Monday, March 31, 2008

Low Fat Chewy Fruit Oatmeal Bars

Hope this finds you doing good and I hope spring has sprung for you! Its getting down right HOT here already...
Here is that recipe..My goodness it was a huge success here,Gene said yesterday "we are almost out of it better make more"
I sure don't mind baking or cooking when they request for more wow!
Low Fat Chewy Fruit Oatmeal Bars
3/4 cups packed brown sugar
12 cup white sugar
8 ounce vanilla or plain yogurt
2 egg whites
2-TBS vegetable oil
2-TBS fat free milk
2 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1-tsp baking soda
1- tsp ground cinnamon
3 -cups rolled Quaker oats
1 cup diced dried fruit
I used raisins,apricots,peaches,all equaling a cup and I threw in a hand full of sun flower seeds roasted this gave a nutty flavor

oven 350...large bowl combine sugars,yogurt,egg whites,oil,milk,vanilla, mix well,combine...flour, baking soda,cinnamon, mix well,
prepare 13x9 pan with Pam
spread dough on bottom 28 - 32 mintues till golden brown
cool on wire rack then cut into bars..
today I'm goin to make these same bars again,but use prunes and raisins, peaches on one have and the other have use cranberries with raisins, and sunflower seeds...
let me know if you bake then and how you like them!!Thet are fantastic as breakfast, snacks, to just fill you up! Great when dieting, When you crave some thing sweet these are great for that also.
Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Miniature doll and bear swap!!

WhOHOOoo Vivianne of Vivs-Whimsy is having a fantastic Miniature doll and bear swap!!!!!
Sign ups start NOW through April 5th and mail out date of May 10th!
To sign up email
Thats allot of time to sin up and create and mail out tada~~
include your name,email address, home address, blog address, or flickr site
Vivianne says : make either a miniature doll or bear and include some small prop with it. Miniature meaning under 6 inches tall. The doll or bear must be handmade by a very talented you. The prop can be either made by yourself or you may purchase something to go with it.
Stop by Vivianne's blog to read more and to enjoy her miniatures
and be sure to join!
What Fun!!
Hugs Sherrie

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glamorous Pincushion Swap

Glamorous Pincushion Swap
Glamorous Pincushion Swap,
originally uploaded by craftsty.
I just adored this pin cushion it is created by: craftsty you can see her beautiful work at
I would love to actually see needle felting done ,I find it so soft and whimsy looking,There is just some thing so innocent looking
Hugs Sherrie

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The -100-Art-Dolls-Challenge

The -100-Art-Dolls-Challenge I found a great Blog last week called , by Stacey Apeitos and Arrigo Dorissa It amazed me and it said to check in every Tuesday. Then today I remembered to check in! Was I glad I have..I was reading some of the cooments and read a note left by Dooflinky Dolls & Designs Dooflinky had posted about this challenge on her blog
Thank You Dooflinky
I downloaded the pdf about the challenge whether you choose to join the challenge or just enjoy these gals amazing talents it is doffently worth taking time every Tuesday and stopping by

*In A Minute Ago*

Ever just want to sit and let your fingers do the walking?
Well Sharon B of *In A Minute Ago* has done all the work for us..Pop on over to her wonderful blog and see what all she has done for us
I quote:
What is in the list? These blogs are written by textile practitioners who are actively making and contributing to the community online. So you will find bloggers who quilt, stitch, dye, sew and embellish fabric. Readers here are often interested in visual/art journals so I have included these blogs too. This subject area often overlaps into areas like ATCs (artists trading cards), Altered books and book arts. Blogs that cover these topics are often included particularly if the techniques discussed can be applied to art journals. Some are also art/design blogs since I see textile practice as an art."

