Monday, March 17, 2008

How to make fabric from plastic bags!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Wow!! Now that is interesting!! Thank you for sharing that!! That is going in my brain bank for later use for sure!! LOL!!

Rilda Peel said...

Neat ideal!! Thanks for sharing!
Have a blessed and prospeerous 2008! rilda *U*

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Thank You Stacey and Rilda..I couldn't believe it when I watched the video either..they *Tubes * have several videos showing what all the create from this fabric..
Hugs Sherrie

Cookie said...

amazing Sherrie!
We went to Mali West Africa twice and there are so many plastic bags scattered everywhere that they have dubbed them the "Flower of Mali".
It's sad to see - but this could serve multipurposes for them! I'm gonna have to try it out :)