Monday, October 12, 2009


FALL FESTIVAL QUEENJoin Kat Lees Designs by Kat ~ as she introduces her newest doll creation, "Fall Festival Queen." She stands 22-inches tall and is joined by an owl and a little mouse. The Private Online Class Will Begin October 7, 2009 to November 7, 2009. The Registration Fee is $45.00You must be a member of Cloth Doll Artistry to take an online class. Members will be sent an invitation to the private online class upon receipt of payment.
In this Six Lesson Class you will design and create you very own "Fall Festival Queen" ~ she is 22" tallhas a stump body, doweled on a plaque.Her face is needle sculpted in a tee-shirt type fabric. You will learn to use Chalk and Paint to create her beautiful face. Illusion Costuming is what I do, love adding details and creating items from recycled things or dollar store items. You will really enjoy making the bird cage, owl and mouse. So let us begin, and most of HAVE FUN.
You are going to love creating the fall beauty. She is visiting right in time for the FALL SEASON. Six Lessons in all, learning how to sculpt in cloth, use of chalk,paint, costuming, create a bird cage out of unique items, an owl and a little mouse peeking out from under her dress. She is a stump doll.......and lots of fun to create. Welcome and have fun.
PLEASE READ THIS ~ ABOUT ONLINE CLASSES For those of you who have never taken an online class before. You DO NOT have to make the doll in the time frame listed. That is strictly up to you. You download the entire class/patterns/instructions to your computer or CD..........its that easy. The time frame is set for the teacher so that if you have questions she can help you in whatever you need help with. Most teachers are available to students whenever you make the doll, either now or in the future. We hope this helps, Connie and Kat October 2009 Online Classes

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