SharonB has done allot of wonderful research and shares it with us all, Besides that her blog has got to one of most interesting reads ever. Have a reat day Sherrie

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tagged Again!!

lucy awesomeOkay Hope you aren't bored readin about 5 things about me..div align="center">Lisa my friend from Skunk Hollow Country Store has tagged me !
#1: When I make a PBJ sandwich I first spread butter on it then peanut butter then grape jam..Yes I'm picky about my PBJ:)
#2: my favorites colors purple and bright teal green
#3: my eye color is Aqua not blue but a true Aqua,people always ask if Im wearing contacts..
#4 : I'm short and pleasantly plump..Now I really don't know about the pleasantly But I'm trying to rid my self of the ole plump!~:)
#5: LOve Pincushions and Aprons
Alrighty...I must ta 5 new people be right back I must go search for 5 people :))

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I received the most GORGEOUS apron from Lori Slattery. is amazing, the hand work the colors!!It is the MOST gorgeousapron I have ever owned Thank You from my Heart! Thank YOU!!! Sherrie

She stitched my initials !! SN
Alrighty I'm thinking of planning a Apron Swap!!! Any One interested??

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter !+++

In Old Testament times, the priest would bring bulls, goats or a spotless lamb without any blemishes to be sacrificed as a sin offering for himself and for the people. The blood would purify and make atonement (forgive, make amends) for their sins. This was the old order of atonement. When Jesus came, He was a representation of the sacrificial lamb to take away the sins of the world. He was the final sacrifice. We no longer have to sacrifice animals to make atonement for our sins. Jesus has done this once and for all. It’s His blood that cleanses us from all sin. He was crucified on the cross (the form of execution in those days). The sin of the world was upon Him, yet He was without sin and blameless. He bore it all. This is why Jesus is referred to as the ‘Lamb of God’. He was bodily resurrected (came back to life) on the third day. He appeared to many – eating and drinking with them. He appeared to them for 40 days, then ascended (went up to) Heaven.Acts 1: 1-11

For further study look at:
Hebrews chapter 9

Leviticus chapter 4

Isaiah chapter 53

Rachael Direnna's

originally uploaded by rachael direnna.
I LOVE Rachael Direnna's art work..Plus she is a very nice person,Her art work really intrigues me, So much I wish I could take a real life lesson with her...Take a peek at her album and see all her art work..
Have a Very Blessed Easter !!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our chirps of spring time

wow can you believe Sunday is EASTER!!!
I sure can't..Our chirps of spring time...Chipper the parakeet that is the white and blue one ,I have had him 6 yrs and Sunday Valerie (our daughter)surprised me with the beautiful teal color one who is a female and we put in a breeders box in time will have babies..I named her Oso = Oh Silent One
She acted like she wasn't going to make it for several days but prayer has changed things she is eating and is lively now..Chipper is so gentle with her..
also for 1 year have a set of finches,I LOVE to hear their tiny chirps so soothing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Humble Arts Door Prizes

Happy Anniversary to US! This is our FIRST and we are going to be celebrating the entire month! We will be having drawings throughout the month of March! You must be signed up to be eligible to receive some of the wonderful little gifties we are offering!

We have TWO winners drawn on - March 16, 2008!
Congrats go to:
This weeks two winners are:Angela Prince-Bex andJudith FoxThe artists who have so generously donated for this week's drawing are:Doreen of Vermont HarvestandFlora of Bonehead StudioJudith Fox will be receiving a whimsical little giftie from Flora!
Angela will be receving her wonderful spring surprise from Doreen!
Previous winners are:Susan Saint-Leaves Mandie Lancaster
Ladies, your artists will be contacting YOU to get your particulars. Thank YOU for being a Humble Arts supporter!!

Alrighty Come On and join: Just scroll to the bottom of their page! ...Hugs Sherrie

OH! for got to add:
MARCH 23rd announcement of new winners!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I got tagged

I got tagged from my friend Pam Garcia from is a very talented designers, Her creations always make me smile and ive ya the warm fuzzies to!Alrighty Pam has taged me..

