Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leaving on Vacation!!!!

We are leaving this Saturday October 25th for vacation!!!!
We will be in TN, NC,VA !! Lots of fall leaves whoHooOoo
Talk to you either from the Mountains or when we get back home..
Hugs to all

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feeling Stitchy Tutorial

I have to share this wonderful Halloween menu with you all, I just feel in love with it.It is from Feeling Stitchy
oh whoa go over to her blog and receive this free Pattern and tutorial
Feeling Stitchy has created for every one! Gosh I think this is just beautiful, Couldn't you just see it made for Christmas and all holidays!
Once again Feeling stitcy created this Halloween menus and has a Free pattern and tutorial on her blog
Hugs to all Sherrie

Magic Garden Give Away!!

Oh Gosh Golly Brenda of Magic Garden
is having a give away!! She is giving away this gorgeous
Witchie Giveaway!!!
all you have to do is
Leave a comment her blog, or send her a personal email at You may enter as often as once a day, if you like! The last day to enter will be midnight, Thursday, Oct. 23rd PDT. Winner TBA here on Friday -- probably later in the afternoon. Brenda's goal is to get her awesome Witchie in the mail in time for Halloween festivities for you!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The bud

The bud
The bud,
originally uploaded by netamir.
this is awesome..really take a look at netamir rose bud..How much it says!! She is sooooo creative and talented beyond words! Cjeck out her flickr albums too..Just incredible !!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Honeymoon Island State Park Photos

Honeymoon Island State Park Photos,
We live about 3 miles from Honeymoon Island State Park..
We really enjoy Honeymoon Island ,and are their allot I do mean allot!
Gulf of mexico is just incredible! Our daughter
Valerie took the above picture of the sea oats..
Isn't it goreous!
The below pictures are not taken by us but by others
who like us make Honeymoon Island their second home.
Hope you enjoy the REAL Florida..
here is a bit of history about Honeymoon Island State Park
The pioneers called it Hog Island, but it became Honeymoon Isle in 1939 when a New York developer built 50 palm - thatched bungalows for honeymooners. Today, visitors can drive across Dunedin Causeway to enjoy the sun - drenched Gulf beaches, mangrove swamps, and tidal flats. Nature lovers will find osprey nests, a wide variety of shorebirds, and one of the few remaining virgin slash pine forests in South Florida. The park boasts several nature trails and bird observation areas. Visitors can swim, fish, and snorkel in the warm waters of the Gulf or picnic while they enjoy the beautiful scenery. Shelling is particularly good here, as the Gulf currents deposit an incredible variety of seashells on the shore

Rescued Loggerheads found on Honeymoon Island..
Oh their just the cutest little guys,
Such instincts they have..their such fun to play
with then release in to the warm waters and
say a little prayer they survive only in time
to return once again to this very same spot
to start another new generation anew! Our sparkling Gulf of Mexico
Anothe view of water and sea oats
this is what we do when we Honeymoon Island ,
Just totaly chill and relax..Of course really get in to shelling too
Loads of beautiful shells to gather..Fossils is what I collect , it's really interesting stuff.
One of our Pelicans calling it a day , flying through sun set to go roost with his family
Finally hi-s-s-s-s-s as the sun slides in to the Gulf of Mexico

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Free Victorian Dress Form Pattern

Download a free Victorian Dress Form Pattern and see the quality of our patterns for yourself. This dress form fits clothing for our 24 inch Fashion Plate Collection

Bonnie's Creations

Oh Gosh I feel like I have given birth..This wonderful doll maker Bonnie created not one but TWO sweet dolls from my Ann & Andy Strawberrie's pattern..It is just amazing beyond words to see how other's create a doll from your pattern,Bonnie did a incredible job!! I just love them! Thank You Bonnie for creating and sending me pictures i'm so honored!!
You can see Bonnie's wonderful creations at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New edition of Lemon Poppy Seed's !!!!!

New edition of Lemon Poppy Seed's !!!!!
Welcome to Lemon Poppy Seeds, where you'll find everything Perfectly Primitive and Only Primitives and Primitive Folk Art!
Lemon Poppy Seeds is an exclusive gathering of Artisans and Crafters who create simple or early Primitives, Extreme Primitive Crafts, Primitive Folk Art and Collectibles, and an awesome collection of primitive portraits, primitive furniture, antique Primitives and primitive reproductions as well! Extreme Primitive Patterns

We know that Extreme Primitive may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if it's Your cup of tea, we know you'll just Love

