Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Humble Arts

October 1st new issue of The humble Arts
be sure to stop by and see all the new offerings from these awesome and very talented artisan's!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Carolee Clark King of Mice Studios

I just love visiting Carolee Clark
of King of Mice Studios
Carolee is just a awesome artist,She really brings her creations to life.She had the honor of having her art work featured in the magazine called Somerset Studios "Holidays and Celebrations" issue, which includes a full page ad for the Ghoultide Gathering, and shows a piece of Carolee's Clark work.
Go by her blog take a tissue with you trust me you will need it .because you will drool over her gorgeous work

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thomas, Santa, Mom and Baby Prairie Dolls

I am proud of my self tada~ I have had a creative couple weeks:)
Thomas 22-inches..Santa 15- inches:) and Pairie Mom 22 1/2 -inches. baby 10-inches


Please meet Thomas! Thomas is my newest E-Pattern
I created him for the beginner doll maker Welcoming them into the Prim world
he is easy and such fun to create
I feel in-love with him while creating him,Thomas just came to life!
He is all boy,You don't see many "Boy's" Cool thing about this pattern is you can make him Boy or Girl, Or Brother and Sister sky is the limit for this E-Pattern!
I hope you love Thomas as much as I do!!
I will be uploading him later today at

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working on making two new patterns!!

Working on making two new patterns!! I have legs hanging in the window
to dry then stripe and make shoes
legs wet and legs ready to paint again..Legs every where")
Bodys of patterns in different stages, Larger doll is Thomas
Smaller doll hasn't given me a name yet:(
Thomas in the beginning!
Cloth has been aged and ready to make clothing tada!
Thomas in the beginning has been aged.
Smaller doll in the beginning aged..I enjoy taking pictures from my brain on to paper, then pics of the steps.I can see mistakes or look at as a third person through their eyes.Its a good thing to do and makes you keep on being inspired and excited about your newest creation too!
okay gals now what have you been up to??I wanna know:)

Robin's Egg Bleu Historical Handmade One of a Kind Art Dolls

"The Belle Of Amherst" Created By: Robin's Egg Bleu
I'd like to share with you a friend of mine who creates just amazing dolls, Robin also shares the rich history of the style of doll..When you visit her blog you will come away feeling as though you just visited a good friend and very inspired. Her dolls are truly "One of a Kind"
Be sure to read and see the pictures;
IOLCC's Dimension In Dollmaking Exhibition at the annual San Diego Quilt ShowOur theme for this years show is "Make Me Laugh".
Robin's Egg Bleu Historical Handmade One of a Kind Art Dolls

Mini Grungy Witch Potion Bottles/Vials Giveaway!

Aunt Mannys Creations is having a great give away!! Go to her blog and see the details!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prairie Doll

Here is my Prairie Doll all dressed. She is my own design, 23inches.She will be holding her own baby, baby is 10 inches,I was going to make it as her doll but she wants to be a MaMa.!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real YesterYear Dolls

Researching this morning.Love to step back in time, I came across these wonderful images
Wanted to share them !! Have a Good Day Hugs to All Sherrie

Queen Anne style doll
1750 or earlierEnglandWooden head, torso, legs and forearms, cloth upper armsDressed in a 19th-century gown withbeaded and embroidered cap (1850?)Courtesy of Mary Alice Thacke

The majority of antique dolls found today were manufactured from 1830 and on, although dolls representing adults from the 17th and 18th century are rarely found. Most of the very early dolls were made in England by individual craftsmen who carved the dolls of wood, painted their features, and also costumed the dolls. Collectors call the wood dolls from England from the 18th and early 19th centuries "Queen Anne" dolls, which is somewhat confusing, since Queen Anne's reign ended in 1714! These dolls, in good to excellent condition, are extremely rare, and cost from about $1,500 for an early 19th century doll, to over $40,000 for dolls made in the late 17th century (very few have survived--less than 30 by some reports).
china dolls are one of my favorites, I have two and just love them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wood Dolls verses Cloth

I fell in-love with this Continental Wood Doll
Look how wonderfully her face has been hand carved!
I am ALWAYS looking for faces.I fine the real vintage to be my favorite.
I love their techniques from simple to their deep shadings .
Wood is one of the earliest known materials used to make dolls.
dating back as far as the 1500's. Certainly have held up beautifull through the centuries
When I saw this picture of this doll my thought was why not cloth!

"Lydia Peglow" circa 1760 Queen Anne style doll carved from wood
Wood verse's Cloth!!
Claire Pruitt created a a wooden style doll Pattern useing Cloth!
I have this pattern ..I haven't attempted to create it yet..But I just love the pattern and how it really looks just like a wood doll when finished , it is just amazing!
To see more of ClairePruitt's pattern go to

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creative Times Magazine - Sept/Oct Issue

Creative Times Magazine - Sept/Oct Issue

Prim Doll Studio Blog

Aren't these dolls just scrumptious!!!
The dolls all were created by Helen Pringle!
On the blog of Prim Doll Studio I have been explaining to the best of my humble ability
The difference between Primitive, FolkArt, Vintage, Whimsical
Come by would love to have your comments !!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vintage Prairie Doll

Very rare late 19th century folk art carved prairie doll.
This appears to be hand made with a solid wood torso with
original crackled paint and cloth arms and legs. The head has remnants of hair remaining and I'm not sure what type of hair it is (possibly cowhide?), but your can see the rawhide underneath. You can see how this patchwork of rawhide hair was nailed to the head and what's left forms an amazing document of 19th century make do doll making on the frontier.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prairie Doll in the making

Prairie doll in the making..I LOVE Prairie dolls
as I create them in my minds eye I do step back in time..When the west was wild and and not
crowed when times were hard yet so simple.These dolls represent those times..Created along the wagon wheels and very uncomfortable long rides across our great land.. Mothers gather what ever was at hand to create a life time friend for their daughters.
there is no rhyme nor reason for creating this doll .NO dead line to meet..Just the best and funnest side of doll making,,Just the want to! Sitting down with pencil and paper and start sketching out whats in my heart...
This doll for some reason has been wanting to come to life through my heart and fingers..
I wanted to show and share her going through her growth steps..
Practing Practing on creating softer faces yet not loosing the yesteryear effect..
I used water color pencils for her facial features and blush for her cheecks so far..I now will
rub her down achieving even more of a softer face and making her look vintage.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sew a Flu Mask

I thought was a coll video..Thinking of small children who have colds, helping to keep them from passing their colds to other family members. Or just might be a good thing to have around..
it is from:
Sew What's New

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Simplified Approach Painting Tutorial "FREE"

A Simplified Approach Painting Tutorial "FREE Down Load"
Many crafters are intimidated by painting, and fabric is not a forgiving surface, but with this tutorial and a little patience you can paint on fabric beautifully!!
This free tutorial is not intended for resale. Please do not mass produce. If you wish to use this tutorial for a teaching project please send request to

TDIPT wonderful read

What a wonderful read..I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!