Here I'm to name 5 goodies about myself that ya'll don't know.Interesting hmmm I don't knowNow this could be dangerous:)) are ya ready heeere goes!I didn't know what to say so I asked my kids and hubby... Here is a couple things they said and a couple things I said:)
#1:couple things I want to do,but haven't yet.Pierce side of my nose and my belly button ( but I'm out voted):(
#2:love to dip my cookies in a galss of milk!
#3:I'm honest almost to a fault
#4:One Guinness Beer ooo I'm numb
#5:I still have that 60's wild streak or streaking:)

Now to pass this on to 5 more people and they have to say five secrets about themselves.Alrighty the lucky 5 are:
#1: Mo
#2: Cookie
3: De
#4: Sharon
#5: Terri

How to make fabric from plastic bags!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I want to tell you all about "Primitive Peddlers"
Is a Unique Directory to the Best Primitives on the Web!
Its owner and artist is Cathy Jackson
This incredible idea is awesome highly suggest you check into it for your own business.. Cathy truly does a out standing job..It is priced Perfectly It is brand new. Cathy really gets all your own avenues out there.. She has designed it where it is beautiful, eye catching and very informentive, andIt is ALL about YOU! I am a proud member and I'm just so excited about this venture I wanted to share this with you all, I do not work there, Nor really know Cathy except for her gorgeous patterns and talent... But I did join and it is one of the best things I have ever done for my self and my business.. Check out the Primitive Peddlers! ((((Hugs)))) Sherrie

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Miracle Messy Mixture

Goin through my notes I have saved over the years,I was so excited to have found the messy mixture!! Wanted to share this with you all Hugs Sherrie

The Cloth Doll Magazine, 1988"Miracle Messy Mixture "For Strengthing Cloth Doll Heads By: Helen Pringle a mixture of one half modeling paste and one half acrylic gel medium.Applie in multiple thin coats to the doll head and arms before thye are painted.The brand I use is Liquitex Modeling Paste and Liquitex Acrylic Gel Medium,available at most craft and art supply houses, (Arylic Matted Medium could be used in place of the Gel Medium,,But the Gel Medium makes a smoother mix which doesn't show brush marks)Buy the smallest sizes you can get, as the paste begins to harden once it is opened. Use a good brush and save it just for the mixture. I've tried every kind of brush , and found I prefer a 3/4 " soft nylon "exploded tip" as it seems to minimize brush marks and cleans easily. Cover your work surface witj plastic sheeting or newspaper. Mix well one part paste to one part medium in a clean, small glass jar with a tight fitting lid and a mouth wide enough to admit the brush easily such as a pimento jar,I add water sparinly, a few drops at a time, when the mixture begins to thicken. If too much water is added , poor adhesion will result ,Clean up is done with soap and water.The features and the shape of the head and arms are less likely to shift or flatten, as sometimes happens in old rag dolls painted directly on the cloth.The hardened surface makes an excellent base for the painting which follows , Whether using acrylics or oils.(Remember thta oils can cover acrylics, But not vice versa, If in doubt read the labels on the jars and tubes when painting .) While testing various under coatings, I always coated a head and then slammed it repeatedly into a table corner. Acrylic varnish cracked,gesso cracked, but not the "Miracle Messy Mixture ". The coated head finally tore. But even deep dents slowly healed,The purpose of this method is to prolon the life of the paint and to help avoid permanent dents,It is not meant to imitate other materials or mediums, or to fool any one.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Working On!

