Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alice In Wonder Land Swap

I belong to a pin doll exchange group (Pindoll Alley)http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pindollalley/?yguid=72156273

where each month we swap a pin doll with a partner based on the theme of that month.Our March theme was Alice in Wonderland.

My wonderful partner was Connie McBride Johnson ,
Connie's created her version of the little door complete with a key for me...

ALL completely hand made..The detail is magnificent!! I LOVE it!! and the neat thing is The door is my favorite character,and Connie had NO idea!Connie even made the key for the Door..Isn't is the neatest! Visit her studio Clothmatters http://clothmatters2.blogspot.com/

I created for Connie , a doll maker's apron for Connie to use when she is busy creation..Since the theme is Alice In Wonderland I created the apron with the focal point of the Cheshire Cat and also made a Alice In Wonderland Paper Doll

I directly printed the Cheshire Cat on to muslin through my printer, Then using wonder under I transfered the Cheshire Cat on to the apron, I then used paints of bright pink and purple , facial colors and sealed the edges with glitter clear and sealed all with a sealant, This will allow for years of wearing and washing!

The apron has two deep pockets to place all the doll makers suppies with out loosing them or having to hunt for them..Apron ties at the sides with white silk ribbon, This is the paper doll I made to go in the apron pocket ,She is Alice.