Monday, April 30, 2007

Back from vacation!

Good Morning !! Well here it is Monday! Hubby has gone to work, and it is my first day alone in over a week!
Awww Who ever said silence is golden, Must have had the same routine I enjoy having..
Doing mornings at my own pace, Doing my own thing, working, creating walking
or any thing else again at my own pace,
We had a leisure spur of the moment type of vacation,
Really enjoyed the time with my sweet hubby ,
friends and our kids,But it is nice getting back in to the ole' routine..Here's a cup

of you favorite,Hope you all have a wonderful day! Create some thing!!!
Hugs Sherrie

Sunday, April 29, 2007

China Heads

I love "China Head Dolls" Recently I have been doing a bit of research about them, Well I was surprised and delighted to read"China Head Dolls can be either female or male . I had no idea there were male china heads.

China head dolls were made by various companies from 1840-1940. They were a popular toys for children.

China-head dolls are named China-head because their head, neck, and the tops of the shoulders are created from china. Also their hands and feet are created from china, Their bodies are created from fabric which then was stuffed , Also their bodies were made of kid, Some were also carved wood. The china pieces have holes for sewing the appendages onto the body.

china-head dolls were made to represent women rather than children. Most have molded hair or have a wig over a solid bald dome. Their sizes range from a tiny 3" to a big and probably heavy 40" tall. Many of the china head dolls are unmarked, or may have a mold number; it can be impossible to pinpoint the manufacturer, so most dolls are described and identified by their hairstyles.
China Head Doll - Dolly Madison head

Antique china head doll, circa 1860
1870's ,Waterfall hairstyle, This beauty is only 8 inches tall, Look at her sweet dress , Chine heads were always dress for their time period, I have found out as I continue me research they always seem to be very high fashioned in dress ..
I have decided to collect a few of these wonderful beautirs, So far I have 2,
One which is about 12 inches , She is old and needs to be dressed, The second one is only about 10 inches, She has her original dress!, They are packed away for moving, But I am going to try to find that box and un packed them!! Hugs Sherrie

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Japanese Craft Book #4 excerpt

OH MY GOSH ya'll must come and see this gal's Japanese Craft Books (Set) She has over 54 , and they all so inspirationalHope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did Hugs Sherrie

We are still on vacation

Well-P we are still on vacation..Still just taking it one day at time, doing what ever..
Thought I'd put of some of vacation pictures of what we have been doing so


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Charity Doll Drive From "Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Rosenfeld""

It is my prayer ALL doll makers will consider creating a doll for the Israeli children
Hugs Sherrie

Charity Doll Drive
From "Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Rosenfeld"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Royal pincushion

Royal pincushion
Originally uploaded by
I was surfing flickr tonight,, Looking at all the new and wonderful pincushions, I came upon this one...
How totally intriguing this pin cushion is to me.. See it through my eyes.
#1": I don't usually like browns, Don't hate them.. Just for me I don't like brown for me.. On others it is great
When I came across this pincushion it stopped me in my tracks.. Why???
"Intriguing" Totally !! who would have ever thought these colors would look so dramatic together ,
Yet balancing and complimenting each other so well.. This pincushion has a bit of Vintage to it along with a bit of
retro and yet it also has a mod feel to it. Isn't it amazing how other's art affects us as individuals, and just as
amazing is the colors and simplicity and the effect it has on us..
Take a look at "" other wonderful pincushions too
Hugs Sherrie

Friday, April 20, 2007

Patriotic Annie hanger pocket

Patriotic Annie hanger pockets Patriotic Annie hanger pockets it is my rendition of a Gloria Lowell pattern
called Annie Pocket..
Wall or Door Hanger..Heart is 10" X 8" with a pocket where I have made a 4 inch Annie Annie's face is hand drawn by me using soft colors and sealed, Annie's hair is created with decorative snow and then painted and sealed, She holds a ribbon which is attached to a smaller heart of 3 inches. Patriotic Annie is adorable and makes you smile and feel proud and Thankful for our United States Of America and our Freedom

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am a member of ATFP...A Time For Primitives...A group of Creative Souls sharing our knowledge with one another. Join us every week for new auctions! Be sure to add "ATFP" in your Ebay search bar, then click "Add search to Favorites" and you will be notified by Ebay when new "AFTP" auctions are on ebay!

Our new and very creative group, A Time For Primitives, decided to have a challenge "We knead to create"
What we did was incorporate bread dough medium into our creations !

What a fun and wonderful challenge, Come on Over and see every ones creations!

Awesome talent and awesome group of gal's , They are so helpful sharing and so sweet!!
I will see you all there
Hugs Sherrie

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On a personal note "Creativity "

After hearing about the tragic news in VA.. Praying for all, I felt kinda like 911 again, Thank God he has given us all a talent, To be creative and be inspired by others creativity,
Creativity is a healing which keeps us all strong,...I sat down decided to look at these many links I have here on my blog,
Taking in others beautiful creations, Colors that were bright, Creations that made me smile, Creations that show the whimsy side and, Beautiful yesteryear looks,

I then received a email from Pattern Mart mailing list , that I subscribe to,
There was the link to Kelle's new blog, So I just stopped and took time to do a bit of "Blog Wanderings" I want to share with you all, On a personal note one of my favorite New Blog Wanderings , The blog is "Two Dancing Crows"