Decor to Adore

Decor to Adore
Decor to Adore is one of my All Time Favorite Blogs..Talk about stepping into Yesteryear
whoa..Be sure to have a hankie vintage of course because you surly will drool..
Run over and sign up on her blog for her totally awesome give away!!! All so she is a direct descendant Laura Ingalls her name is Laura Ingalls Gunn
Have a great day ~ Sherrie
One Hundreth Post
This is Decor to Adore 100th post! . As a token of Decor to Adore appreciation to you for visiting Decor to Adore blog , She offering you an exclusive FREE giveaway valued at over $250!
Read on for details

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Please meet Ann and Andy Strawberries

Okay for give me for all my excitement here.. I just have to tell some body or burst! I have finished a really awesome E-Pattern...and I'm just so proud of my self. ..It is a wonderful Whimsy Folk Art style... Raggedy Ann and Andy Strawberries. Their 18 inches and just so want to be held and hugged. What I'm so excited about is I really packed this E-pattern with a lot of little extras too. Like my aging formulas, How to use brown paper bags for sanding, Toes, and more..While creating this pattern I was thinking about when I first began making dolls I was sooooo naive, I didn't even know what a template was, and using freezer paper was another planet to me..Even as I'm writing this I'm thinking oh I should have added this and that too.But gosh I didn't want to write volumes for a simple raggedy pattern ! There is 17 pages already..Can you tell I'm a newbie..I promise I will get better as I go along..But I did add the aging formulas, and that's 4 pages right there, Plus pictures:) whew!
Here is Ann's face Here is Andy's face
And they both have stitched fingers and toes..

ya know it's just the accomplishment of it all to me that is so rewarding, It is like another dream or goal no matter how tiny it is you have accomplish it!! Ya it is a bonus when people buy your patterns or dolls what ever you create, and that is always a nice thing, But I guess I'm weird ...I look at that dream or goal I had and that I actually did it and finished it, That's the high for me.

Thanks for letting me Hoot N Holler and doing the HaPpY DaNcE TOo:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yankee Doodle Doller HollerFile/Martha Chase

While doing some research this morning, on Helen Pringle and other like dolls, I came across a good to share it with you all...
[PDF] Yankee Doodle Doller HollerFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLdolls as well as a sampling of dolls that I have made in ... teachers include June Goodnow, Helen Pringle, Pat. April Meeting Recap
Martha Chase
Chase." selected references Bourcier, P., & Formanek-Brunell, M. (1989) Dolls and duty: Martha Chase and the Progressive Agenda, 1889-1925. Providence:
Good Reads
Collectors Weekly

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Pretty Thing

One Pretty Thing
Have you been to this site yet? If you haven't, go there now! The creators post "Daily DIY" projects and "Roundups" (here's of course my favorite so far). Ya know I look at inspiration a lot and it doesn't matter what your medium, style, element you create in..You can take any thing that inspires you, talks to you,Or my favorite the one where you find your self holding your breath in pure amazment and delight and creating them in your own style that fits your own creativity.. "NO" I'm not saying the four letter word "COPY"...I mean look at other art out of your own comfort zone and get inspired and say wow I can just see these buttons on cherry stems instead of real cherrys! Take time to look at arts in all mediums. and be sure to leave a comment to other artists who take the time to share their art...Let them know you where their and you enjoyed their arts...With all of these projects in one place, I can spend less time clicking from site to site and more time sewing !! umm right?? Hugs Sherrie

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Magic Bean

You all must add this gal's blog, She is from the UK and is amazing..Be sure to add her to your blog list, links..I have been reading her blog for a while now, and have found out like a great tv program I can't wait til next Friday,She has new articles every Friday, They are definitely a must to read, Also her dolls are beautiful! ((( Have a Great weekend!!Hugs Sherrie)))
The Magic Bean ,News , Reviews, and The Cloth Doll Muse
Freebie Friday - Crafting your Studio

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yep I've been working!

I really got me rear in gear! I made templates for NINE different dolls, AND have ALL their bodys sewn and ready to stuff!!First one: is a pattern from Threadbare Primitives Lil Prim Folk Pumpkin Doll 11" Tall
This my interpretation of Lil Prim Folk Pumpkin Doll , She needs a bit of hair and she is all finished tada! She is a whopping 11 inches ,
I hand painted her face , Her eyes are a beautiful green, Couldn't get the camera to cooperate !! and I hand striped her legs..I really like how she turned out..

