Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Mug Rug Finished TaDa~

 Please click on pictures to see them better. Not the best of pictures. But still wanted to share.I finished my "First " mug Rug. Not perfect, But I am still happy. I can tell you ,  I sure learned while making this little guy. Now going to write my bloopers and what not and what to do down:)

His eyes didn't show I used flat gems and the sparkle.I did follow the pattern the best I could,

The pattern wasn't for beginners that's for sure, I used fleece for his nose which I like the 2-D effect.I am sorry I wasn't able to do the binding, Just didn't know how,

I sewed the 3 layers and then turned them right side out.Hand whipped the opening, Then did a quarter inch stitch all the way around the M.R.

 But found a wonderful YouTube tutorial TheCraftyGemini
I will try on my next Mug Rug...YES can not wait to get started on my second one 
 Polka dots are the back side of the Mug Rug. I did enjoy very much creating my M.R. I am excited because I plunged in and just did it and actually the mistakes for me were very valuable, Guess what they say " Practice makes perfect." is kinda true :)

Also Tuesday was my Quilt ordination.
We  stood for 2  1/2 hours We had a large class, They broke us up in groups,

Going from one learning station and on to the next.
I finally sat on the floor, The ole back was saying " ouch! "

But had a BLAST! Talk about learning..WOW it was all hands on and visual.
Saturday we start on our actual little quilts. We will meet each Saturday for 6 weeks.
Can you tell I'm excited!
Got gabby..Today is a long day, Have to take Angel our 14 yr  4 legged baby, to the vet. Dunno what the out come is gonna be, I am scared and very up set, Yet I don't want her to suffer. It is so hard when you look into their bright eyes.and  Feel their love they have...Please keep Angel in your prayers, I would sooooo appreciate it..Hugs To all , Sherrie

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making My First Mug Rug

 Starting my very first mug rug, Here I have done the step 1,
Picked out my fabric and colors , cut the mat 7 x 10 also backing 7 x 10 and the  batting. Warm and Gentle,  and using wonder under have it ready to apply the applique

 Step  2 I have peeled the backing off the WU and ironed the applique into place and have pinned the batting to the back ground fabric, Ready to Hand Quilt .
I am making a set of Mug Rugs for my daughter Valerie, If they turn out that is :)
I am not pleased with the pattern directions, I quess they thought the person should just
know what their doing..
 directions state and I quote:
cut  1  ,  2 " strip the WOF "

 well I got out my accuquilt go and cut a 2 inch strip.
I do not know what WOF means?  But will try to find out
 Then it says to
" Bind mug rug using  2 " strip . Got that.. Fold in half lengthwise iron. use miter edges.

well if I fold the strip in half your going to have a raw edge on one side...That won't look good...

Cloth Doll Artistry Newsletter

Cloth Doll Artistry Newsletter
Katherine Lees

This is our second quarterly Newsletter, learn what goes on at Cloth Doll Aritstry online doll club. Meet the artists and see all the
fabulous works of art, tips, organization, challenges, etc

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I found the neatest thing , It is called  Pin Alerts, It is free, and very useful tool to have, Pin Alerts is a tool that tells me about who has pinned things from my blog to Pinterest.
 Every thing comes to your email, To get started you sign up at the PinAlerts page.
 Neat thing what I have learned is  I was very  surprised to see how many people are pinning from my blog every day. Most days there are at least 8-10 pins and some days even more.
I have started to visit the pins from my blog and see what else those people are pinning. Sometimes I will like the pin or follow their boards. Often I find more techniques  or projects to try! Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it too!
Hugzs Sherrie 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch
You  know how much I LOVE and enjoy creating Flowers, 
I use them to add embellishing for my dolls, head bands, clothes, purses, gifts, They are such fun to create and YES I even create them in bright colors, and also my Prim, Folk At, Vintage style.
I saw this tutorial on Holidash blog by"Meagan Reardon,"
 It is wonderful !! DIY Mother's Day Corsage: Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

 Now go over to Craft Lee
and see her felt flowers she created by using the above tutorial, Their gorgeous!
Like CraftLee I create  mine while watching TV with my hubby,
 They are such fun to create! I always have a box of them in all sizes and styles.. Enjoy, Sherrie 

