Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I found the neatest thing , It is called  Pin Alerts, It is free, and very useful tool to have, Pin Alerts is a tool that tells me about who has pinned things from my blog to Pinterest.
 Every thing comes to your email, To get started you sign up at the PinAlerts page.
 Neat thing what I have learned is  I was very  surprised to see how many people are pinning from my blog every day. Most days there are at least 8-10 pins and some days even more.
I have started to visit the pins from my blog and see what else those people are pinning. Sometimes I will like the pin or follow their boards. Often I find more techniques  or projects to try! Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it too!
Hugzs Sherrie 

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Thanks for the info!