This is a new technique for me, I have been wanting to REALLY learn how to shadow a dolls face...This is in a beginning stage...lots more to be done to her,.. but I wanted to place her on my blog soI could get a third person view as I go along, I'm NOT liking what I''m seeing so far though...I'm using artist pencils and acrylics ..The pattern I'm using is by Designer: RK Creations, Karen Nieforth, It is called Emily

I LOVE FALL..Not just Halloween but FALL!
That makes Thanksgiving priority on my list

I have been wanting a pilgrim woman and man doll for a couple years..I adore Peddler Hill Primitives pattern,Their like taking a doll class.VERY detailed and their just wonderful. I copied the description and place her deatils and link below..
Prudence is approx 25" tall. The pumpkin and corn pattern are included. However, the corn is made from indian corn material that I purchased in Walmart. It is not painted or drawn. I have also included, in this pattern, vintage images that you can make Thanksgiving tags with. As always my patterns come with detailed instructions (including step by step written and photo instructions to aid in drawing the dolls face), some photo "how to's", basic doll making information and where some supplies can be obtained.

Right after I finish my apron for my partner for the Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron SwapI will start my Pilgrim Woman! Okay Now what have you been doing!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Izannah Walker dolls, Helen Pringle dolls,

Hi every One, I belong to a online group called Vintage ClothDoll Makers
It has been around for years and years..They have been talking about. Izannah Walker dolls, Helen Pringle dolls, and and talking about the doll makers of these dolls, and all the wonderful techniques, This is what makes this group so extra special.
I wrote a rather long post below to the group and also wanted to share it here on my blog....
Going through my notes that I have saved over the years, I was so excited to have found the messy mixture!! I wanted to share a couple awesome techniques by out standing artists with you all , Even if it is just to keep in your notes , These gals are just amazing and the doll world will never be the same because of their sharing hearts and experience.
The Cloth Doll Magazine, 1988"Miracle Messy Mixture "For Strengthing Cloth Doll Heads" By: Helen Pringle

A mixture of one half modeling paste and one half acrylic gel medium.

Applie in multiple thin coats to the doll head and arms before they are painted.

The brand I use is Liquitex Modeling Paste and Liquitex Acrylic Gel Medium,available at most craft and art supply houses,

(Arylic Matted Medium could be used in place of the Gel Medium,,But the Gel Medium makes a smoother mix which doesn't show brush marks)

Buy the smallest sizes you can get, as the paste begins to harden once it is opened. Use a good brush and save it just for the mixture.

I've tried every kind of brush , and found I prefer a 3/4 " soft nylon "exploded tip" as it seems to minimize brush marks and cleans easily.

Cover your work surface with plastic sheeting or newspaper.

Mix well one part paste to one part medium in a clean, small glass jar with a tight fitting lid and a mouth wide enough to admit the brush easily such as a pimento jar,

I add water sparinly, a few drops at a time, when the mixture begins to thicken.If too much water is added , poor adhesion will result
Clean up is done with soap and water.

The features and the shape of the head and arms are less likely to shift or flatten, as sometimes happens in old rag dolls painted directly on the cloth.

The hardened surface makes an excellent base for the painting which follows ,

Whether using acrylics or oils.(Remember that oils can cover acrylics,
But not vice versa, If in doubt read the labels on the jars and tubes when painting .)

While testing various under coatings, I always coated a head and then slammed it repeatedly into a table corner.
Acrylic varnish cracked, gesso cracked, but not the
"Miracle Messy Mixture ".

