Monday, April 16, 2007

which fabric?

Ok picture doesn't show this really well , but this is the bodice of her dress, I am going to make long puffy leeves though, But her bodice is fitted to her body,

up dated: Started this morning with this gal looking half naked
and as of now have gotten this far with her, Will finish her tomorrow , I hope..

Now on to doll # 2 and choosing what fabric

ok click on pictures to have them enlarge, This is fabric A

This is fabric B

This is fabric C : Update: This fabric seems to get the most votes, Funny cause when I was placing the fabric on her for a picture, I thought "Nope I don't think this one will be any good"
This is why I so appreciate others opinions, It gives me a better view , Thank You Kerry and Kat and Connie so much for your input !!!

This is fabric D

This is fabric F
Which fabric do you think I should use?? I am at a lost! I am trying to be open minded here..
I am kinda leaning towards white on white, Can ya believe that!! Let me know ok


Anonymous said...

Me again, I like fabric c looks great with her eyes and the lighter colors wash her out too much, the dark blue would be my 2nd choice.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Kerry your awesome girl..Thank you for your input..It means a lot to me cause it is like having some one standing next to me , but with a fresh new view !! Thanks bunches

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