foundation and I can't seem to un-do it.
As you can see my 1940's Betsy McCall my for ever assistant is saying "Yeppers you better stop now" I can't sit on your to-do list for ever you know:)

This is the hair I am going to use , by felting it on.It is brand new to me and it looks fun to.I bought it on-line at

Gosh it got here I think faster than if I had gone to the store! Ordered on Sunday Night and had it my Tuesday!! info on the hair:Synthetic Kinked HairOne large hank of kinked style hair that looks so real. This works wonderfully with using felting needles to attach it to cloth dolls.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rusty Tin Roof CountryPrim Online Magazine

Rusty Tin Roof CountryPrim Online Magazine
FALL has ARRIVED at Rusty Tin Roof!!!
We are very pleased to announce that our FALL Issue of RUSTY TIN ROOF Country~Primitive Online Magazine is now available for download!!
You'll find it chock-full of fabulous feature articles, free patterns, free graphics, recipes, kiddie projects and MORE ~ entertainment from beginning to end!!!
We hope you'll stop by and Download your FREE copy today from our website and don't forget to tell all your Family, Friends, fellow Crafters and Craft-Lovers!

Friday, October 09, 2009

October 2009 Issue Primitive Times Magazine

Your free issue of Primitive Times Magazine is now available for you
to download. Just click on the photo below and save to your
computer or go to

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Daughter and Mom Day!!

HAD to post about Our Daughter- Mom day at the casino!!
Yeppers I didn't loose yay!!! Won $401.87!! Valerie took a picture with her cell phone ..I was shaking to bad hehehehehe! I am still in shock !!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Face's and Venting:)

Today I did the ole practice practice practice doing faces

what I am trying to learn is shadowing..on this face I tried by shadowing first

then painting the eyes,Now looking at this picture I see where I think I got the shadowing a bit on the left eye..NOW need to go back and blend more around the right eye.and blend the white more.It is like I am doing this with my eyes shut..cause I have no idea what the heck I am doing..I used artist pencils on the face and acrylics on the eyes

Ok: this throw away face I did completely with chalk

I like the softness but still I didn't get the shadowing correct..Good thing Halloween is coming this face would be a great zombie:)

on all 3 dolls I am not getting the shadowing or softness I want to achieve(and will some day

by practice practice doing faces argh:(

reverse side of the above zombie doll ..I could tell at this point I was getting frustrated..Throw away and start over again Wednesday! The medium I feel I am looking for is like I use to use in china painting..We had a oil we mixed out ground paint with and also dip our brushes in the same oil and then went in to our wet paint..

I t was very creamy and I was in control of how much paint and could silk blot and have beautiful shadow along with totally being in to control of my paint and brush..Our painted stayed read to paint with until we had to mix a new one.

I have use chalk and acrylics for years,

I think my favorite at this point is pastel chalks

maybe because of my back ground in china painting it is blocking for a feel of another medium?

Maybe I am just plain frustrated by working a full day on faces and not getting what I want grrr

I think Wednesday I will try a face totally with brush and Pastel chalk and use silk for blending

I went to Michael's Sunday to buy some artist pencils and stuff..I looked at their painting books on the human body and eyes etc..

But it's not the type I paint that was a let down..

TOMORROW my daughter Valerie is picking me up and we are going to spend a couple hours at

Hard Rock Cafe Tampa Florida !!!! Casino fun and being with my daughter whOooOo I will be ready to face those faces and renewed
Halloween Hot Air Balloon and Witch Conductor by:
Iva Wilcox
Stop by Iva's first time sale at her blog, and see this wonderful creation..Just amazing!...Hugs Sherrie
A cotton batting and paper clay faced witch stands inside the hot air balloon, which sits upright on it's own or hangs from a handmade curly hook at top. She holds a sign that reads, "Happy Halloween." Vintage hat netting covers the top of the paper mache balloon. All hand made with vintage embellishments and Dresden trims. It measures almost 13" tall.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Free Holiday designs!

what gotta go by Gum Tree Designs and see their first design for the up coming Holidays..Hugs Sherrie
Beginning October 5th!
It's here! The day has finally arrived - and you have been so patient! But we're sure you'll agree that it's been worth the wait!May we present the first of nine Christmas designs being shared by the Gum Tree Designers every Monday over the months of October and November (just imagine it is tied with sparkly gift wrap and a huge red satin ribbon tied on top).The project this week is from the wonderfully talented and beloved 'mumma' of our group, Judith Tetley of Creative Studio, and we know you'll love it as much as we do!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Announcing~New Christmas Doll Giveaway!!!!

ThimblePrims Studio Announcing~New Christmas Doll Giveaway!!!!
Miss Cranberry and she is a small, standing raggedy snow girl. She is about 9 1/2" tall
go see more pictures of this doll baby and details at
ThimblePrims Studio

Miss Gina Designs

Miss Gina Designs

Oh whoa it's a must to stop by Miss Gina Designs and see her one of kind Scarves

their just so yummie!!!! Hugs Sherrie