The coated head finally tore. But even deep dents slowly healed,

The purpose of this method is to prolong the life of the paint and to help avoid permanent dents,It is not meant to imitate other materials or mediums, or to fool any one.
Technique written by:Helen Pringle
Technique written by:Nancy Gibbs hardening techniques for dolls she uses a technique based on Helen Pringle's recipe in which you combine a mixture of acrylic gel and acrylic modeling paste in a 1 to 1 ratio. use your fingers to apply to the doll's face after needle modeling, but before painting, you can use fingers to spread it -it does dry quickly. for a smoother less marked appearance spray lightly with water sand thoroughly once it dries and reapply. repeat this process as desired,the more coats, (thin ones--thick ones crack), the smoother your final finish. paint as desired. Nancy Gibbs says she usually paints the flesh color in two layers, sanding between, then the features such as eyes & lips etc. you may wish to varnish, crackle or apply other techniques to the hardened surface for a variety of looks. the finished result is vinyl-like and smooth to the touch. Technique written by:Nancy Gibbs *******************
To stiffen the fabric to prepare for painting:
Heirlooms for TomorrowFrom Heirlooms for TomorrowBy: Linda Johnson... which features original dolls by Linda Johnson. She has created a tutorial on how to create Helen Pringle style dolls, with a wonderful section on painting and finishing faces, creating trapunto-style sausage urls, etc. written by: Linda Johnson
To stiffen the fabric to prepare for painting:
Materials needed:
Doll body with sewing finished except for attaching arms and legs
1 inch width stiff bristled brush (or smaller for smaller dolls)
1 inch Sable brush or fine haired brush
Liquitex modeling paste (a pint will do many dolls)
Liquitex Gel medium (a pint will do many dolls also)
Liquitex Gesso (I use white but colored is okay)
(I use only Liquitex products for the preparation!! The others that I have tried get really chalky and/or crack!! They are available at any art supply store....and Walmart in some areas. I get mine from Michael's craft store. I am sure there are cheaper ones,
but don't skimp here! For one doll, the smaller quantity will do. I buy it by the gallon!!)
Quilting thread or heavy thread (color doesn't matter)
Paper clips or Safety Pins
Clothes Hanger
Masking Tape (get the good stuff!)
Plastic wrap or large plastic bags big enough for the doll
Fine sandpaper
A water mister if you are doing it in a dry area
Wash the fabric you are using for the doll to remove any sizing or dust. (I heard that argh!!!)
The doll pattern I use is my own. It is a one piece body with the head attached but without the arms and legs sewn on.....yet. Any pattern will do! I was thinking that Elinor Peace Bailey's, "Anne of the Celtic Mist" ( or similar patterns) would be cute done this way! Make sure that all of your body (ears, noses, breasts....etc.), fingers, toes and joints are finished!
Note* If you have never painted a doll before and you are not confident enough to paint right on the doll, start with a 'pancake' type doll. (a two piece doll like a raggedy ann or basic rag doll) Trace the head on fabric, prepare the fabric like these directions tell you, and paint that. You can use an old embroidery hoop that is bigger than the head to keep it tight if you want to, this just makes it easier to paint. Then sew the face on when you are finished painting and sealing it. Make sure you use masking tape where you are going to sew. It is very difficult to sew through the painted part.
Now Get Brave!!
I mask off the doll body with masking tape and plastic wrap on the areas I don't want to get the messy mixture on! This leaves the areas I want to prepare for painting exposed. I mask it like you would see on a bisque doll head with the squared off shoulders. Then I sew a cord to the bottom of the doll and tie it to a paper clip for hanging on a clothes hanger later for drying.
You can do the arms and legs the same way. Mask off the ends that are going to be sewn to the body. I mask off about 1 1/2 inches on the top of the arms (leaving the hand and forearm exposed) and about a 1/2 inch from the knee up (leaving the shin and foot exposed) You want to leave the masked areas as just plain fabric so you can attach them to the body!!
Sew a 3 inch or so doubled quilting thread to the bottom of each. Attach a paper clip or safety pin to the end of the thread.
I use the paper clip to hang them from a clothes hanger later when they are drying. Then, I put them in a closet or a place that is not being used looks kind of gruesome with all of those bodies, arms and legs hanging upside down....he he he. Or you can put them in a coffee can, weight it with rocks or marbles or something so it doesn't tip over.
Here we go!
I mix a 50:50 blend of modeling paste (a marble dust mixed in a latex base) and gel medium. I use a well cleaned plastic butter tub with a lid to mix it in. That way you can leave it over night and it won't dry out.
Using a 1 inch width brush, I apply the first coat heavy enough to not see too much fabric showing through. Try not to get large built up areas but you don't have to worry about brush strokes at this stage. Use your brush to remove excessive mixture from creases, like around the ears and nose. If it starts to dry too fast, mist it with water. Let it dry over night in an undisturbed area, upside down hanging from its paper clip.
Apply the second coat in the same manner. Let dry overnight.
At this stage, you shouldn't be able to see any fabric. Lightly sand out any brushstrokes. Don't sand too hard or you will go down and damage the fabric! Use a slightly damp soft cloth to remove the dust.
Apply the third coat. Let dry overnight.
The surface should be now hard and warm. If it is white all over, lightly sand out any brushstrokes. Use a slightly damp soft cloth to remove the dust. (If it is cool and splotchy with gray spots, it is not dry yet! Also, If it is not hard all over when you tap with a fingernail, you will need to apply another coat and sand it.)
I mix my Gesso with the gel medium: two parts gesso to one part gel medium. Apply two coats of this mix allowing to dry completely between coats. Sand if it needs it.
If at this point you have any 'craters' that you are not happy with, you can let the modeling paste get thick by letting some air dry a little and fill in the craters.
[I wrote to Liquitex and they said that you can glue (using the gel medium) on top of this. I had asked this because I decided to put ears on her after I was at this stage. This would be great for clay parts too.]
All Right!! You are ready to paint!! It looks cool now huh? A face waiting to happen!!
I leave the masking tape, plastic, and the paper clip on until I am finished painting. Take care when removing the masking tape after you have painted it so that you don't chip the paint.
You can use either oil or latex paint on this. It is whatever you prefer! The traditional method is using oils with linseed oil to give the face depth and easy blending abilities, but for those of you that can't use oils because of health reasons, latex is just great! Oils take longer to dry though, but the effect is worth it! From doing research and from experience, using cobalt or Japanese dryers to make the oils dry faster, allows cracking and peeling over time! Always use oils in a well ventilated place!
Also in closing here is a couple links of some wonderful doll artists who create or collect and Love Izannah Walker dolls, Helen Pringle ,I'm sure you know them all. Some times even if you do not agree with the style of the doll..It is the techniques that is what makes it so interesting.. .But gosh golly it is always wonderful to look and drool again!! what I call truly yesteryear heros for sure! Hugs and Blessing...Sherrie

