Saturday, October 04, 2008

Workshop teaches us how

Happy Saturday every one..well have to tell you what I did..I started up the lawn mower yesterday..felt a pull in my right biggie, went on mowed the yard..finished up took a hot shower and had a great up this morning in pain like you would not believe
the kind where you can not take a deep breath.. I wanted to just ignore it ..figured it would loosen
up with hubby and I went to get a few groceries..Bad idea!! Once we made it back home I was moaning very loudly getting out of the car into the house..Found some vicadon from a root canal a year ago..Took a full on the couch in no pain as long as I don't move..sheeze..Gene my hubby is making dinner and for me to keep my bunns planted on the couch! so I'm on the lap top reading my email and came across this nifty tutoroil...}(Please for give any mis-spelled words tis the pain pills fault}
I'm thinking these would be great add in's for gifts..Creating them in our own style of medium..
The Natural Beauty Workshop teaches us how to make all-natural body powders, plus a quick-to-stitch fabric powder puff to apply it with.


Kelly said...

Sherrie I hope your shoulder is better quickly. I love your music on your blog - means I have to go find my Nightmare before Christmas DVD. LOL. Great things on your blog too. Really enjoyed my visit. Take care and get back on your feet soon.

vivian said...

uh oh! hope your shoulder is feeling better soon! I did something to my right knee last week and for two days thought Id probably end up having to have surgery! but a sweet friend prayed for me and it is better!! now my left one is bothering me! pain sucks.. so does getting "older" wont call it "old" yet! though i did turn a year older last week!!
love the doll in her last post! so cute!
have a great week

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

((((Kelly))))What great suprise to hear from you my long time friend..How are you?? I'm feeling better ,not over doing thats some thing new for me:)Thanks for coming by!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hey vivian! Girl prayer really changes things for the good!I see you have been very creative ,Your porch looks awesome!Hope your feeling better too and remember,We don't get older we get better!!!