Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The -100-Art-Dolls-Challenge

The -100-Art-Dolls-Challenge I found a great Blog last week called , MyArtSelf.com by Stacey Apeitos and Arrigo Dorissa It amazed me and it said to check in every Tuesday. Then today I remembered to check in! Was I glad I have..I was reading some of the cooments and read a note left by Dooflinky Dolls & Designs http://dooflinkydolls.blogspot.com/ Dooflinky had posted about this challenge on her blog
Thank You Dooflinky
I downloaded the pdf about the challenge http://www.myartself.com/stacey/pdf/100_artdollschallenge.pdf whether you choose to join the challenge or just enjoy these gals amazing talents it is doffently worth taking time every Tuesday and stopping by MyArtSelf.com


Anonymous said...

Hey! Dooflinky checking in here and you are very welcome. I have to thank YU for giving me a mention on your blog. I hope you join in the 100-dolls-challenge.


SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Joyce I Thank You for blogging about the 100-dolls-challenge! I would not have known about it,I will email you I'm not sure about every thing about the 100-dolls-challenge Are we to make our own or we to create what is on the MyArtSelf.com ?