Monday, January 07, 2013

SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles*

 *Artisans Chronicles* Hints and How To-Do's in creating Primitive, Folk Art ,Vintage ,
We LOVE  Primitive Folk Art creation's  , We create them, buy them, and sell them, talk about them, and even go google eye over them,
SympleTymes is dedicating a new series

*Artisans Chronicles* to sharing Primitive, Folk Art ,Vintage ,  I am committed to help " Preserve  "the Artist's of  YesterYear and Today, To gain the recognition they deserve for their works of Art. To save the knowledge and teach this knowledge of  yesteryear and  today to all generations,To encourage all to continue the heritage of doll making
Once a Month issues:
So let's get started!:
Learning  the difference between
 Primitive, Folk Art ,Vintage
How to recognize Primitive style:This doll I created is *Primitive*  There are many definition's on Primitive, I think it is in the eye of the beholder. For me in my humble 
opinion, My doll above is *Primitive*
Primitive artists create their style by using new materials, and then use different techniques to make them
look  vintage, or old, by using aging techniques., sanding, paint and so much more!

I feel the originality of primitive folk art style comes from characteristic of a historic or early Americana time period.
Most Primitive cloth creations  have  a rough and simple look to them that comes from not having any formal artistic training.
Primitive, use items they already have on hand and then create.

 Definition Primitive:
a (1) : an artist of an early period of a culture or artistic movement (2) : a later imitator or follower of such an artist
b (1) : a self-taught artist (2) : an artist whose work is marked by directness and naïveté
c : a work of art produced by a primitive artist
d : a typically rough or simple usually handmade and antique home accessory or furnishing
dictionary has a number of definitions

Noun: An artist or work of art that belongs to or is suggestive of an earlier period
BOOK: Best book to show where the birth of Primitive has come from is by:
American Dolls-KayCloud 
I have had my book for years and still refer to it,To learn any thing I feel you should know a bit about the history, Makes sense knowing the "why" they created  like  they did.

This 32 page book has four doll patterns in it.
There are lots of variation instructions included. Published in 1990, it covers general assembly instructions, tools and supplies,
body patterns, about faces, handwork and finishing, dresses, and hats.
Kay Cloud is known for reproducing early dolls and using sawdust for the stuffing.
The book is in black and white with 8 pages of color photos in the center. I bought mine on

How to recognize Extreme  Primitive style: –
Extreme Primitive Doll
Created By: Megans Primitive Cupboard
 Extreme primitive folk art is extra rough, heavily stained fabric,  Extreme primitive folk art dolls are designed to look very old,
grubby,simple construction, Button eyes, stitched features,nothing is in a correct size.

How to recognize Grungy  Primitive style: –
 heavily stained fabric
To do Grungy: we will learn later the how to technique, This is different from aging to make look Vintage, or even Primitive, Grungy to some is called a dirty look, Grungy to the Grungy primitive artist is taking some thing shinny and new and making it look old and defined:

Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed our first issue of SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles* I'd love to hear what you think, I am putting allot of hours and research
would like to know what you would like to learn, see, and every thing, I will add artist's names when given if you know them and I don't please let me know and I will add them, , ..Thank You Sherrie  Nordgren

Sweet Meadows Farm *Give Away*

Sweet Meadows Farm *Give Away* go right over and sign up!

It's that time of the year again!  I will draw a name for one person to recieve a free pattern a month for the year 2013 beginning
with Jan.  To be entered, please leave a comment.  To be entered yet again, post this giveaway on your blog, if you don't have a
blog, share it on face book.  To be entered even again, you will need to be on my email list.  That's three ways you can be entered
and three chances to win!
Pattern can be either mailed or epattern.
Good luck to everyone that enters and have a Happy and HEALTHY New Year.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Empty Nester Laundry Ha-Moment

 Gotta Love the "Old Day" In 1963 I was 11 yrs old , Moved from Ohio to Florida with my beloved Grandma Jordan and this was her washing machine, She would roll it out on to our patio and do laundry in the good ole Florida Sunshine, Hence: What she called her laundry tan:)

Yes hidden in my Grandma Alspaugh's house in Ohio , Way down in the basement was a washing machine exactly like this one! The House was built in the 1800's handed down in generations.

 Growing up in the 50's in Ohio I saw allot of people do their laundry just like this..Old Washing Machine..Now their  calling this old washing machine   "Fine Art"
 Always when we go to Cracker Barrel I love touching their Old washing machine like this one, Ooh the women worked so hard.

