Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Royal pincushion

Royal pincushion
Originally uploaded by Erleperle.eu.
I was surfing flickr tonight,, Looking at all the new and wonderful pincushions, I came upon this one...
How totally intriguing this pin cushion is to me.. See it through my eyes.
#1": I don't usually like browns, Don't hate them.. Just for me I don't like brown for me.. On others it is great
When I came across this pincushion it stopped me in my tracks.. Why???
"Intriguing" Totally !! who would have ever thought these colors would look so dramatic together ,
Yet balancing and complimenting each other so well.. This pincushion has a bit of Vintage to it along with a bit of
retro and yet it also has a mod feel to it. Isn't it amazing how other's art affects us as individuals, and just as
amazing is the colors and simplicity and the effect it has on us..
Take a look at "Erleperle.eu" other wonderful pincushions too
Hugs Sherrie