What a inspiring woman Kelle Arvay is! She is such a fantastic artist and caring sharing person She is the founder of Pattern Mart

one of my own personal hang outs! I rarely order patterns anymore that you order through the mail, But 99% most of the time I order only E-Patterns, and Pattern Mart has a huge selection of Pattern Designers to select from and instant down load!
Pattern Mart also has a FREE on line magazine "Creative Times Magazine"
trust me when I say it is one of the very best online magazine, You all who know me , might remember when I wrote my own online magazine , How much time and research and hours and hours of on line time it takes to create a good magazine,
Doing it all by myself, I can fully under stand the under taking of putting a magazine together,Yet what a huge success it was,
Let me tell you "Creative Times Magazine" Has a wonderful staff and editor which work as a team and they turn out a fantastic bi-monthly magazine!!!!!!I wait patiently WELL maybe not sooooo patiently, ... I think I have worn out the link to "Creative Times Magazine" to see if the new edition is out :)
This is all just my own humble opinion I am not a member of Pattern Mart or "Creative Times Magazine" or associated in any way, Just a happy customer,
I'm a Fellow Artist who enjoys seeing other artists readings , growing, seeing what's new, and passing it on to other fellow artists!
Now Kelle has her own New Blog!!
It is just a delight to wander around and read such interesting posts, and links
The biggest thing I so enjoyed about "Two Dancing Crows" Blog is
It isn't about "Self" "or all about selling" It is about "Others, Inspiring new books to read, what's going on. What's new , Her blog is cheerful, Bright with colors, Eye Candy every where !! oh such fun!!
do your self a favor,YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Go right on over and take a long peep at "Two Dancing Crows"
Be sure to read some of Kelle's past messages
More Creations , Outdoor Decor , Miracle Money , Vintage Doll Repair Book ,Past Dolls , Never too old for make believe! , Have you ever tried Punch Needle? , More Eye Candy,

Alice In Wonder Land Swap

I belong to a pin doll exchange group (Pindoll Alley)

where each month we swap a pin doll with a partner based on the theme of that month.Our March theme was Alice in Wonderland.

My wonderful partner was Connie McBride Johnson ,
Connie's created her version of the little door complete with a key for me...

ALL completely hand made..The detail is magnificent!! I LOVE it!! and the neat thing is The door is my favorite character,and Connie had NO idea!Connie even made the key for the Door..Isn't is the neatest! Visit her studio Clothmatters

I created for Connie , a doll maker's apron for Connie to use when she is busy creation..Since the theme is Alice In Wonderland I created the apron with the focal point of the Cheshire Cat and also made a Alice In Wonderland Paper Doll

I directly printed the Cheshire Cat on to muslin through my printer, Then using wonder under I transfered the Cheshire Cat on to the apron, I then used paints of bright pink and purple , facial colors and sealed the edges with glitter clear and sealed all with a sealant, This will allow for years of wearing and washing!

The apron has two deep pockets to place all the doll makers suppies with out loosing them or having to hunt for them..Apron ties at the sides with white silk ribbon, This is the paper doll I made to go in the apron pocket ,She is Alice.

Monday, April 16, 2007

which fabric?

Ok picture doesn't show this really well , but this is the bodice of her dress, I am going to make long puffy leeves though, But her bodice is fitted to her body,

up dated: Started this morning with this gal looking half naked
and as of now have gotten this far with her, Will finish her tomorrow , I hope..

Now on to doll # 2 and choosing what fabric

ok click on pictures to have them enlarge, This is fabric A

This is fabric B

This is fabric C : Update: This fabric seems to get the most votes, Funny cause when I was placing the fabric on her for a picture, I thought "Nope I don't think this one will be any good"
This is why I so appreciate others opinions, It gives me a better view , Thank You Kerry and Kat and Connie so much for your input !!!

This is fabric D

This is fabric F
Which fabric do you think I should use?? I am at a lost! I am trying to be open minded here..
I am kinda leaning towards white on white, Can ya believe that!! Let me know ok

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Papier Mache' Sun & Star Finished TaDa~

Yippie Sun and Star Ornaments are finished

The sun Ornaments is 6x6.I created the sun with cloth, stuffed, gessoed, painted sun shine yellow..Antiqued. Then applied papier mache' with glue, painted again with Terra Cotta, Then did his eyes, nose, checks, Then painted again with Gleams, Antiqued again then sealed with a sealant.

The Star Ornament is 6 1/2 width and from tip to tip is 7 inches in length.I created the Star with cloth, stuffed,did NOT gessoed, But painted directly on the cloth using off white , then sanded , the cloth feels like soft fine leather , almost a velvety feel,..Antiqued. Then applied papier mache' with glue, painted again with Tapestry Wine, Then did his eyes, nose, checks, Then painted again with Gleams, Antiqued again then sealed with a sealant.
A first for me using Papier Mache'.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Once Again, Creations of My Past and Present

Well here I am.We are back home.... we were to ride all day and and also tomorrow, But Mother nature had other plans, They weather man said BAD storm coming to our area here in Florida, So we all rode to the Bike fest stayed about 4 hours had flots of fun and rode home, The wind is starting to pick up and the heat is awful 90 degrees here and it is ONLY April 14th any ways thought I would load some pictures of my past and recent works
in progress

in progress