Monday, October 05, 2009

Face's and Venting:)

Today I did the ole practice practice practice doing faces

what I am trying to learn is shadowing..on this face I tried by shadowing first

then painting the eyes,Now looking at this picture I see where I think I got the shadowing a bit on the left eye..NOW need to go back and blend more around the right eye.and blend the white more.It is like I am doing this with my eyes shut..cause I have no idea what the heck I am doing..I used artist pencils on the face and acrylics on the eyes

Ok: this throw away face I did completely with chalk

I like the softness but still I didn't get the shadowing correct..Good thing Halloween is coming this face would be a great zombie:)

on all 3 dolls I am not getting the shadowing or softness I want to achieve(and will some day

by practice practice doing faces argh:(

reverse side of the above zombie doll ..I could tell at this point I was getting frustrated..Throw away and start over again Wednesday! The medium I feel I am looking for is like I use to use in china painting..We had a oil we mixed out ground paint with and also dip our brushes in the same oil and then went in to our wet paint..

I t was very creamy and I was in control of how much paint and could silk blot and have beautiful shadow along with totally being in to control of my paint and brush..Our painted stayed read to paint with until we had to mix a new one.

I have use chalk and acrylics for years,

I think my favorite at this point is pastel chalks

maybe because of my back ground in china painting it is blocking for a feel of another medium?

Maybe I am just plain frustrated by working a full day on faces and not getting what I want grrr

I think Wednesday I will try a face totally with brush and Pastel chalk and use silk for blending

I went to Michael's Sunday to buy some artist pencils and stuff..I looked at their painting books on the human body and eyes etc..

But it's not the type I paint that was a let down..

TOMORROW my daughter Valerie is picking me up and we are going to spend a couple hours at

Hard Rock Cafe Tampa Florida !!!! Casino fun and being with my daughter whOooOo I will be ready to face those faces and renewed


JKW said...

Our doll club got together and had Marcia Acker-Missall come up from Boca to teach us shading. It was a huge help. She also taught us another way of sculpting our faces. You are correct, practice, practice, practice! Blessings, Janet

vivian said...

honestly, I think you did a great job on all the faces! hope you had fun with your daughter!

angiesraggedypatch said...

lol! You cracked me up with that Zombie thing!
I am trying to learn some of the same things. I love how everyone is doing the eye son their dolls now. I tink once you get you technique its almost unique to you...

I know you'll get it! Have a fun day with your daughter

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Janet, Viv, guys just made my day,,I so appreciate you so much, Thanks for the encouragement,It is what truly motivates me and makes me keep on keeping on with
practice, practice, practice:))