Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Please meet Ann and Andy Strawberries

Okay for give me for all my excitement here.. I just have to tell some body or burst! I have finished a really awesome E-Pattern...and I'm just so proud of my self. ..It is a wonderful Whimsy Folk Art style... Raggedy Ann and Andy Strawberries. Their 18 inches and just so want to be held and hugged. What I'm so excited about is I really packed this E-pattern with a lot of little extras too. Like my aging formulas, How to use brown paper bags for sanding, Toes, and more..While creating this pattern I was thinking about when I first began making dolls I was sooooo naive, I didn't even know what a template was, and using freezer paper was another planet to me..Even as I'm writing this I'm thinking oh I should have added this and that too.But gosh I didn't want to write volumes for a simple raggedy pattern ! There is 17 pages already..Can you tell I'm a newbie..I promise I will get better as I go along..But I did add the aging formulas, and that's 4 pages right there, Plus pictures:) whew!
Here is Ann's face Here is Andy's face
And they both have stitched fingers and toes..

ya know it's just the accomplishment of it all to me that is so rewarding, It is like another dream or goal no matter how tiny it is you have accomplish it!! Ya it is a bonus when people buy your patterns or dolls what ever you create, and that is always a nice thing, But I guess I'm weird ...I look at that dream or goal I had and that I actually did it and finished it, That's the high for me.

Thanks for letting me Hoot N Holler and doing the HaPpY DaNcE TOo:)



Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Woo Hoo!! Congratulations darlin'!! You should be proud!! What a lil' sweetheart she is!!
I love all your dollies. :> )