Monday, October 12, 2009

Continuing Practice Practice Practice Faces

Alrighty last practice picture I promise..I have hair picked out and a idea about how they want to be dressed:)
I think the reason I am so excited is I have bitten the bullet..Gone way way out of my box, or say just taking the plunge on my journey for the face I see in my heads but can't quiet make it come through my fingers yet.
On this little dolls face.I did a complete acrylic wash, Then used again acrylic paints for her eyes.To me she came out Vintage looking..will look even more so after I dress and give her hair.
I noticed also in the picture her eyes seem to look more on the blue side..When actually I used greens for her eyes..Thank You alll sooo much for your encouragement
Hugs Sherrie


JKW said...

OH My Gosh, those eyes and those lips. I love her. She is different, but she is unique and I think she will like that. My little witch prim --- I am so busy with the Halloween challenge, I forgot about skinny witch. She got lonesome and invited a friend over (behind my back) and it was BARBIE - YIKES. You should see my prim witch, she looks like a lavender faerie. Don't turn your back and watch who they are friends with :) Blessings, Janet

angiesraggedypatch said...

she is lovely!

Miss Gina Designs said...

Very nice job on the face!