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Workshop teaches us how

Happy Saturday every one..well have to tell you what I did..I started up the lawn mower yesterday..felt a pull in my right biggie, went on mowed the yard..finished up took a hot shower and had a great up this morning in pain like you would not believe
the kind where you can not take a deep breath.. I wanted to just ignore it ..figured it would loosen
up with hubby and I went to get a few groceries..Bad idea!! Once we made it back home I was moaning very loudly getting out of the car into the house..Found some vicadon from a root canal a year ago..Took a full on the couch in no pain as long as I don't move..sheeze..Gene my hubby is making dinner and for me to keep my bunns planted on the couch! so I'm on the lap top reading my email and came across this nifty tutoroil...}(Please for give any mis-spelled words tis the pain pills fault}
I'm thinking these would be great add in's for gifts..Creating them in our own style of medium..
The Natural Beauty Workshop teaches us how to make all-natural body powders, plus a quick-to-stitch fabric powder puff to apply it with.

Friday, October 03, 2008

My New Dolls

This is one of my new dolls, I'm creating her in to a E-Pattern, Whoa! I decided to try my hand at making E-Patterns, This patttern will be about painting a dolls face vintage style, and aslo about vintage aging. Reminiscent doll of yesteryear...She has a 3 darts head.. She is 15 in.
This is my second newest doll , I'm making in to a E-Pattern also...Early Vintage Rag Doll...
9 inches tall. This is going to be fantastic E-pattern for learning four styles of cloth doll creations!Prim, Folk Art, Vintage, Whimsy, Style’s

Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Apple Picking Tote

I found this really cool tote bag tutorial by:Purl Bee
it would be great to make to go along with a really pretty fall apron too!!..Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and Thank You Purl Bee *Molly * for creating this tutorial for all of us!
The Purl Bee shares a tutorial for making this beautiful linen and cotton reusable tote, inspired by that beloved harvest-time activity, apple picking!

Molly's Sketchbook: An Apple Picking Tote

Molly used Globalweave's Loose Weave Linen from India for the body of the bag and I totally fell in love with it. It has the most amazing heavy drape and natural look. This fabric would also make very elegant curtains or the base of a lovely embroidery project.If you want to make your very own apple picking bag check out my Apple Picking Tote Project Journal. Of course you don't just have to use this bag to lug apples, it's sturdy enough to take to the farmers market or grocery store. And if you live in California you could use it to pick oranges! Here are two "pick your own" apple orchards in New York State that I have enjoyed visiting:Wilklow Orchard Wright's Apple Farm For other states (and even more orchards in New York) check out Pick Your Own.Enjoy! --Molly

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Humble Arts October Offerings,Lemon Poppy Seeds, October 1st..New Offerings

Hello All The Humble Arts have all new offerings for you to come by and see!!
This is a amazing group of artists and sooooo talented!!..Sherrie

The Humble Arts newsletter for October

The Humble Arts October edition is now open for your perusal!

We welcome you to come and visit and find something special to add to
your enjoyment of the seasons.

We have Punkins, Santas, Angels . . . stockings, dolls, samplers . . .
everything handmade and ready to arrive at your door.

Come and take a peek at:

Lemon Poppy Seeds, October 1st..New Offerings!!!Lemon Poppy Seeds is where you'll find everything Perfectly Primitive and Only Primitives and Primitive Folk Art! Come by and see these wonderful artists art work!!...Sherrie

Lemon Poppy Seeds is an exclusive gathering of Artisans and Crafters who create simple or early Primitives, Extreme Primitive Crafts, Primitive Folk Art and Collectibles, and an awesome collection of primitive portraits, primitive furniture, antique Primitives and primitive reproductions as well! We'll even be adding an Extreme Primitive Pattern section too, so stay tuned!