 I got married straight out of High School in 1969, We had our own home but no washing machine , This was my first washing machine in the tub..Yes We still have it!!!LOL

Today we have the front loader, So, today, I am thankful for my washing machine, because it allows me to spend more  free time with my family than I would have if I  was still washing clothes by hand. It saves on  my knuckles from being red and raw, also no finger nails,  and my back from being sore. I remember doing cloth diapers on the silly thing..My  Mom gave me diaper service, What a blessing that was ...We couldn't afford Pampers then, Now we have super  clean clothes  for  us  all, with little effort on my part. :)

Now that we are are empty Nester's going from 4 and several neighborhood kids.. To  just the two  of us and 3 dogs.

Would you say laundry is any less??
At times yes, Other times absolutely not:) We live a very active life style, Florida hot summer's, and like I said our 3- four legged kids,Well nothing has change much, Except sweet hubby does our ironing , YES!
 Well here's to a  some what  Empty Nester's  Laundry Ha-Moment


A letter from Connie McBride Johnson- Administrator of Cloth Doll Artistry:

. ********Effective January 1st- CDA Will No Longer Be Charging a Membership Fee*********

We want to thank everyone for being part of our CDA family and making 2012 a wonderful year for all of us.
CDA was suppose to open on January 1st, however, computer problems over the past two week have resulted in extending the opening by one day. My apologies. I will continue working on some of the sites within CDA until I feel it is just right!

 We have changed the name of Crafts Studio to Mixed Media Studio. Kathie Meyers and Cherie Day will be hosting this studio. Anything you want to know
about mixed media can be answered by Kathie or Cherie. Welcome Kathie and Cherie! We are looking forward to you both bringing excitement to the brand

 I wanted to let our members know that when you click on the main page you will find lots of click able links making it much more easier to navigate around

 From Sherrie Nordgren:
I invite you all to come join Cloth Doll Artistry
I have been a member from day one, Imagine a large college with many studio's to join and learn, Or just join those that interest you. We have Six wonderful Studio's for you to join

Art Doll Studio:
Specializing in art dolls Coordinator: Kat Lees

Cloth Doll Studio:
Specializing in the Art of Cloth Doll making
Studio Coordinator: Karen Mallory

Mixed Media
Specializing in Mixed Media Art
Studio Coordinators: Kathie Meyers and Cherie Day

Prim, Folk Art, Vintage, Doll Studio. 
Specializing in Prim and Folk Art Doll making
Studio Coordinator: Sherrie Nordgren

Studio # 6 to be announced:

in all studio's we have  
2013 4 Quarterly Challenges 

Cloth Doll Artistry also offers through out the year on-line classes.

    Come and see and enjoy this wonderful community

    See you there !!  Hugzs Sherrie

    Tuesday, January 01, 2013

    New Year 2013

    Happy New Year,To Every One, My prayer for this New Year is God's Blessing upon each and every one, Health and Prosperity and Love To You All !
    To celebrate the New Year which promises to be very exciting (and productive and creative ) here at SympleTymes,
    I will be sharing with you all a *New  SympleTymes Series called:
    *SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles* 
    It will answer many of ya'll's questions and hopefully open doors of new
    creativity that is inside you TaDa!! Sharing with you, some of  my favorite,
    Web Sites,
    and Bloops N Blunders , where would we be with out these ?
    I hope you will enjoy this new Series  *SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles*

    On a persnoal note: for this New Year I'd like to also share with you,
    My New Journey in Quilting for 2013

    Let's start 2013,!!
    I'd like to share one of my favorite  Folk Art web sites, with out standing artist's.
    If you're shopping for handmade furniture, folk art or fine crafts for your home and your life, you're in the right place! The artists' work featured here is all newly made with the attention to detail no factory can match. Whether you're browsing for hand hooked rugs or handwoven baskets, papier-mâché holiday decorations or one-of-a-kind contemporary folk art, we want to fill your needs. Indulge yourself in the pleasure and reward of owning an original work of art.
    Any one who is creating , must start with inspiration, whether it is a idea, or as for me eye candy gets my creative juices flowing,Then comes the  Dreaming,Sketching,Then comes the  excitement and the birthing of your creativity begins !
    American Artists is just one of many places to visit to wake you up and begin to see beauty, in so many of the creations get's your own juices flowing , I hope you enjoy and be sure to sign up for their news letter
    Happy New Year!
    Love, Sherrie