Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On a personal note "Creativity "

After hearing about the tragic news in VA.. Praying for all, I felt kinda like 911 again, Thank God he has given us all a talent, To be creative and be inspired by others creativity,
Creativity is a healing which keeps us all strong,...I sat down decided to look at these many links I have here on my blog,
Taking in others beautiful creations, Colors that were bright, Creations that made me smile, Creations that show the whimsy side and, Beautiful yesteryear looks,

I then received a email from Pattern Mart mailing list , that I subscribe to,
There was the link to Kelle's new blog, So I just stopped and took time to do a bit of "Blog Wanderings" I want to share with you all, On a personal note one of my favorite New Blog Wanderings , The blog is "Two Dancing Crows"

What a inspiring woman Kelle Arvay is! She is such a fantastic artist and caring sharing person She is the founder of Pattern Mart http://www.patternmart.com

one of my own personal hang outs! I rarely order patterns anymore that you order through the mail, But 99% most of the time I order only E-Patterns, and Pattern Mart has a huge selection of Pattern Designers to select from and instant down load!
Pattern Mart also has a FREE on line magazine "Creative Times Magazine"
trust me when I say it is one of the very best online magazine, You all who know me , might remember when I wrote my own online magazine , How much time and research and hours and hours of on line time it takes to create a good magazine,
Doing it all by myself, I can fully under stand the under taking of putting a magazine together,Yet what a huge success it was,
Let me tell you "Creative Times Magazine" Has a wonderful staff and editor which work as a team and they turn out a fantastic bi-monthly magazine!!!!!!I wait patiently WELL maybe not sooooo patiently, ... I think I have worn out the link to "Creative Times Magazine" to see if the new edition is out :)
This is all just my own humble opinion I am not a member of Pattern Mart or "Creative Times Magazine" or associated in any way, Just a happy customer,
I'm a Fellow Artist who enjoys seeing other artists readings , growing, seeing what's new, and passing it on to other fellow artists!
Now Kelle has her own New Blog!!
It is just a delight to wander around and read such interesting posts, and links
The biggest thing I so enjoyed about "Two Dancing Crows" Blog is
It isn't about "Self" "or all about selling" It is about "Others, Inspiring new books to read, what's going on. What's new , Her blog is cheerful, Bright with colors, Eye Candy every where !! oh such fun!!
do your self a favor,YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Go right on over and take a long peep at "Two Dancing Crows"
Be sure to read some of Kelle's past messages
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