Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Comfort Doll Project"

I want to share with you all "Comfort Doll Project"
started by and created by: Pat Winter
I personally have been a honored member/follower of "Comfort Doll Project"
from day one, I think in our lives we all know or have known of dome one who has been through abuse.I personally have not ever been abused by my husband in any way,Infact I think he has soiled me rotten:) I do know how blessed I am.!
We have a family member in our own family though who has been so abused
mentally physically for over 30 years.In all our encouragement and prayers, she always went back to her husband.Is still married and with yet on to this..She does have very low self esteem and the feeling of failure about her life.
Enjoying the good days and making it through the bad days...Why??? We have asked that our selves many times We can not judge these abused females we have not walked in their shoes..But to those who has taken that huge step of going to get help and freedom at a Woman's Shelter, My heart just feels with hope, love and pray for each and every one of them.
In Pat Winters own words(I just could not say it any better)
"Imagine a woman being handed a beautiful handmade doll with a message of hope attached. This doll ,from a stranger whom she will never meet,yet makes this connection of love and caring from one heart to another. A stranger who can imagine, if not know firsthand where she has been and hoping she will have brighter days ahead. The woman carries this doll in her purse, pocket, or perhaps pinned to her lapel, knowing someone cared enough to think of her. When she needs strength, she strokes it or admires it and her lips turn up with a smile and her heart warms. Yes, I am a dreamer but I do think this will happen. Actually I KNOW this will happen.
Won't you join me?If anyone wants to create a "Comfort doll", please email me at I will collect dolls within the US,and hopefully find someone in each country to collect them because this is a worldwide cause. I won't dwell on details, but in the US, every 15 seconds a woman is abused. With our current poor economy, the statistics for abuse increases."
I ask you to Please browse the "Comfort Doll Project" blog and learn more about this much needed project and enjoy the beauties others have made..

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