Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Mug Rug Finished TaDa~

 Please click on pictures to see them better. Not the best of pictures. But still wanted to share.I finished my "First " mug Rug. Not perfect, But I am still happy. I can tell you ,  I sure learned while making this little guy. Now going to write my bloopers and what not and what to do down:)

His eyes didn't show I used flat gems and the sparkle.I did follow the pattern the best I could,

The pattern wasn't for beginners that's for sure, I used fleece for his nose which I like the 2-D effect.I am sorry I wasn't able to do the binding, Just didn't know how,

I sewed the 3 layers and then turned them right side out.Hand whipped the opening, Then did a quarter inch stitch all the way around the M.R.

 But found a wonderful YouTube tutorial TheCraftyGemini
I will try on my next Mug Rug...YES can not wait to get started on my second one 
 Polka dots are the back side of the Mug Rug. I did enjoy very much creating my M.R. I am excited because I plunged in and just did it and actually the mistakes for me were very valuable, Guess what they say " Practice makes perfect." is kinda true :)

Also Tuesday was my Quilt ordination.
We  stood for 2  1/2 hours We had a large class, They broke us up in groups,

Going from one learning station and on to the next.
I finally sat on the floor, The ole back was saying " ouch! "

But had a BLAST! Talk about learning..WOW it was all hands on and visual.
Saturday we start on our actual little quilts. We will meet each Saturday for 6 weeks.
Can you tell I'm excited!
Got gabby..Today is a long day, Have to take Angel our 14 yr  4 legged baby, to the vet. Dunno what the out come is gonna be, I am scared and very up set, Yet I don't want her to suffer. It is so hard when you look into their bright eyes.and  Feel their love they have...Please keep Angel in your prayers, I would sooooo appreciate it..Hugs To all , Sherrie

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