Monday, March 31, 2008

Low Fat Chewy Fruit Oatmeal Bars

Hope this finds you doing good and I hope spring has sprung for you! Its getting down right HOT here already...
Here is that recipe..My goodness it was a huge success here,Gene said yesterday "we are almost out of it better make more"
I sure don't mind baking or cooking when they request for more wow!
Low Fat Chewy Fruit Oatmeal Bars
3/4 cups packed brown sugar
12 cup white sugar
8 ounce vanilla or plain yogurt
2 egg whites
2-TBS vegetable oil
2-TBS fat free milk
2 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1-tsp baking soda
1- tsp ground cinnamon
3 -cups rolled Quaker oats
1 cup diced dried fruit
I used raisins,apricots,peaches,all equaling a cup and I threw in a hand full of sun flower seeds roasted this gave a nutty flavor

oven 350...large bowl combine sugars,yogurt,egg whites,oil,milk,vanilla, mix well,combine...flour, baking soda,cinnamon, mix well,
prepare 13x9 pan with Pam
spread dough on bottom 28 - 32 mintues till golden brown
cool on wire rack then cut into bars..
today I'm goin to make these same bars again,but use prunes and raisins, peaches on one have and the other have use cranberries with raisins, and sunflower seeds...
let me know if you bake then and how you like them!!Thet are fantastic as breakfast, snacks, to just fill you up! Great when dieting, When you crave some thing sweet these are great for that also.
Hugs Sherrie

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vivian said...

Hi Sherrie,
your recipe sounds good!
I ate sooo much junk today I cant stand myself! Ha!
thank you for posting my swap! I think we are up to 18 girls now. 3are international! Denmark, Germany and England. so were off to a great start!