Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year 2013

Happy New Year,To Every One, My prayer for this New Year is God's Blessing upon each and every one, Health and Prosperity and Love To You All !
To celebrate the New Year which promises to be very exciting (and productive and creative ) here at SympleTymes,
I will be sharing with you all a *New  SympleTymes Series called:
*SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles* 
It will answer many of ya'll's questions and hopefully open doors of new
creativity that is inside you TaDa!! Sharing with you, some of  my favorite,
Web Sites,
and Bloops N Blunders , where would we be with out these ?
I hope you will enjoy this new Series  *SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles*

On a persnoal note: for this New Year I'd like to also share with you,
My New Journey in Quilting for 2013

Let's start 2013,!!
I'd like to share one of my favorite  Folk Art web sites, with out standing artist's.
If you're shopping for handmade furniture, folk art or fine crafts for your home and your life, you're in the right place! The artists' work featured here is all newly made with the attention to detail no factory can match. Whether you're browsing for hand hooked rugs or handwoven baskets, papier-mâché holiday decorations or one-of-a-kind contemporary folk art, we want to fill your needs. Indulge yourself in the pleasure and reward of owning an original work of art.
Any one who is creating , must start with inspiration, whether it is a idea, or as for me eye candy gets my creative juices flowing,Then comes the  Dreaming,Sketching,Then comes the  excitement and the birthing of your creativity begins !
American Artists is just one of many places to visit to wake you up and begin to see beauty, in so many of the creations get's your own juices flowing , I hope you enjoy and be sure to sign up for their news letter
Happy New Year!
Love, Sherrie

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