Sunday, April 29, 2007

China Heads

I love "China Head Dolls" Recently I have been doing a bit of research about them, Well I was surprised and delighted to read"China Head Dolls can be either female or male . I had no idea there were male china heads.

China head dolls were made by various companies from 1840-1940. They were a popular toys for children.

China-head dolls are named China-head because their head, neck, and the tops of the shoulders are created from china. Also their hands and feet are created from china, Their bodies are created from fabric which then was stuffed , Also their bodies were made of kid, Some were also carved wood. The china pieces have holes for sewing the appendages onto the body.

china-head dolls were made to represent women rather than children. Most have molded hair or have a wig over a solid bald dome. Their sizes range from a tiny 3" to a big and probably heavy 40" tall. Many of the china head dolls are unmarked, or may have a mold number; it can be impossible to pinpoint the manufacturer, so most dolls are described and identified by their hairstyles.
China Head Doll - Dolly Madison head

Antique china head doll, circa 1860
1870's ,Waterfall hairstyle, This beauty is only 8 inches tall, Look at her sweet dress , Chine heads were always dress for their time period, I have found out as I continue me research they always seem to be very high fashioned in dress ..
I have decided to collect a few of these wonderful beautirs, So far I have 2,
One which is about 12 inches , She is old and needs to be dressed, The second one is only about 10 inches, She has her original dress!, They are packed away for moving, But I am going to try to find that box and un packed them!! Hugs Sherrie


HElen said...

Those dolls are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures and a little bit hostiry about those dolls. They are charming and elegant.
Hugs, HElen

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Thank You Helen, I appreciate you coming by and visiting my blog too, I am still in absolute awe of your art! and visit your blog often!!

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