Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Empty Nester Laundry Ha-Moment

 Gotta Love the "Old Day" In 1963 I was 11 yrs old , Moved from Ohio to Florida with my beloved Grandma Jordan and this was her washing machine, She would roll it out on to our patio and do laundry in the good ole Florida Sunshine, Hence: What she called her laundry tan:)

Yes hidden in my Grandma Alspaugh's house in Ohio , Way down in the basement was a washing machine exactly like this one! The House was built in the 1800's handed down in generations.

 Growing up in the 50's in Ohio I saw allot of people do their laundry just like this..Old Washing Machine..Now their  calling this old washing machine   "Fine Art"
 Always when we go to Cracker Barrel I love touching their Old washing machine like this one, Ooh the women worked so hard.

 I got married straight out of High School in 1969, We had our own home but no washing machine , This was my first washing machine in the tub..Yes We still have it!!!LOL

Today we have the front loader, So, today, I am thankful for my washing machine, because it allows me to spend more  free time with my family than I would have if I  was still washing clothes by hand. It saves on  my knuckles from being red and raw, also no finger nails,  and my back from being sore. I remember doing cloth diapers on the silly thing..My  Mom gave me diaper service, What a blessing that was ...We couldn't afford Pampers then, Now we have super  clean clothes  for  us  all, with little effort on my part. :)

Now that we are are empty Nester's going from 4 and several neighborhood kids.. To  just the two  of us and 3 dogs.

Would you say laundry is any less??
At times yes, Other times absolutely not:) We live a very active life style, Florida hot summer's, and like I said our 3- four legged kids,Well nothing has change much, Except sweet hubby does our ironing , YES!
 Well here's to a  some what  Empty Nester's  Laundry Ha-Moment


Maywyn said...

Wonderful post, thank you for sharing

Our old round wringer washer was kept in the kitchen where the hose could easily be hooked onto the sink to drain the washer. I don't know how the delicate shell buttons made it through the wringer.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Maywyn, I know what your saying about the buttons, It is fun looking back, I think they made better things back when, I mean they have with stood the time that's for sure, and did a great job too! Thanks so much for your comment

CraftLee said...

What a great post Sherrie, I can remember a neighbor of ours had a machine with a mangle ( the wringer bit) when I was little , it was located outside in the summer time and the subject of endless fascination from us kids ! In rural Ireland we are only two generations from a packed mud floor & cooking on an open heart, the changes the past 60 years have brought have been amazing ( and probably too quick) . Hey I had cloth nappies too!!! I have two teens and one dog and DREAM of the days when I can have an empty nest laundry moment ! & like you I'm blessed with a man who irons !! Have a great day !!! ( oops I did go on a bit ! )
Siubhán x