I have been busy yeppers in my sewin room and creating!! Here is my new offering for The Humble Arts..
Gang picture..Working on another pin keep and a cute mouse!
Well I did get my primitive pin keep finished , so I have added the pictures..She will be my offering on March 15 !!
Nice Primitive Pin Keep ! Using a Pattern by:Primitive Little Queen : Two Dancing CrowsGiving her my Symple Tymes touches...7 inches tall, She has a nice round bottom,Sits so lady like.. Button jointed arms, White and Black tutu style skirt with beading,Hand painted face..Beautiful blue eyes,Sealed, Pin Keep tp hold all your pins ..While giving you her dreamy blue eyes look !! .. *Not Shown* Have also my Raggy Annie Family nearly finished! Don't ya love it when ya get on a creative roll !!TaDa~~ oh Yes!!! So what are you all workin on? Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I'm so honored and priviledged to have received this wonderful award!!!
Flora of has blessed me with this award.
wow stop and think "You Made My day" Isn't it amazing when some says that to you!!
It really makes the sharing even some times your most heart felt feeling Maybe some normaly you would say, Because ya know behind these key boards are super women! nawww just your good ole normal wonderful evey day womanwomen who jsut loves to share and to bring a nugget to start their day and it always comes right back and knocks my own socks off!
Thank You Flora once aain sweetie..
Now I'm suppose to give it to 10 other people who "Make My Day"
whew this is really hard :

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Early American CornCob Doll Tutorial

Oh gosh! Jill Howard of The Fruit Of Her Hands
Has the most interesting Tutorial on how to make a real corn husk doll
I quote Jill :This is a perfect safe project to do with your children as you explain to them that earlier pioneer children used to play with these.
Here is a bit of history on these wonderful little dolls;
I'm doing some grocerie shopping tomorrow and think I will pick up some fresh corn and look and see by chance if the still have some dried corncobs around!
This looks fun and the history is so neat!
Go on over and let Jill know you have visited her blog to leave a comment it sure means alot!!
Hugs and Thank You Sherrie

Commitment and Schedule

I hope this will help even just one person..I'm sharing this straight from my heart. If there is any one out there that feels like their work just isn't good enough, Yet they have such a desire and passion to create, Or finds they just do not have time or needs to organize, life schedule , print this out tape it where you will see it all the time...I have printed the bottom part out and placed it over my working table...
I took some time and I sat back and really did a " look at my self " and my art ...and here is what I saw..It really does come down to commitment in all area's , I stand with my hand raised and say I will admit I my self have not been as committed as I should have been, I'm so sorry... . You know it's so hard some times to sit back and be so critical of ones self,

I look at all this amazing and totally awesome talent there is and it blows me away! Then I think Gosh how can I put my piece of work up for all to see.

Then I found my self talking as if I would if it was another
person I was talking to...
But it's how you grow and the only way one will grow.I do sell now and then so some people really like my work..I realized I was my own worse enemy!

I had to ask Question: "Sherrie do you like or Love what your doing ?

Answer: I love what I'm doing! Question: Do you wish n hope or do you

Have fun and keep on keeping on and growing?

Answer: :( I wish n hope and struggle

Answer to it all tada~

#1: Firm Decision #2: Commitment

I have made a decision I'm 100% committed to work.I have been with The Humble Arts since it opened and we just celebrated our first birthday.

