Sunday, March 02, 2008

A celebration to share and it will knock the socks of YOU!

I have got a celebration to share and it will knock the socks of YOU!

Where you ask ...Here: the Humble Arts,

Yeppers ! we are celebrating one year Old!!! Our 1 Year Anniversary!

We are a group of artisans banded together to offer you fine handmade items with a vintage, classic look and feel. We offer various items for your perusal and purchase, including, but not limited to handcrafted dolls, signs, needlework, and some hand me downs. Our goal is to create original one of a kind quality items, heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next
It's been a very successful year for us @ The Humble Arts (HARTS)
I must give credit where credit is do and That is with the leader author and creator :)of The Humble Harts
"Blondie Spence" Blondie had a dream , Not about her self , but for all Artisan's
who were looking for a safe haven , a place where they are given a chance to sell their wares and be promoted and support for every member , Blondie has carried the load of this vision up loading our wares weekly and monthly..

Patiently over looking our/my tardiness and along encouraging us .
Blondie is a Wife, Mom, working out side of her home as a Hair Dresser,
Commitment: Blondie is Committed to God and her Family,
and The Humble Harts
I do not know how this remarkable woman does it , Yet Blondie loves her gals at The Humble Arts , giving hours hours to up loads, Newsletters, Keeping the blog/chat/group/eBay group all going for all of us, The Humble Arts First Anniversary!! would not be if Blondie had not shared her dream, her vision with us. Thank You Blondie!!!!! We Love You!
We have grown beyond our wildest dreams.
Not only in talent , Not only in the sales of our Monthly offerings
But with in our selves and also as a group. We have grown together,
Hand to hand ,Heart to heart...Truly as a family should be,
We have had great joys and laughs, and hard times and tearful times ,
The Humble Arts stood and shared it all together with love, respect ,prayers, for each other. What a wonderful "First Year" it has been!!
It's our honor to invite you ALL to our CELEBRATION!!!
In honor of our 1st birthday

The Humble Arts girls have donated some really kewl and unique gifts as our way of saying "Thank You" To YOU ALL".
How do I get a gift you ask:
Its easy, Just go sign up on the mailing list for the Humble Arts Newsletter (its totally free) ...This will enter your name in to the drawings Also, make a purchase on the Humble Arts during the entire month of March and again your name will be entered into the drawing ! Come On, There are lots of great give aways going on....stop byThe Humble Arts and sign up for their mailing list and it will automatically qualify you for the drawings.
Thank You ALL once aain Much Love and Hugs Sherrie

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