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SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles*

 *Artisans Chronicles* Hints and How To-Do's in creating Primitive, Folk Art ,Vintage ,
We LOVE  Primitive Folk Art creation's  , We create them, buy them, and sell them, talk about them, and even go google eye over them,
SympleTymes is dedicating a new series

*Artisans Chronicles* to sharing Primitive, Folk Art ,Vintage ,  I am committed to help " Preserve  "the Artist's of  YesterYear and Today, To gain the recognition they deserve for their works of Art. To save the knowledge and teach this knowledge of  yesteryear and  today to all generations,To encourage all to continue the heritage of doll making
Once a Month issues:
So let's get started!:
Learning  the difference between
 Primitive, Folk Art ,Vintage
How to recognize Primitive style:This doll I created is *Primitive*  There are many definition's on Primitive, I think it is in the eye of the beholder. For me in my humble 
opinion, My doll above is *Primitive*
Primitive artists create their style by using new materials, and then use different techniques to make them
look  vintage, or old, by using aging techniques., sanding, paint and so much more!

I feel the originality of primitive folk art style comes from characteristic of a historic or early Americana time period.
Most Primitive cloth creations  have  a rough and simple look to them that comes from not having any formal artistic training.
Primitive, use items they already have on hand and then create.

 Definition Primitive:
a (1) : an artist of an early period of a culture or artistic movement (2) : a later imitator or follower of such an artist
b (1) : a self-taught artist (2) : an artist whose work is marked by directness and naïveté
c : a work of art produced by a primitive artist
d : a typically rough or simple usually handmade and antique home accessory or furnishing
dictionary has a number of definitions

Noun: An artist or work of art that belongs to or is suggestive of an earlier period
BOOK: Best book to show where the birth of Primitive has come from is by:
American Dolls-KayCloud 
I have had my book for years and still refer to it,To learn any thing I feel you should know a bit about the history, Makes sense knowing the "why" they created  like  they did.

This 32 page book has four doll patterns in it.
There are lots of variation instructions included. Published in 1990, it covers general assembly instructions, tools and supplies,
body patterns, about faces, handwork and finishing, dresses, and hats.
Kay Cloud is known for reproducing early dolls and using sawdust for the stuffing.
The book is in black and white with 8 pages of color photos in the center. I bought mine on

How to recognize Extreme  Primitive style: –
Extreme Primitive Doll
Created By: Megans Primitive Cupboard
 Extreme primitive folk art is extra rough, heavily stained fabric,  Extreme primitive folk art dolls are designed to look very old,
grubby,simple construction, Button eyes, stitched features,nothing is in a correct size.

How to recognize Grungy  Primitive style: –
 heavily stained fabric
To do Grungy: we will learn later the how to technique, This is different from aging to make look Vintage, or even Primitive, Grungy to some is called a dirty look, Grungy to the Grungy primitive artist is taking some thing shinny and new and making it look old and defined:

Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed our first issue of SympleTymes *Artisans Chronicles* I'd love to hear what you think, I am putting allot of hours and research
would like to know what you would like to learn, see, and every thing, I will add artist's names when given if you know them and I don't please let me know and I will add them, , ..Thank You Sherrie  Nordgren


Mary Ann said...

Thank you for explaining some of the terms. I didn't realize that there were three classifications of the term "Primitive". I'll be following along as I'd like to learn more:)

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Mary Ann ! I so appreciate you leaving a comment, Makes the work all worth while..I look forward to know it is helping some one grow, or just enjoys!!! Thank You!!!

carla said...

Hi!!! I see I am way behind!!! I love dolls and everything about them!!! I think it is great to try to keep doll making alive!!!! If no one is teaching it to the younger generations it won't last long.... Thank You

Anonymous said...

Sherrie you are amazing!!! I love your work and your posts. I feel like creating but my skills are minimal. I would love to make a simple but "antique/primitive/vintage doll.
Keep up your inspiring work.