So Instead of sitting back and wishing,

I decided to do the opposite what I have been doing , take the plunge and to get my self out there. So I joined Primitive Peddlers and Lemon Poppie Seeds.
Here is my own personal the organize, life schedule , Commitment
Personalize to be your own schedule
Tidy the house right after supper, So I don't have it to do in the morning
(We have our home up for sale so have to really keep it neat n clean)
Then relax doing hand work on a doll or a hand project while spending family time.This also relaxes me for a good night sleep
(Stay off computer of a evening.) I find I get so much more (art) finished and have fun with family: Or even just snuggle in while every one is watching a movie and I read a magazine or book..(Remember like we all use to before computers!!)
Always keep your sewing area picked up. I know it is great to be creative and at times I'm one of the biggest slobs because I'm on a roll, But after your project is finished (and get into the habit ) with each and every project STOP: and clean your work area and keep it organize.( just put every thing for that project back into it'd named basket ) .Trust me you actually will have such creative ideas when your environment is organize... Get a box or basket...
Place in it every thing you will need for the one project.
I'm a multi tasker and sense ...
I belong to 4 groups plus my own I have 5 baskets with the names on front
The Humble Arts Basket : project blah blah
Primitive Peddlers Basket : project blah blah
Lemon Poppie Seeds Basket : project blah blah
ArtisansChronicles Basket : project blah blah
Swap Basket : project blah blah
I always now know exactly what I'm makin and for
which group and how far along I'm with each projrct.
I'm in bed by 9 or 10 pm up at 6am ...(My hubby is in bed by 9pm cause he is up at 5 Am he leaves for work by 5:30Am ,he is home by 3pm..)
I'm up at 6am...Have coffee read email get dressed
Then start my day:
Just like you are LEAVING the house for work out side the house..You have gotten ready for your job ONLY it's inside your house.
I start my day :Computer hours 6:30 am to 8am..
Working hours Tuesday Wednesdays, Fridays,~9 am to 4 pm..
Mondays and Thursday are errand Mornings.. 9 - 12 ~ Work 12:30 to 4pm
Break 15 mintues every two hours ..Stretches, walk..and go out side
Computer eve hours : 6pm to 7:30pm then I shut off my computer for the night...(of course there are times I need to be on at a different time earlier or later,) but I do try to stick to this computer Commitment and Schedule
#1: Firm Decision
#2: Commitment
#3: Structure
#4: Being actively involved in my groups
The Humble Arts
Primitive Peddlers
Lemon Poppie Seeds
#5: not to over extend my self
WellP that is it..Time will tell so watch me grow and you will see if I'm sticking to this Commitment and Schedule
* Happy Monday Big Smiles*!!!Hugs Sherrie

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A celebration to share and it will knock the socks of YOU!

I have got a celebration to share and it will knock the socks of YOU!

Where you ask ...Here: the Humble Arts,

Yeppers ! we are celebrating one year Old!!! Our 1 Year Anniversary!

We are a group of artisans banded together to offer you fine handmade items with a vintage, classic look and feel. We offer various items for your perusal and purchase, including, but not limited to handcrafted dolls, signs, needlework, and some hand me downs. Our goal is to create original one of a kind quality items, heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next
It's been a very successful year for us @ The Humble Arts (HARTS)
I must give credit where credit is do and That is with the leader author and creator :)of The Humble Harts
"Blondie Spence" Blondie had a dream , Not about her self , but for all Artisan's
who were looking for a safe haven , a place where they are given a chance to sell their wares and be promoted and support for every member , Blondie has carried the load of this vision up loading our wares weekly and monthly..

Patiently over looking our/my tardiness and along encouraging us .
Blondie is a Wife, Mom, working out side of her home as a Hair Dresser,
Commitment: Blondie is Committed to God and her Family,
and The Humble Harts
I do not know how this remarkable woman does it , Yet Blondie loves her gals at The Humble Arts , giving hours hours to up loads, Newsletters, Keeping the blog/chat/group/eBay group all going for all of us, The Humble Arts First Anniversary!! would not be if Blondie had not shared her dream, her vision with us. Thank You Blondie!!!!! We Love You!
We have grown beyond our wildest dreams.
Not only in talent , Not only in the sales of our Monthly offerings
But with in our selves and also as a group. We have grown together,
Hand to hand ,Heart to heart...Truly as a family should be,
We have had great joys and laughs, and hard times and tearful times ,
The Humble Arts stood and shared it all together with love, respect ,prayers, for each other. What a wonderful "First Year" it has been!!
It's our honor to invite you ALL to our CELEBRATION!!!
In honor of our 1st birthday

The Humble Arts girls have donated some really kewl and unique gifts as our way of saying "Thank You" To YOU ALL".
How do I get a gift you ask:
Its easy, Just go sign up on the mailing list for the Humble Arts Newsletter (its totally free) ...This will enter your name in to the drawings Also, make a purchase on the Humble Arts during the entire month of March and again your name will be entered into the drawing ! Come On, There are lots of great give aways going on....stop byThe Humble Arts and sign up for their mailing list and it will automatically qualify you for the drawings.
Thank You ALL once aain Much Love and Hugs Sherrie